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Mass Intro' and Returns Thread


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I have been lurking around for a while since I have discovered there was an actual community around tulpas. I had read about them a long time ago (in David Néel's book iirc) and started creating one but I did not have the willpower to keep helping it grow on a regular basis. I got back to it recently and, to my surprise, have been finding myself in (mostly) familiar terrain which led me to think the tulpa I had been working on never truly disappeared and just stayed in some kind of "dormant" or "undefined" state. I had no idea what a phenomenon this would become or that there'd be online communities about it. Once I discovered this one I started reading the guides and was quite impressed with what you all have built. So here I am.

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Welcome Guiomar, I hope you and your tulpa have a long and great relationship together.


"Hi Guiomar, I also hope you two have a lot of success and a great time here!" - Jennifer

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I've been a hardcore lurker here for about 2 years now, and have had an accidental tulpa (or some other type of headmate) most of my life. Her name is Jessica, she's capable of anything any other tulpa can do. She might post on here from time to time as well. After my girlfriend decided to make a tulpa and succeeded in making several, Jess and I decided to give it a go as well. We hope to create a second tulpa soon. I guess that's it.

Jessica types in pink

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