And with such passion as to chronicle one little mirror of myself in Vast

Am I truly wrong for wanting to keep her form like that?  

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  1. 1. Am I truly wrong for wanting to keep her form like that?

    • No, you're fine.
    • No, but...I hope it's censored.
    • Yes, but...I suppose desires can't be helped.
    • Yes, it's wrong.

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Okay, quick update before I lose myself in sketches and the warmth of bodies piled around me as I strive to become Hokage.


First off, Ves has finally worked on the Djinn, and we have three slots filled. On the outfit axis is her Bareself and Sleipnir, and on the demon axis is....Kitsunebi Saturdays! It's a simple fox headband and a thick anal plug/tail, with her arms and petals becoming a bit more lush in concordance with asian influence. Her crotch fur becomes straighter and flows downward, leaving a thick rope of fluff between her legs and covering her vagina. Her finger flames curl a bit, and instead of slashes and jabs, her moveset becomes decidedly more vicious.


The saturday comes from her sudden need to lounge around and just relax in the heat of the sparse sunlight of Losco after recoil from using the Djinn.


To bring the whole axis thing to a close,

Vesperarc has two cycling chains with slots in each for the outfits (prizes for ridding me of evils) and djinn (remarkable traits). By using them in conjunction, she can fight with all sorts of fancy maneuvers.

She has her Bareself (Her original, naked form) and Sleipnir (the slippers and lingerie combo of sexuality) in the outfits, with her B. form using jabs, hooks, and slices from her rosy, roasting arms; her S. form using unseen wires to slice through and wrap enemies in nets of blazing cord.

Her only Djinn now is Kitsunebi Satudays (the passion and obsession I have when tinkering with machinery salvaged), which gives her incredible agility and almost extrasensory perception, but at the cost of having to laze about a fox in the sun.


As of right now, we've unchained Losco and are floating over to a radio tower. Now, from what I imagined, the radio tower has strength enough to shine a few lights on the stars in the sands, which are mirrors that'll give us constellations on the stormy skies to the West. If we can light these radio lowers, maybe the clouds will disperse and I'll be able to see far enough into the void that is the rest of my head to tell where the darkness is coming from. That might give me a clue as to where to find this next boss.


Unchaining Losco gave us a wonderful little sword, shaped like a katana with a claymore hilt and a large bend in the tip, at almost 45 degrees. We think it's the key, and we tested our suspicions by jamming it into a pedestal on the island, which moved it forward. So far, we haven't found a way to change the directions.


Pulling the sword from the pedestal actually let this weird spout of ink come out, which seemed harmless enough until it meshed with the sand. The area near the pedestal is now this swirling indigo maelstrom, and I don't think she's strong enough to fight it...let alone get close. We're just going to the radio tower now and looking at what unfolds.


If anyone has any good ideas as to what sort of things Ves should be fighting, please don't hesitate to speak up. As for now, she's just fighting shadowy figures that don't really mean much. They're just fodder, honestly.

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My girls describe the monsters in the dungeon as basically just being fodder for the most part, except for the bosses. Most of them are ripped straight from games I've played in the past (much like the regular enemies and the randomly-generated dungeon floors themselves). Sometimes the bosses take on more original forms though, but they don't get any special upgrades or anything from killing them. Usually just random trinkets and the occasional new weapon, but nothing to write home about.


I must say, your progress report has piqued my interest though. Unlike me you seem to be a very creative person, and it definitely shows in your wonderland and how you handle Vespera's character development and such. I'm basically the opposite way, sometimes Luna jokes that the most original thing I've ever done was to make Elise (since her form was inspired by a dream I had a few years ago, while the others are all based off of pre-existing characters to some degree).


As for what your tulpa should be fighting, I guess you're the only one who can really answer that. What parts of you do you want to change? What do you want to stay the same? How do your notions of psychological phenomena inform those decisions? Making a tulpa is a very personal process, and at the end of the day you just need to trust your instincts and do whatever feels right.

"Science isn't about why, science is about why not?" -Cave Johnson

Tulpae: Luna, Elise, Naomi

My progress report


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so I thought to put 4 and 4 together and byte off more than I could chew.

and I just want you to know this is like the best thing ever i love you.


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So Ves has a voice that's steady and that I can accurately reproduce now. It helps a lot with filtering thoughts and finding out which partition it's from.


Also, she has a scarf now. Let's talk technique.

