And with such passion as to chronicle one little mirror of myself in Vast

Am I truly wrong for wanting to keep her form like that?  

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  1. 1. Am I truly wrong for wanting to keep her form like that?

    • No, you're fine.
    • No, but...I hope it's censored.
    • Yes, but...I suppose desires can't be helped.
    • Yes, it's wrong.

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So she likes fighting, eh? Maybe you should cook up a dungeon for her to explore or something if you get bored. I made one for my girls to explore whenever I'm too busy or preoccupied to do stuff with them, and they seem to enjoy it.

"Science isn't about why, science is about why not?" -Cave Johnson

Tulpae: Luna, Elise, Naomi

My progress report


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Ah, this morning my legs are killing me from the fall and all the accelerated dismounts (read: bail) so as of now, Ves is making fun of the noises I make every time I get up. Last night I took some nyquil and 'I feel asleep!' just about nearly every time I tried to forge. For the most part, she's just enjoying her arms and keeps asking me to look up Mondo Zappa for more inspiration.


I'm not so sure giving my tulpa fighting abilities was the greatest idea, but whadayagonado?

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@glitch- man, you ain't gon believe this shit

So you said make a dungeon. I tried. I failed miserably, and realize I can't think forward enough to actually plan out a fully fledged dungeon. I ended up pulling out several of my old game guides from when I was a kid, specifically Wind Waker, and just ran through the Wind Dungeon enough times to get a good idea of how she would do it. That worked out fairly well, until she broke the fantasy by telling me she wouldn't fight Molgera. I've fought it so many times as Link and she doesn't have a Hookshot, patata. So she wanted me to make her a boss.


I went into Mega Man Zx and got all happy for forms, asked her if she wanted one, and she agreed, but we couldn't decide on a theme. I just wanted to work on the boss, after all.


Thus, the boss. This is a separate incident, and she has actually killed it.

It's related to a Shadow, or something inside I really couldn't face without the assistance of someone a bit stronger than me.

In all reality, it's just my inability to control sexual thoughts.

So she has killed it, and as a reward I am getting rid of all material related to it.

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Before I post this, one piece of notation:

The room is a large ballroom sized circle, sand circling a platform as circular made of hexagonal blocks of mahogany. The boss slams his hooves on a few and the blocks where Ves used to stand would rise like pillars about 10 feet into the air, forming small spires with the others. For the second phase, he kept up certain pillars and would form walls to climb.

The shadows gathered, swarming in a maelstrom so black she could tell it from the shadows. Ribbons, slips, and tatters of the shade started to layer like paper mâché around a throbbing, nebulous nothing and formed a shell. Slowly, the shell began to creak and crackle as the strips and seams meshed and became a skin for it, one that could stretch and form as the last of the tatters wrapped around to touch the floor in neat little nubs, tapping the wood with a resounding *clack*.


The quadrupedal figure stepped off into the sands, almost skittering off before another leg caught the edge of a wooden block and sent it lurching to the ground, splitting the air with an ear-ringing crunch; it rose to its feet before the entire front leg tore away with the sound of bone and ripping silk. The figure faltered ans swooned, nudging at the limb with a nonexistent muzzle and forcing out what sounded like the horrified screams of a man gagged and bound. As it tottered around, screams shot through the air, eventually joined by sickening cracks and a barely audible sobbing. The sounds soon scattered out in time, but became louder and deeper, louder and punctuated with shrieks of pain- as they reached their crescendo, the figure turned to face her, stable at last. Where the first had fallen stood a new leg, a copy in every way but for the fact that it doubled in size.


It was out of place there, a pillar against spear shafts, but the figure had near perfect control as it traipsed over block after block. With the force it could stamp out, whole blocks sank into the sands; the other legs began to tremble as it trotted around- they shook so violently, it looked as if they would buckle any second; when the figure came to a stop, though, they kept quivering. Screams were shot into the darkness as they shook fiercer and fiercer, cracking and shattering as the shell fell away; what was left was a twisted vine of gnarled shadows and and what looked to be blood that pulsed, dripping and swelling until it was about the size of the first pillar of a leg, if not larger. With its new legs steady and set, it suddenly bolted off in a heavy gait around the room, circling her for a few moments until it tossed itself into trading paint with the wall.


