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Mass Intro' and Returns Thread


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Thanks :P me and Shade spent an eternity trying to find something that could represent both of us at the same time. Yours looks pretty sick aswell.

Host to a sole Parasite, Shade. Research is in progress, will update when something worth showing has been written.

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Hey everyone, I'm Leonide; you can call me Leo.

I just discovered the tulpa phenomenon and community yesterday, and I think it's fascinating. I haven't committed to making a tulpa yet, though I want to. I want to make an informed decision and be sure I'm ready, so I plan to spend some time exploring the site before I decide.

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Ey' folks, names Zane. I'm a 16 yo autistic from the Texas-Mexican border and my only current Tulpa is Nel, a rather kindred female cyclops usually visualized in typical anime artstyle. I mostly created her with the improvement of my social life in mind with the results being at worst, having a single one of the best friend I could possibly ever have and at best, utilizing her assistance in also gaining physical friends (And I guess she might also be a helpful friend in an academic sense since I'm in an early college although I am not sure as to what extent this would be effective to since I am not sure if a tulpa only has as much knowledge as their host). By the way, I was reffered to the practice of tulpamancy via /x/ if that means anything to any of you. If there's any concern that I might have with the community, it would be the notably large presence of bronies, although I don't terribly mind it as I do have an acquaintance from 6th grade who is one of them.


That's all I guess, nice to be a part of the forum!  


>>>:\\ cd ©:\\ɸᐫ¿◍▚ᚙ¾ᔗᚖᛥ±ᨖ▙██▆┷♆\

>>>©:\\ɸᐫ¿◍▚ᚙ¾ᔗᚖᛥ±ᨖ▙██▆┷♆\ ls




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Howdy everyone, my name is Jack Blank and I'd prefer it if my name isn't shortened to JB at all, please.


I got into the idea of tulpa's because of this one youtube video that had very little to do with them at all, but the name just jumped out at me. It's been three days since I've started studying on how to give life to my own, but because I'm the type of person who has to know everything before getting started, I've just been doing my utmost to get an idea of a m8 I wouldn't mind living in my head.


So far I'm going with the ball of light form and their name will be Nine, like the numeral. When they gather up a personality we'll probably switch form and settle on a gender together, but until then, please treat me well!

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I know exactly what you're talking about and it's a personal favorite of mine. Alternatively I may address them as Nin9 or just 9.


But moving forward, sorry it's kind of pressing, I think Nine is here and they may be saying things or pressing out their feelings, but I'm definitely getting some pressure and light headedness. I was taking my time with the guides, setting their personality, but all of a sudden I get more feeling feedback than I am in my visual interpretation. How do I establish a more stable, less painful, communication?

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