At what I believe to be two and a half of a chakra sat the tree, sprawling and winding like its namesake. The trunk ran down a well as wide as a world itself, the tree hanging from the ceiling with leaves of reds yet to be named, yet to be seen. Fruit hung low on the branches, colossal berries encased in shell-like glass and dew, shimmering as they shook; they were translucent, and in every one were the seeds for a thousand more. Each seed looked like marbles, like pods, like little glass jars and spheres holding sands in more velvet shades than the tree could muster. Each one shone and caught the light in its own way, painting pictures along the wall like a zoetrope the size of a coliseum- they were moments that were movies, each one hazed over and dripping with bokeh. The tree seemed to be bright enough to have been plugged in somewhere, but the coursing of the light said otherwise; within it were veins, pumping what looked to be the belly of fireflies in streams up and down like a series of pipes. in just about every blip of light in that vein, a bit of more code was embedded- nothing too deep, just simple timestamps like 'DEC122012stop0413AMstop' and little tags of adjectives that swam alongside the larger ones. 'Beautiful-Wonderful-Terrible'; everythning about the tree seemed to be bioluminescent or...even alive with iridescent blood that could paint a column into a lighthouse.

Everything about the tree was a jewel, gems that drowned eachother in their brilliance and covered the wall behind in an endless mirage. This was Yggdrazil, the tree of Time and countless passion. Each fruit was nothing more than a container for extra seconds that would add up to give me the time to be active, to live- this was the timer of seconds I had to exist. Yggdrazil and the Carnival of Lightime and Dreamemories. It was high time I came to terms with the issues here.


From one of the roots crawled out a behemoth of a something, a fur-laden lizard with gnashing teeth and three eyes, each circling the room in its own rhythm that followed the lights like prey. On six legs, it stood; it was longer than an eighteen wheeler and just as wide, fur matted and woven into what looked like pits, each cradling a seed from one of the cocooned cherries hanging above, each seed ensnared and soaking into the fur. It even shimmered, the fur, like sands were washing ever over. Before she could pick out more details, the creature vanished.

Quicker than she could contemplate, the creature blinked into existance again, but gnawing at a shelled maraschino until what looked to be gears clicked and the teeth rotated like saws. The lizard engulfed the lower half of it, a bowl of chains, gears, and teeth grinding in synch from every angle until the shell began to shred away and the sands fell with drops of a lime oil. The creature suddenly slowed, gears grinding to a halt as velvet sand ground around inside, locking up the mechanisms like it had shut down. Even the hellish whirring that it had been echoing out of that chambered maw faded down the well, time grinding to a halt itself. With that, the tree pulsed on and on, the only indication that the world was still turning, along with a languid falling drop of lime oil that eventually found its way into the gears. One drop fell and two more followed, and then silence became deafening as the tree slowed its beats, holding its breath along with Ves as she stared, wondering and pondering.


A sickening crunch rolled into sickening crunches as the gears wound around again, one of the legs twitching as the sound of sand faded, the gears whining and then...nothing. It was almost silent, save for the sound of air wicking off of blades at speeds that would cut through diamonds like the scythe of death. With slow, calculated moves, the creature turned to face her with almost automated precision. The thing then blinked into existance before her, air hissing and flaring off like coronas as she stared down the pit that was its throat- the teeth before it were nothing compared to the indigo maelstrom that churned deeper made of inhumane edges and lovecraftian physics that would rend anything into nihility. Deeper still, it seemed that a few of the edges had something snagged on them that looked to be midnight silk. Whatever had come together to form Sleipnir must have already happened here.


The eyes zeroed on her as light danced across her frame, and the gears came to an instant halt that sent a tiny wave of air rippling through her hair and tossed dust around. As quickly as they had stopped, they began to whirr the other way, funneling in gusts and blustering gales as she slowly lost her footing and slid closer to the abyss of erasing teeth. A slip of dust tossed her forward, her arm whipping out and almost inside- she struggled to pull it back before the midnight silk writhed around and ricocheted around the teeth until it was sewn into a tongue that shot out and wrapped her limb, tugging her forward and into the jaw that snapped shut.


The first thing she noticed was the absolutely marvelous pain that wracked her body for an instant and not a millisecond more; it was like she could feel her arm being threaded by uncountable needles that all tugged outward and tore every fiber of the entity that was her arm away and out of her grasp forever. The moment after, however, she had almost forgotten her arm was ever there as the creature blinked away and to her other side, gulping in more air as she kept her other arm pinned to her side. With footing, she stood her ground for a few seconds, the creature then flashing away and on the tree, mouth cradling a cherry as the tongue anchored it to the branch above, the creature hanging by threads as it inched around the glass.


