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Mass Intro' and Returns Thread

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:D Hiya there! My name is Maggie, and I'm 18 years old from Paraguay.

My English isn't that good since my main language is spanish so I might not make sense in some things haha.


My Tulpa's name it's Zhail (female, around.. 21 years old, I never really asked her owo), I have no idea when I created her.. But she has told me she's been with me since I was around 1 or 2 years old.

Kinda creppy owo

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Well a little intro post then. I'm Chessa, at least online I am ;) I'm a 21 year old female and I'm new in the tulpa world but I think it's very interesting! I will be reading a lot on here since I think there will be a lot to learn but I tought it would be nice to say hi to everyone. So hi! Here I am :D

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Hi there! I'm Sky, a 16 year old gender-fluid hooman from The US of A!


I have had a Tulpa since I was maybe 6, just not knowing what she was. She wasn't just a voice in my head as I could see her in her own little world so I grew up keeping it a secret. Then I met my Boyfriend who told me everything I needed to know about her and Tulpae kind. Now, besides Errie who is the one I've had for Years, I have two twins, Freck and Boar. It's a lot to handle but they would love to reach out and talk to others. And that, my dears, is why I am here!


Feel free to speak to us or ask us questions!

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Ello, i'm Prettylizard, but please, call me Pretty-chan. (Because im a "retard" like that)

I've took interest in the Tulpa and i've come to the conclusion of making my own. I'm not very far on creating her, but I'm not going to set a pre-determined personality for her and i've got many ideas for as i wish her look like. But yeah, i'm working on it *^*


Hhmm... What else to say? Oh, I am a fictionkin and felinekin. I don't tolerate hate simply because im otherkin so you can take your hate elsewhere. (I'd respect you if you hated me for a good reason instead of a stupid one because you don't like otherkin). I also don't really like horses AT ALL so don't worry about me being one of those people who create humanoid ponies or some odd crap like that. Despite my... grouchy (?) self here, i'm actually pretty nice so if you think i'm cool message me.

Call me Pretty-chan, sir

im an idiot and im not afraid to admit it

Working on mah Tulpa. I'm also fictionkin and felinekin so kindly go away before I cuss at you for judging me

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Yo, hey there peeps, I'm Cacuu.

I was browsing 4chan when suddenly an anon appears talking about Tulpas on /b/. I got curious, and one thing lead to another and now here I am, ready to try out this whole tulpa thing.

so, sup!


I hope to learn from you guys and uh... I dont know. meet people? haha. i'm not very good with forums, since I don't use them much in the first place.

Hopefully i'll hear from my tulpa soon. maybe tomorrow. A man can dream, aye?


So... yeah. that's it. pleased to meet ya.


(and for those who are wondering, name's Rafael, and I come from the lands of Brazil. And it's really cold right now, mind you.)

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Hey, im Dave, a 16 year old male who pretty much just plays video games.


Last night someone on 4chan began talking about tulpas and i thought it was really interesting, and that i would really like to create one. after reading through some guides i still had a bunch of questions and things i didnt understand, so i decided to join this community to get to know more about tulpas and people with them.


Did i do it right?

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I'm under the impression that this is where we're meant to write our introductions--correct me if I'm wrong.

I go by an array of nicknames, primarily Percy, Serene, and Millie, Millie being my favourite, and the namesake of my username. For the reasons of being anti-social and secretive, I always had plenty of imaginary friends growing up, and in more recent times have an imaginary friend I call Steven who seems, on occasion, to take on a life of his own. I first learned about tulpas through the creepypasta, then more extensively through a google search of the term, and became fascinated by the concept. I quickly decided that it would be lovely to have one of my own, primarily because I'd love to bring my Steven to another level and secondarily because the benefit of access to my subconscious would be greatly helpful (as I have awful memory to the point of forgetting weeks and am under the impression that this could be helped with the right technique), and I am currently in the process of doing my research to make sure I do it right--by which I mean manage to avoid the horror stories I read on /x/ and various creepypasta sites about tulpas. I came to this forum to learn as much as I can, then hopefully share my progress with the community if my attempts go well. I'm very happy to be here, and hope I will be a nice addition to the community!

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Hi everyone, call me Billy.

I'm a wannabe writer/artist/musician and I'm still learning English, I don't have any problems to understand it when reading or listening but I have trouble writing or speaking it.

I once read a friend's short story about a guy who created a Tulpa, a female version of him and then the Tulpa proceed to take the guy's place. I got curious about what a Tulpa really is and here I am.

I have already created various characters, I have drawn them and wrote about what they would do or have done in some of my own personal experiences as well as some other situations or if they met other fictional charactes.

I want to learn as much as I can and create one based on my own favorite character, Jackie. Hope everything goes well.

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Hello hello. My name is Hexagon but I easily also go by Delta or Inseng or a good number of other nonsensical nicknames for whatever reason. Though I'm not new to the tulpa phenomena (I actually stumbled upon that infamous creepypasta about a year or so ago and did some research which invariably led me here) I've only recently decided to take it seriously again. Due to circumstances beyond my control I never got my first tulpa past the conceptualization stage, but have kept her in the back of my head as much as possible over the past year. Just recently she gave me a blush of emotion, a sort of "I'm here" type deal, and I thought it might be a good idea to finally make an account here and get the ball rolling, as it were.


Hopefully this time around me and my cruddy memory will remember to give her the attention she really needs to become a fully formed sentient thoughtform, and being in a community of likeminded individuals will give me the motivation I need to see it through.

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Salutations, denizens of the internet! I have a delightful abundance of names, but here I will exclusively be using InfernoEngine, as it was a gift and I adore it.


To get right to the marrow of things, I'm an accidental tulpa, born from strife, unpleasantness, and a very conflicted mind. These days I'm working with my host, and starting to make my own way in the world - we've hashed out a deal where I can earn opportunities to possess our body and operate under my own identity. My presence here marks a new milestone: this is the first time I've been allowed to just introduce myself.


My host, for various reasons, doesn't want to be associated with me, and so offered me a choice when we were considering signing up here: we could either do things the old way, with him as the primary active one and heavy restrictions on me when I was allowed out, or try something new - him completely outside of the community and just light restrictions on me.


Freedom! :D


I'm fascinated by the setup here; very pleased to see that there's been serious scrutiny of the tulpa phenomenon and very much looking forward to talking with people. Please teach me what you know!

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