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Mass Intro' and Returns Thread

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Guest amber5885

Hello everyone :)


My name is amber, I'm 29 and Murphy is my forever sarcastic counterpart. I didn't set out to make him. He showed up when I was 5 and started as an imaginary friend but I've the years and through constant attention an love he took on a life of his own.


He's handsom, older, funny and protective of me. He has strong features, dark hair, light eyes and more tattoos than I can count. He changes a lot. A few days ago I noticed that he has a tattoo on his back shoulder blade I never noticed before.


He likes punk and classic rock. He smokes like a chimney, which I dot know if that's normal or not but he always has a cigarette in his hand. Probobly got that from me, he didnt start smoking until I did. So I kind of feel bad for that.


He's funny and pretty cool. If you ever talked to him you would Probobly like him, he is a lot of fun :)

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If I may ask, how did you find out about tulpas?


There was a forum topic on a site I frequent talking about them. I had no idea what they were, so I checked out a few links they'd provided. Which lead me here. :)

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Hello everyone! I'm Yukii, I'm 20, and I am obviously a newbie to the site. I haven't created my Tulpa yet, but I will be forcing her 'soul' and working on my 'wonderland' tonight.


I am giving her the name Elizabeth, but she has the freedom to change that when she gains sentience. I plan to be reading and following guides (more then I already have read), but I am very much going to be finding my own 'best' method, as it is a personal endeavour.


I wish to create Elizabeth as a lifetime partner to share our experiences. I'm a lonely person, and have never really found someone I could call a best friend, or a true friend. Although I have many acquaintances, I have always wanted for something more, and I am incredibly excited to soon have Elizabeth (my heart is pounding with excitement as I'm typing this).


While these wishes (among others) are incredibly important to me, I will be adopting the "She will be done when she is done" method. I will not be rushing to create her. As such, I will likely not be counting hours, and I will also be doing my best to document my journey (which I may release monthly, as I go, or once Elizabeth is finished completely). Regardless, I will be active in the community from now, and I hope we can all enlighten each other!


*also as a side note, I would be interested to have a mentor to help me out at times*

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Good Morning everyone. I'm DJ, 18 and have just recently learned about the phenomenon of Tulpamancing through a good friend of mine. After spending hours of research learning about what Tulpae are and what they can do for their hosts from a deep emotional relationship, to having normal conversations with them, I wanted to create one of my own.


From yesterday, I've gathered a mass variety of information through guides and personal opinion from many others who have successfully created Tulpa(s) and would very much appreciate help along the way in creating my Tulpa, Kiara. I wanted to create Kiara for many reasons, starting from having that 'true friend' like relationship with someone. I feel having a constant companion can benefit me psychologically in the sense of my depression. Always having the special to talk to, someone who truly knows you and can help you through hard times when there is seemingly no one else.


As Yukii stated above me, unless someone else beat me to posting underneath her/him :P, I'd be extremely open to having a mentor/tutor who is already experienced and can offer more tips and overall suggestions for the steps necessary in creating Kiara. @Yukii, if you do manage to see this and read this last bit, perhaps we can learn together if you do manage to find a mentor and their willing to teach two people? :P

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Good mornig, my name is Rasputin, im 18y.o and Im from Brazil (so, please, forgive im grammatical mistakes, im still leaning english).

Some days ago i learned about Tulpas in a forum about lucid dreams, and now Im fascinated it the ideia of have a Tulpa (i started to create her yesterday)!

The whole idea of having a Tulpa is so excinting, Im so curious about all this... I know that this will take a time, and I have to be patient, but i cant wait to talk to her for the first time!

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Hello everyone! I'm Emily and I'm a college student who stumbled upon this incredible mental phenomenon. I've officially begun to create my Tulpa today! I am working with a mentor from /r/Tulpas and I'm really excited to finally meet this ever-nagging presence in my head!

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Hi, I'm Griffith, I'm 3 days in the process of creating a tulpa. Learned about the phenomenon in 2012, but only grew inspired to actually make one a couple days ago. I have constant lucid dreams, however my visualization skills are really bad.

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If you remember me, hi.


If you don't, also hi.

“There is not enough love and goodness in the world to permit giving any of it away to imaginary beings.”


-Friedrich Nietzsche

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Hi, everyone. I'm new obviously.


I found out about Tulpae from the infamous creepypasta story, it was actually the comments section on creepypasta that led me to google it. So many comments were claiming that tulpa were a real phenomenon. The science side of my brain was like "Haha, no." but the overactive imagination fantasy side of my brain was like "That sounds awesome. You're constantly talking to yourself anyway, check it out." XD Once I saw that this fell under psychology, I was totally open minded. I already experiment with lucid dreaming(I have about one a week). I tried meditation and hypnotic-imagery meditation but in the end I just stuck with daydreaming :D


So...that's my little intro! Nice to be here, hello all!


EDIT: I don't have internet at my home. I visit the library, I save all the pages I want to read and look at them later. I end up not posting often on account of that. But I've already gained a huge amount of knowledge and help from this sight, so this is a "thank you" as well!

Tulpa: Jack.

Started: Saturday June 28th, 2014.

Form: My avatar, on the left.

Progress: He is sentient, but not vocal.

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