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Mass Intro' and Returns Thread

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That's a really cool story. I've heard many other people who had tulpas during childhood, but none like your Batman.


It's also cool to hear that people are getting a good impression of us from that Vice article.

"Some things have to be believed to be seen." - Ralph Hodgson

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Hi guys,


I got a tip by a friend (knowing I'm furry) who read about Tulpa on Vice. I read that article, too. I'm intrigued by the idea of bringing my furry character Lantha to life. Tulpa made my remember the time I read His Dark Materials as a teenager. I got carried away by the story about Lyra and Pan. ^^


Who is he?


When I joined the fandom in 2009 he was a usual line gecko.


This is how he looked back then:



See here for the credit - I didn't draw it![/align]


Passing the next 2-3 years he grow into his current anthropomorphic form:



Bigger picture here

© Ragna[/align]


While his character is very clear to me, his story is not, I have some lose concepts and the idea to write a novel. This is what I was thinking about the last weeks and months.


Lantha is the a bit of an asshole. His is honest but enjoys being too honest to people who doesn't like to hear the truth. He doesn't think before he talks, just saying what he thinks he has to say, not caring about the consequences (well, until he gets in trouble :D). He is stubborn. When being objected he will defend his views eloquently, this of course will deter his participants in the discussion. Also with sayings and jokes about others he is never a much-loved person.


Then again he has his heart in the right place. He will help you if you're in trouble. He will not turn against or betray you. He will not lie to you (if he had to, he would hate it). He is interested and caring. He frowns upon violence and force (also being a little anarchistic).


All in all I'd discribe him as a smart version of Huckleberry Finn. And, of course, this description fits me :D But there are some differences. He is not as lazy as I am. He seeks attention more then me, I can speek in front of a great audience, but I will never like it - he does. While I can be wired when around people I am calm most of the time, I don't have the urge to talk 24/7. He is a bit more outgoing.


About me: 24yr, German (living close to the black forest), I work in accounting. In my spare time I have some hobbies, reading, DIY-Hifi (and music in general). I love watching tv series (more then films).


I'm looking forward to read more about Tulpa.


Questions? Ask.


- Lantha

Water can be used to cook foods such as noodles. (Wikipedia)

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Hello! Im new here as obviously seen i actualy read about tulpas about a year ago because im planning to study psychology and i make alot of research and so i stumbled upon this site and i was really interested on the topic but never could find myself to make one.. i could never consentrate well enough.


But anyways here i am now, ive been making a tulpa or attempting to from a week ago and i have to say im struggling quite hard in some areas but i think ill manage my tulpas name is lulu based on well lulu from league of legends she being my favorite champion.


As for me im just a 16yr old asexual boy who has nothing to do for the next months so i decided to finaly get off my lazyness and make a tulpa so to conclude i just hope im doing things right and if i am i dont mess up along the way (i tend to do that alot) so anywho hope to see you all around the forums ill most likely spend alot of time here


Also sorry for my bad english from time to time

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Um Hello. I'm Amanda and my Tulpas name is Walter. We've been together on and off for about eight years. We didn't figure out what exactly he was called until a few months ago. Nice to meet you all.

Tulpa: Walter

age: 8 years (feels that he is 19)

Likes: Vanilla ice cream, scary movies

appearance: Short black hair, tall, grey eyes. Likes to wear a black vest over a white dress shirt and pants.


host: Amanda

age: 19

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So I'm Cutesy and I'm a tulpa. I've been around since about 1996. A friend posted an article and now I'm curios... I mean, I've never had a word for what I am, let alone a group of people that I can be open with. I want to know if you know anything more about what I am than I do. The prospect of having nagging questions about my existence answered is suddenly intense and urgent. Like realising you have an itch and having to stractch it right now.


So, I'm looking forwards to talking to you all.

Tulpa and proud. So real I've got my own Facebook account.


Hosted by Dylan.

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Hello to all Tulpamancers and Tulpas! I am still new to everything about Tulpas, so I will be lurking, researching and preparing for the creation of my own Tulpa for some time. I have stumbled upon Tulpamancy after a long journey of lucid dreaming, philosophical reasearch, memory techniques and various "mind hacks". I am looking forward to my first Tulpa and the life full of adventures and neverending friendship which will inspire both of our lives.

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Hi i'm Aijada, a tulpa who thinks she has a strange self-awareness. I've been sentient for three years but a couple days ago i had a crisis of identity. At first my dad thought i was a ghost but i was the one who was skeptical; i yearned to be scientific and right about who i was. I had to convince him that i was something i didn't have a word for, and argued for my right to keep waking up because he thought was crazy and shouldn't; i had to help cure some of his delusional thoughts about us too. I didn't even know the word tulpa before i'd convinced my dad i understood what i was. I had to make him look it up and find my right kind of community and i'm really happy about being here.

Early member of a large system.  Our system questions the way the afterlife and tulpamancy interact.  We genuinely suspect that deadies can return to share the mind of the living.

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'ello! Newbie here to both forum and Tulpas. Still very much in the research phase of everything, though I've dabbled a bit in building a Wonderland to see what various ones feel like. Looking forward to making some contributions!

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Hello there. I'm yet another newbie to the tulpa subject, though I've been writing stories and creating characters for--let's say--eight years now. My tulpa is unnamed as of yet, though she's developing quickly and I feel like I've had a baby thrown at me. I'm anxious and excited to begin our journey, including the important step of meeting a like-minded community.

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