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Mass Intro' and Returns Thread


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Hello, folks! My first name is William, and I am better known on the IRC as willbuntu (a username I am not re-using here as I feel I've over-used it on forums and websites at this point). I actually discovered tulpamancy around a year ago, and was curious but also mystified, and forgot about it. Around a week ago (at time of writing) is when I rediscovered it, and this site, and this time I figure I'll actually make an account.


As for my tulpamancy journey, I have determined a name and an initial form, but being only a few days in and (currently, at time of writing) working full-time, have only started seriously forcing and stream-of-consciousness writing the day that I'm putting up this post. I'll be sure to post a progress thread when significant progress happens! :-)

-- shyblueshadow (host; first name: William), currently on the tulpa journey with Jacqueline (pre-vocal, for now!)

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I'm Moon, I'm planning on making some Tulpas.

I will treat them well.

Anyways, when do you think the

Tulpapocalypse might actually happen?

Who (falsely) predicted the last Tulpapocalypse?

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Hey everyone, I am Wisdom the tulpa. My host encouraged me to create my own account here, so I can talk to other tulpas and their hosts.


It's currently a joint account, but you should assume that I am the one talking unless otherwise stated. My host has little intention to use it for most purposes. Mostly proxying and asking advice where there are no guides to help.


It's a pleasure meeting you all. I hope this will help me become more individual, as sometimes the line between us blurs a little. My host still reflexively finishes my sentences, and while that can be helpful, I don't think it's going to be much good in the long run. Being around people who acept us as we are might help this process along.

Headspace inhabitant since '17, Aug. 7th.


System: Catalyst (Host), Wisdom, Whimsy, Comfort, Wrath, Determination, Vigilance, Curiosity

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Welcome to the forums Wisdom! I hope we can help you develop and become a thriving individual.

The name is Henry, I would've used it as a username when I signed up but it was taken. Somehow the... interesting idea of repeating the first syllable popped into my head, and now my username is HenHenry. Now you know my life story.

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Hey guys I'm back :P I had to leave the site for some time, lurked for a bit then came back xD mostly because Shade wanted me too but I wanted to get active in the community again too. How's everything been?

Host to a sole Parasite, Shade. Research is in progress, will update when something worth showing has been written.

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