It scraped along, tearing off strips and streaks of shadow and scraping away at the stone, leaving behind shell. As she gawked, astounded, it whipped around and slid to a stop, raging back around- more shell went chipping away, even more shaved shade shearing off. The side it wore away first looked like a nest of wasps and tar, festering blisters and the glimmer of stars. Somewhere deep inside the bubbling mass, she could make out a faint sort of glow, buried under the collective umbrage. Before she could catch anything else, the figure came to a complete stop, now facing her as the sound of a gagged man viciously wailing echoed on the walls as if it was being thrown and ricocheted back to the figure, its nonexistent visage ripping the muzzle open into the face of a creature that ate by gnashing teeth against bone until it had run out of flesh and blood and gnawed at the marrow.


Ivory steam billowed as indigo streams fell, the mouth fogging over with the breath of heat and salivation, edges curling in a wicked grin that led to the newly cut nostrils, venting out ivory jets. They flared, and the creature took charge- it clipped her, brushing away some midnight star dust and slamming headlong into the wall again. This time, there were no screams; the silence was ringing as the creature turned to face her yet again, cracks running the length of its head from the neck up and continuing on down. Her eyes followed along them, sloping into the channels where the bubbling star shit ran into, forming four vestigial limbs that twitched whenever her gaze crossed them. Suddenly, it was gone; she barely managed to sidestep the thundering charge again, it kissing the wall and rending the cracks into valleys as the shell began to fall away. The shards that were the shoulders, the spine; it fell with weight Atlas couldn't carry; the hind and slivers of flank came away as the creature shuddered and filament made of the excess split and whisked into a tail. The last fell away as it charged yet again, faster than before- her backstep brought her low enough to see how the other four legs rolled in tandem with the first quartet, all eight in chain like train gears tugging along, the head chugging in air and jets of steam pissing out with every huff. The creature stopped short this round, only inches away from her on her haunches as the mask chipped, cracked, and ripped away with a heave and flick.


Before it even brought itself around, she caught a glimpse of what was under; two abyssal slits were steady pumping out heavy breaths, the craggy maw under littered and lines with mountains and craters of glass shards for fangs, and thick venomous coils of lips pressed into a tight smirk. One lofty eye had a coal of a pupil craning towards her, quaking as the other two turned on her and focused- they looked like tattoos, save for the fact that the ink went gliding under the brow as it scanned the room and the form before it.


It blinked, snorted, and dashed back a few feet; the new equine form rippled and shifted like a lake too deep to swim. In the thicker darkness, the eyes took on a dull glow, three crimson rings tilting skyward and sprinting along the edges of the room as if mapping it out. She made to move, but the eyes wrenched away from the corners and she could feel the shadows close in like a vice grip, pressure in every way those pupils came in. They relaxed as the beast walked forward, third eye trained on her as the other two went rampant and finished up the last of the perimeter. She ducked to a corner, still in stance, but the beast didn't chase; there was laughter, peals of laughter from a man ungagged joined with baritone whinnies from a horse with its throat slit. The beast laughed wide and a slab of diseased meat supposed to be a tongue lolled out.


The laughter didn't force any air out, nor steam- the beast was taking the darkness back in. Skeins of it went peeling off the walls and spooling back into its mouth, snagging on the teeth just before it bunched and was yanked into the throat on a thread thinner than a pinhole. Slowly, ebony satin stretched across the star tar as thread wound around inside and began to sew together muscle; it wrapped around the legs and ashed double around the ends again, leaving sharp vinyl hooves; it stretched to the muzzle and shrank to fit as the eyes popped through and swelled to form hemispheres the ink sank into- they weren't just ink anymore. The iris flashed and the glassy spheres closed as satin eyelids flew over them. Far above them, the skin split and two peaked ears rose like antennas, flickering as flames do when they taste air.


More shadow went reeling into the maw, in shapes and forms gone undone; birds flapped wings made of oak branches and orchid petals with feet of ash clawing at fish made of scales of obsidian and gills bleeding guts of crushed blackberries, fins the wings of butterflies trying to fan away cats with fur as bright as the new moon, claws the waxing crescent jammed in the eyes of hellhounds with barks like fractured thunder, claws jammed in the belly of the fish spilling blackberry wine, claws in the spine of the kingfisher coming undone at the cut. Every noise pooled in the throat with neighs and crooning crows, until the mouth snapped shut and tufts of silk sprouted everywhere, curling; the ocean that submerged the forest of hair.