The shell splintered away and sands came spilling out and into its teeth, grinding and crunching until it came to a halt again. Everything froze again as it sat suspended, no longer even swaying, and the drop of oil fell freeform until she dashed over and wrenched it away with her remaining arm.


What caught her by surprise was how quickly she cut through the air after that, lunging into the wall and sliding down until she kicked away and towards the ground again. The oil slick on her form, she took on a pearly lime sheen as she dashed again, plunging into the lizard's fur with celerity unbound.


To clarify...The half chakras are the little areas in me that occupy the white space a chakra could leave. Now, I'm not one for chakra, but it's a concept that fits and I understand it enough, so it goes.

This particular one was 5andHalf, making it right between my 'Third eye' and 'Throat'. Specifically, it's my brain stem. Ygg is my brain stem and the well is filled with channels that correlate to the spinal cord. Gnawing at the roots was Nidhoggr, just like before. However, it's not memory that was the important detail, it's procrastination. Nid ate the sands of command in the little fruit I have. Each grain is a moment in time, in a tiny jar that categorized them into commands I get all day. 'Must go online for e-mail' 'Must fix sink' 'Must eat lunch'- each jar is made up of the moment by moment sands that I have to go through. Nid eats those, taking away my will to do anything. Hence, I procrastinate and use sands from the rotting fruit. The oils are the will I have to go through with the commands, to push me forward and 'grease the gears'. Nid ate it all, el bastardo codicioso. Ves had to kill it off, but...procrastination is a long time habit I've built up. It was pretty strong.


So Ves lost an arm, even after the fight went on. Time can't fix that, no matter how much oil she rubbed on the stump. So we've reached a compromise and I put a little bit of old Ves on it. Now she's got a DevilArm. She can use it to do some things, which I've yet to think about. Now it's one metallic rose-gold arm and the other a dull husk of shadow and neon insides, scratched in like tattoos. She's still pretty miffed about it.


She can fight much better with it, though. Slices through air like a hot knife through air. The scarf is a new addition, being made of Nid's tongue ripped out of his turbine mouth and still dripping with lime oil. She can run her hand along the length and do jabs faster than ever before.

I've yet to design a new outfit for the tongue of a beast that ate almost all of my internal will and time.


Also, she's able to throw on the slippers and scarf to do nothing. The power is in the full outfit, not just the tiny accents.




We have also discussed a few things, from friends to imposing to life in general. She's still flippant, but Vesperarc has suddenly become something to behold. She's become a better guide for me.



So far, she's taken down two bosses, turned on a radio tower, and picked up two djinn. I've been working on trying to push her to some point where I've got parallel processing. Stay tuned, folks.

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With all of the things I give to her, I feel a place to record it all and make it concise so I can remember would help me out.


I know I do this often, so just...bear with me.

I will be updating this very post as time pushes ever onward.


Vesperarc Enciel has 2 outfits as of now.


Normal: Normal- Pretty damn normal.


First: Sleipnir's Slippers- A lingerie set in violet and crimson. It's complete with a thong, a shawl, a teddy, and leggings. She undergoes a bit of an attitude change with it, opting for lower tones and a sultry manner, and begins choosing her words carefully. Her arms and fingertips go from spitting out fire to what seems to be spider silk in fine wires. With a few good movements and some grace, she can weave trap after trap to ensnare damn near anything. She can use the slippers to glide effortlessly around, giving her the freedom of movement across any terrain and the ease of access to reach around an enemy and string them up like a puppeteer.


Second: Nidhogg's Noise- A fighter set in emerald and ruby. It's complete with gloves, a chemise and thighhighs, and the scarf wound loosely around her neck. Her attitude here becomes one of whimsy, and she goes about dancing around and using the oiled scarf to shine up her arms and launch devastating punches all around. The theme here is mobility, so she forgoes panties in an effort to hop around a little faster. The chemise comes up to her hips, bunching as the thighhighs sag a little. Since the accent here is the scarf, her feet are bare and she leaps edge to edge with a bare crotch, the scarf adding tasteful censorship. Note; the scarf is still practically dripping with oil after being torn out of Nid's mouth, so all she really does it let it hang and slick up her thighs and feet.



