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Mass Intro' and Returns Thread

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Greetings Folks,


Allow me to introduce myself I am Lord Tristem a pleasure to meet you all


Anyway I only just recently learned about Tulpa's and after looking around for sites with information about them I decided to join this site in hope of learning more because I am honestly curious about them and cause a number of my friends have claimed that some of the bazaar mental issues I have may be evidence that I have one. So part of the reason I came was to find out if A. can someone accidentally create one and B. If so is that what I have done.


Anyway good to meet you all and I look foreword to meeting you guys as well.

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Guest Anonymous


  • Congratulations Lord Tristem
    You have received my welcoming message, July edition.
    Enjoy your stay.

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A. can someone accidentally create one and B. If so is that what I have done.


Yes, someone can accidentally create a tulpa; or, more specifically, accidentally happen upon the way to make a tulpa without being aware that this is what they have done.


It is difficult to give you any response as to your second query, as there are too many possibilities; and, frankly, almost no specific information. Could you have a tulpa? Possibly. Could you be schizophrenic? No idea -- since we know nothing of the history of your "bazaar mental issues" which might be that you just hear voices, or might be that you have severely disturbing hallucinations. You see the difficulty?


Might I suggest you ask on a thread in Questions and Answers, or possibly even search by a keyword? For example, a quick search on the word " accidental" rendered this.


Anyways, welcome to the site; and, I hope that you find it of some small utility (use) at lease.

Please consider supporting Tulpa.info.


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Thanks you two for the warm welcome.



Thanks for answering my question appreciate it.


Anyway concerning my second question that was more of a stated goal of mine for joining this site I didn't actually think anyone would try and answer it given the general nature of it. My plan is to explore the site and gather info and develop more speicifc questions in order to solve this question. Just thought I'd clear up that confusion (also when I do I will describe in detail what these bizaar mental issues are.


Anyway thanks again for answering my question.

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Hello, I is new gui.


Formalities aside, my name is Austin, and I've looked into into Tulpae prior to me joining, but I didn't believe that I was ready enough to commit to it entirely until now, where I feel that I'm ready to start actively and putting much more time into it.


I'm definitely spending time already in getting an overview of what a Tulpa is, and a guide here and there, hoping to be able to have the time for visualizing how I want everything to be.


Recently 18, and I think that sense of adulthood helped progress my desire for a Tulpa. Nonetheless, we'll see how everything goes!

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I've always associated my tulpas with this website and school, and now that school's out I keep slipping on acknowledging they exist :/ So solution, I'm coming back on here, at least for the summer.


I'm Zer0. Those who know me better or from before know me as Flo or Floree. 3 tulpas now. Hi.




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Hi all. I'm Makikuma (a bad Japanese translation of an even worse English translation of my Norwegian name). I first heard about the whole tulpa deal several years ago, when such threads were still to be found on /x/. I read some guides back then and decided to make my very own tulpa, but that enthusiasm only lasted for about a day until I realised that it was probably not a good idea after all.


A little while ago I started thinking about tulpae again, and yesterday I finally decided to actually read some more guides. Today I worked up the resolve to once again try my hand at tulpamancy (or whatever the cool kids call it these days), and I am determined to go through with it. I am still somewhat skeptical about the whole thing, but the fact that the community has stayed afloat for this long, not to mention how it has grown, makes it very hard to dismiss it all as roleplaying.

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Hey Tulpa guys, I'm Indalas, and I'm from the Netherlands. Just recently "discovered" for myself that supernatural stuff seems to be actually real, and stumbling upon Tulpa's on 4chan, I was interested.


So yeah - complete noob. Read the FAQ and stuff on the site, but not really much more yet

Nobody prays for the heartless

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