The room had been engulfed in fire, compared to before; lanterns lighting eight sides drenched the walls in sweet golden curtains, flapping in the winds as the flames flickered. She inched over to one, almost frozen in stance, the monstrosity before her straining its solid form and flashing its eyes around until they met hers. They struggled to stay open in the light, but managed to keep trained on her as it trotted around to warm itself. She danced around, too, forcing it to keep the pace leisurely in a bid for low vulnerability.


As it finished, it made its way to the center stage and flexed the whole of its body so far, it looked as it if was going to pop from the tension. Seconds turned to minutes as it stayed locked in form, until it finally released itself and returned. Suddenly, there was a pulse- the flames fanned slightly as the sands whipped outward, mahogany blocks uncovered and polished. The platform set, the monster in the center let its darkness burn a sigil so dark it matched its fur. Somehow, the monstrosity had grown in size, just about doubling, and the stars made their debut on an oversized penis protruding from the sheath like a nail hammered too far. They glimmered along the length like freckles, a ring around the head shining like diamonds in an eclipse.


The hooves clacked once, as a call to war. The sigil finished, ingrained in the floor with a stylized yinyang of a woman giving fellatio to a posed horse; under it sat lilliputian script that read out one word-


And she killed it!

For her bravery in confronting the problems I couldn't, she has received Sleipnir's Slippers;

they are little moccasins that effortlessly glide over just about everything. She can kick and junk, but it's not as enjoyable. However, now she's got lunging punches, rah rah rah.


She wishes me to chronicle her feat, so she killed it by climbing a few pillars and cutting off leg after leg. After all nine were gone, she jammed a fist in his third eye and tore away until she got to brain, then just surgeon'd until she was tired. She skinned his flank and used muscle to tie it together, and drenched it in blood. Seriously. Sometimes when she runs, you can hear extra footsteps.


Also, the boss could turn off lanterns by ejaculating on them. Your move, internet.

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Her slippers are pretty cool. She's taken to dashing with them to avoid hits, like some split-second dodge that puts her in bullet time. Her arms are still pretty newish, so she's going slow and just testing the waters, but so far all she's gotten to is pushing flames out of her fingers and sucking in foreign matter with the petal turbines to fuel them and add a few extra qualities. Sleipnir's blood made the fire flush with violet for a second, and she did say it gunked up her system, so we'll be having a few more rounds with normal beasts to clean that out.


I'm considering giving her a new boss, but I can't figure out what yet. As for now, I'm pretty content with how she is, though the forms are still fresh on my mind. Anyone have any good ideas for a flower petal based weapon?

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I love reading about your progress; I like how you compare it to an RPG.


The massive amounts of symbolism here is amazing.


Also, the boss could turn off lanterns by ejaculating on them. Your move, internet.


Niteo and Amber Take On the World


Amber speaks in italics right now.


Talk to Niteo on here or on discord


We share the body, we share a life. I'm not an accessory to his life...



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So I like to longboard, and I like to work with trash and electronics. Cue the last 2 hours.


I've been in a few accidents that fractured my board apart like toothpicks, and I always make sure to salvage the scraps. I bought it, I should be able to take it home, yeah? After a few lucky incidents, I finally lost what I was riding on a while ago, and proceeded to breathe life into an old deck of mine to keep myself on wheels. Every time I work on it, I passive forge and talk about it, Ves giving me input on what I'm doing and taking in the sights to give me her chance of survival like Fi from Skyward Sword.


"Alright, all I need now is a softer bushing in the back and I might be able to bop the bip on this thing. Maybe I can take it down some better hills now."

I don't know. You're scared of speed, and you're always leaning into turns like you're about to enter a limbo competition. Do you really need more speed? And you should get rid of those back wheels, they'll make you slide~

"Whatever. I'm going to have to saw off a bit to get rid of that fractured wood, but at least my tail and nose are holding up."

Yeah, because you never actually step on them. I'm pretty sure it wouldn't even hold my imaginary weight.