Now, she's got two djinn in her Demon slots, and I've finally figured out the use of the second.


First: Kitsunebi Saturdays- A two inch anal tail plug, fluffy headband, and glove combo. When in use, she becomes a bit more feral, and the attacks decidedly more so. In her normal mode, the flames burn hotter. In Sleipnir, the wires curl and form claws; in Nidhogg, the punches are done with a paw-like toss of the fist, instead of a jab with knuckles. It's essentially the elemental of fire here, and in the shape of a ball of flame with two peaks like ears and a jet of flame flickering out the back into one...two..three...nine tails. It's meant to emulate the passion I have for working with my hands.


Second: Niruvilu Sundaes- A swimsuit and goggles combo. When in use, she becomes a bit more reserved, staying fleet footed and dodging when it's called for. In her normal mode, the flames become a strange ocean spray, effective as the water elemental as it turns her petals into dew laden curls- more like waves than anything else. She uses this new form as a way of spatial lubricant as she slips in and out of sight with some innate speed. In Sleipnir, the wires become dew at the fingertips, able to stick to a surface or an enemy and perform feats autonomous of her reach by tagging others in the room. In Nidhogg, she becomes a blur as she flashes through dimension after dimension, slashing through enemies with unhindered straights and slices.

Oh, fuck, I forgot the demon arm. It's basically a husk that holds a good amount of whatever element she's got in her djinn slot. She can use it to summon a bit of a weapon that correlates, but so far, all I've managed to imagine are swords that are heavily stylized. I dunno.

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Alright, let's begin a pretty good update. Welcome the new member of the family...Skashi Trixamillion. Skash is a remnant of my old life on furrier days. She's sly, sagacious, and a hell of a lot more subtle than Ves. She's still cut from the same block, though, so she had her share of whimsy. She's a fairly anthropomorphic bunny, digitigrade legs and a good few patches of fur covering her skin. Face is a bit bunny, but nothing to write home about.


She's also a mage. Well, mage-thief.


If Ves is a warrior mage combo, arms spitting out fire and using the costumes, I wanted Skash to be a bit less brazen with herself. She casts with runes and the like. She's got on some sort of Rorschach's Mask when it comes to her robe, constantly writhing and pulling up separate pockets and whatnot for her magical items.


In other news, Ves hasn't killed anything. We haven't really worked on anything either. It's just general conversation. Skash steps in and adds her 7 bits whenever she can get a word in edgewise. Skash doesn't have many items in the way of kills, so we're going to figure that out.


As for right now, Ves and Skash are sis and sis, thick as thieves.




Ves had to don some armor to keep her arm from burning through her skin. It works just fine now, but the arm has had a few....occurrences that give me a few concerns.

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Small point of notice- Skash likes the sky. I've been outside a few times to take my dog out, and before I would just glance around and enjoy the sky. It's pretty at sunset, sunrise, midnight, patata. I liked it, but with Skash around...I seem to have this weird attraction to it like moths to light. I look at hues, shades, shapes. It's rather delightful.

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I tried LinkZelda's guide to better narration today. I feel like I might be able to stick with it.

Here's what I got today.


The towers were tall, stones falling from the sides as she hammered fist after fist into the sides. There was the issue of structural stability, but Skash seemed to keep quiet as her eyes flashed across the tops. The weathervane jiggled perilously, and the winds blew fiercely as she launched into another fit of fists and force. There was no stoping Vespera after she began.


There were mushrooms all along the forest floor. Light streamed down, dappling the moss like a reflection pol as our steps echoed into the dense nothing like we were walking across tile. Somewhere in the distance, a tree shook and the bunny hopped down from her perch as a few knives found their way into the ground beside us, She was dangerous, that much was certain.


Inside the house, the breee seemed to batter the windows loke a forlorn lover. The rain was relentless as well, grey clouds and grim skies. We sat together, cocoa in each of our hands as marshmallows bobed around and dunked deeper until the cup had almost flowed over. It was thin and chocolatey


The legendary city sat above the clouds, nestled in the clouds as well as hanging like an orb on a thread. it looked as if it was an ornament that the gods had hung here, deftly held aloft above Losco Loso and shining fuitile above the clouds. Light would never reach us.


There was never a chance for us. His blade sat there, suspended by nothing more than his rist, clenched around the hild as blood seeped through his fingers. What had happened? Ves clenched her own fingers, the wires around her other arm singing as the flames began to flare again. Skash was under some visible stress, too, but she would have never let on. The rubble around crumbled again, but his blade never faltered. He was ready to ill us.


