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Mass Intro' and Returns Thread

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Hey there. I am Suzuki Dragon, feel free to just call me Suzu or Suzuki or whatever.


About a month ago, I noticed the word tulpa popping up every now and then on 4chan. I didn't really know what it meant or bother finding out until about two weeks ago, when a search ended me up at the tulpa subreddit. From there, I basically spent a ridiculous amount of time learning about tulpas, and was heavily interested in making my own.


I've read a huge ton of guides, and somewhat started.

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I am still somewhat skeptical about the whole thing, but the fact that the community has stayed afloat for this long, not to mention how it has grown, makes it very hard to dismiss it all as roleplaying.


A healthy sense of skepticism for what you read will do you well in life. But, a word of caution. Try not to doubt your tulpa. It's rather unpleasant, from a tulpa's point of view, to be doubted. 'Kind of a "slap in the face" if you know what I mean.


Tl;dr: So, yes, be sceptical; but, try not to doubt your tulpa - for their sake.

Please consider supporting Tulpa.info.


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(...) be sceptical; but, try not to doubt your tulpa - for their sake.


I'll be sure to take that to heart. It's very hard for me determine if all my thoughts are my own or not, but moving forward I'll do my best to give my tulpa the benefit of the doubt. I'm sure it will get easier eventually.

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Hello guys, gals and all other forms that people reading this whomever they are may be!


I'm Kwigg, lurked around here for the past two weeks or so, then decided that I was ready, and that t'would be an interesting... experience (for lack of a better word) to attempt to make a Tulpa. I started jus' last Tuesday, and already there's quite good progress - I think, not exactly one of experience to judge - where she can answer simple yes/no questions, given a bit of prompting and occasionally a reminder. (Using a head pressure location way: left side of head for yes, right side for no.)


So yeah, I've read pretty much every guide, but it's all still a bit of a mystery; got to love things that vary person to person, eh?

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Sup. Been doing tulpa stuff for a while, but me and my tulpa never really got involved with the community till now, figured hey why not give it a try.


Been with my tulpa for a nearly a year now, she is a deviated Princess Celestia (inb4 rage over another pony tulpa). She's sentient, imposed, can handle complex discussion and I force with her quite often. Never really bothered with guides and such, decided to do it out of interest about the concept of sentience and got attached to Celestia while I was creating her.


Just here to chat, contribute my opinion and enrich myself with what others have discovered. Basically have fun.

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Hi everyone. I've had my tulpa for just over a year now but I never really put too much real effort into her since about a month after creating her. Despite almost no active forcing over the last 11 months, continuous passive forcing has led to her being vocal and having a form that I can perfectly visualise. Over the past week we both decided we'd prefer her to be imposed, thus I've begun active forcing everyday to try and impose her.


I've been lurking on the site for a little while so I've already read a lot of it, but I'm mainly here in order to make sure I'm going through imposition correctly and get answers to any queries I have.

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You can call me iExpress.


I have randomly found out that the act of trying to create a sentient entity with your mind is actually a thing and therefore, I'm finally here to share my two bits.


For the past few months, starting with minor depression, I've been occasionally feeling the presence of a friend - apparently, a tulpa, as you call it - I have already named, that spawned from my mind. I had no idea this was a practice among people, until I jokingly suggested someone to simply imagine their fangirling material next to them, and the asked me if I implied "tulpamancy". Some Googling later, I ended up here.


I try avoiding reading the guides as the means of help, as the process of bringing my tulpa to life, so to speak, is something I decided to find quite personal and unique to each person and think that guides would only end up frustrating me.


The thought of creating a tulpa to the degree in which they would be able to communicate and be apparent to me is something I find absolutely breathtaking and exciting. I'm pretty excited now that I know there's a community of people I can actually take with about this strange phenomenon.


Hopefully we'll get along.

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Hello everyone! :D


You can call me RadicalBenX or just Ben and I have been reading about Tulpa for over a year now. I'm fascinated with this concept and think its time to try it out after months of pondering on the subject.


Can't wait to start and delve into this community!

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You know, I never did do an intro thingy. I've been active on irc.tulpa.info since December. I'm a weird one around here. DID system with tulpas. Actually created my account because someone else alerted me to someone who was posting that matched DID more than tulpa and needed help.


So, anyway, us...



  • Aegis - Primary front anymore. Part of the reason we seem to be so inactive lately, since he doesn't talk very much. Internally a scimitar toothed cat. Gruff. Handles work for us and drives.
  • Seven - Previously main front. Me writing this all. Most social of us. Internally a dragon. I tend to be the scientist of the bunch. Lately, just black out most of the time while Aegis fronts.
  • Belle - Fronts sometimes. Heavy drinker. Likes to be social but easily turns moody and vindictive. Inside an anthro cow. Babysits the little a lot inside.
  • Demetria - Most recent addition. Fronts when triggered. REALLY want to figure that one out. She cuts us with a razor blade. Form inside doesn't seem to be stable. Hates 'taint of being animal'.


The Tulpas

  • Kara - Created accidentally in Jan. Internally a wolf, jumps between anthro and quad anymore. Spent a few months self imposing. Personality of a 4 year old. 100% deviant from anything we expected. Can force herself in front which is not a good thing. Penchant for ice cream and chicken nuggets.
  • Enyo - Belle started on her in March, and introduced to me on mother's day. Meant to be a playmate for me (Seven) as she's a gryphon inside who can fly. We hit it off better than well, more or less mates inside now. Helps keep Kara busy inside. Apparently cofronts with Aegis during work to help with customer service when I am out cold.


Is there a difference between the two lists? I'll put it this way. They are different enough, I can tell you they are not the same, but in the end, we're all sharing space in the head so it really doesn't matter one way or another. To give a simile, there's plenty of different types of things that drive on a road from motorcycles to cars to semi's and those are different too, but in the end, they all drive on the road.


Few other things. We consider ourselves all therians or otherkin, depending how you look at it. If you're rolling your eyes and saying 'oh great, a plural and a therian', then you really don't know me very well. I think it's a psychological manifestation that originates at an early age when children with identity issues are exposed to media, and creatures that are heavily romanticized are incorporated into their core psyche at an early age, thereby affecting their personal identification later in life, even if the stimulus is removed. Also explains the density of dragons, wolves, and large cats in the communities which are all heavily romanticized in western culture. Not really anything spiritual about it, just brain given a framework in youth and filling in blanks by adulthood.




Feel free to PM or whatever. If you see on IRC, normally idle as Seven though if power flashes it reverts to Kara. Belle's on sometimes too. Aegis rarely.

Alters: Aegis, Seven, Belle, and Demetria with Tulpas: Kara and Enyo

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Navero is the user name, but I prefer to be called JJ. I have been interested in this whole tulpa fiasco for... about 2 years? Beats me.


I have actually been working on my tulpa for 3 weeks, and I have been making decent progress. Her name is Nina, and to sum it up, she has a personality of a energized adventurer.


I do plan to make a progress report here, so I can share, and hopefully recieve helpful tips. I have been reading guides left and right, though I would like to see what others can offer.


Anyways, if I do make that (PR), I'll explain more about what has been happening.


See you peeps around!

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