"Shut up. I trust my engineering."

You engineer like you're drunk and need a ride home after your car got towed.

"I don't even have a car."

My point exactly.


Today, I proceeded to fiddle around with the height and risers until I was happy enough, then I decided to up the ante with a challenge- I would take an old kiddy science project in a box (A handcrank motor attached to an LED to teach about friction and circuits) and somehow strap it to my wheel, turning it with the natural speed to light up the underside of my board with no battery or pack. Everyone else with light up boards has jerryrigged packs or velcro straps on the underside, looking like some Back to the Future prototype; I wanted simplicity and the beauty of a minimal amount of wires.


So I did it. I took old wires and the LED, taped the motor to the truck and sanded down a plastic gear until it ran smoothly, tested several times; the thing ran wonderfully. No speed loss and I got a good and unwavering emerald glow whenever I got enough speed to feel the wind. Vespera spoke up several times, calling me out.


You're an idiot for this, y'know? This might work, but...what's the point?

Oooh, it's pretty when you spin the wheel. Do it again.

What if this doesn't work? It took forever for you to tape all of this, you know. I hope this is just the rough draft, because if you wanted to add another color, you're going to be at this forever.


She was entirely right. Immediately after finishing up the shielding for the light, I found an old red LED in a water volcano toy I got from the same place as the science kit. I proceeded to tear that apart until I got the circuits, then the LED and wires, and finally just the LED itself. I stripped away the tape and worked again, struggling to get it to work and finishing up with just a little after midnight on the clock.


Ves was fairly silent for the whole ordeal, and then I decided to ask her what was wrong.


Nothing, I really love doing this, don't you?


This. Working. Taking all this trash in and doing something amazing with it.

"Well, yeah. People throw out what doesn't work. If I did the same, the world would just give in and be one big trash heap forever. People like me sort it all out, take what doesn't work and make it beautiful. Make it shine."

But it's trash.

"The crew won't be saying that when I paint the asphalt with cherry and stem going 20 miles down a good hill."

Chief, trash is trash. But...I'm glad to see you're enjoying yourself.

"Ves. I tried to make you out of the trash that filled my head. I wanted you to be some sick, twisted witch I could argue with until you gave in and I was better. Look at you."


She flexed her arms, rose gold as they shimmered and reflected the slippers she was kicking in rhythm, perched on the top of my sofa.


I was trash?



She smiled a genuine smile. Something I had never planned on someone I wanted her to be doing.


Good job, then.


I was proud of her, just like she was of me. I think I grew a little today.

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I don't, uh...I don't know if I'm advanced or if I'm fooling myself with results, but...Ves seems to be pretty far along in the chain of things that is implied here on .info. Honestly, visualization was no problem for me, except for key points like 'details'. I'm going fairly fast when it comes to adapting to the tasks asked of me with progress, so now I'm just stumped. I'm going to work on vocals next, and then I suppose imposition, even though I've been taking on piece of that ever since I started. Once again, visualization wasn't an issue, so I took on a couple more pieces of information to process. I don't know if she's sentient yet, I don't know if I'm parroting, I don't know whether or not to trust the little flashes she insist are her in that sarcastic voice of hers, I don't know anything.


So! I've begun questioning myself, and I suppose this doubt is earned. I think progress is getting halted while I work a few things out. I've read the guides, and since vocals are next, I'm trying for a french voice. Why? It's easy to pick out compared to my mindvoice, melodical, and it affords me the options of different languages to learn. Being half mexican and having an african-american mother that speaks Spanish better than the Spanish teachers really kinda rules out Spanish. I know enough imperatives and curses to last me, and I'm not sure I could handle Spanglish in my head. No, I want French.


Past that, are there any good challenges the community has whipped up? I'd love to see some.


Sorry about the shoutout, Riy. I couldn't resist making the connection. Ves is hella jealous of her.

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So, uh...I'm not so sure I'm comfortable posting this next post. Ves is vehement, but...I'm not so sure what the mods will think of the sexual nature and so on. As such, I'm making a google doc with the contained material, and...well, enter at your own risk.


As such, I have warned you of the sexual content of it, but it's not going on .info directly. I ain't that stupid.

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