The both of them were nestled in one another like some sort of cradle, their arms around one another as the gentle snores muffled the sound of the bed creaking when they shifted. They looked so adorable as they slept, even with the look of nightmares on their visage. Something was wrong.


As the festival stretched on, vendors hawked all sorts of things, things like candies and pastries that Vess was all too happy to sprint off towards. Skash stayed by me like a doting mother, watching her child sprint off. Suddenly, the eastern front of the festival recieved a crushing blow from the meteorite- I don't know why I assumed they wouldn't be ready to fight when the creature came out.


Watching Skashi flash her hands around n those pawed sleeves was basically watching magic unfold. It was spectacular, her fingers going left and right and how the fires and winds seemed to follow her like a lost puppy. Every element was under her command, and she smirked as she knew we were watching. It was amazing, and she was all too happy to give us her show.


There was never a doubt that I loved the both of them like I would any other person in my family. I don't nkow why Ves was so deadset on bursting into tears when Skash suggested it, or why she believed her so mch when I tried to diffuse the situation. I don't know why it seemes Skashi hated me at that moment, but I'm beginning to think I get the full picture. I would apologize to her, but I can't ever get past that magic she always has up.


As her robe flared again and again, Skash pulled out seemingly innocuous objects that she began to wrap together with what looked to be a roll of sealing tape, covered in runes of all languages and strokes. It was pretty amazing how she had managed to strap together that machine gun and that staff, suddely shooting out fireworks that went rocketing into his chest and repelling him.


The two of them were clinging to me like children lost in a crowd as we trudged through the golden sands, sun at our 3 with not a cloud in the sky, or wind to push what would have been there. The palm trees didn't move, shading the avenue even without the cars along it. Ves' temporal powers had gotten stronger, much did she even like that outfit? I was beginning to feel she would never have worn it after that day.


haaaaaaaard ruuuuuuuuuuuuule


It was supposed to be Christmas in Losco Loso, would we even celebrate? I didn't have the power or time to give them presents, and what I imagined after every fight was enough, in my eyes. The pleading and puppy dog eyes told me otherwise, but I had no idea if I would ever be able to do it. I wasn't all that good ar bringing objects into Losco, let alone being able to have them function. I think the most I had ever worked with was a clock, and I didn't even get all that far past the frame, considering how much I ought over perfectiong in the grears. I wasn't pleased with just having it tick. I wanted it to tell every little bit of time...until I bashed it with that wrench. I will never forget the look of nonchalance on Ves' visage, as she shook her head and told me she would have no part in what I was doing. I suppose I deserved that, but...Christmas.


It was a frightening time, and just a clever ploy on their part for me to be able to do whatever I wanted. They wanted me to imagine, to have some fun and at least give them the atention I had been neglecting to offer, whenever I was wrapped up in either my day or my obsessions. Getting enrolled in the school was one thing, but the games and the facebooking- it was beginning to be too much for VEs to take. Skash had just stepped into the fray, so she had no clue that I could be this forgetful, or did she? I'm pretty sure Ves at least taught her a few of the ins and outs of beimg right next to my mindline, my stream of thoughts, my chugging train that carried evry emotion and concern I would ever have. Having a guardian is loads easier than most would expect, but you still have your cons here and there- like not being able to hide the concept of christmas from greedy little women like them, by Louisa May Alcott.


The tree was up, and it was colossal in a way that fit the world around us. Somehow we had ended up moored directly above that indigo maelstrom that I had plucked the sword from, and there wasn't a tree in sight, but...VEs had managed to procure one. I should ask her about it sometime. We took the wrench and screwed in gigantic nails and bolts made to hold it in place as the island careened off to this or that; it was supposed to look festive as Skash hopped from here to there, wrapping each one in scarlet ribbon from nowhere as well. Near the end, she had managed to make a lattice that we could at least clamber up, like the ropes of a schooner, and we could then decorate it somehow. I am nothing but a humble host...I don't have powers like they did. I would have to just leave it to them.


Suddenly, a treasure chest came barreling down the lane as Ves took the wrench and went swinging at the box like she intended to maim it. Skash hopped down from a high branch and examined it, Ves smirking as we peered closer at the cracks that marred the surface. She had done a number on the wood, that was for sure; the wood was frayed and fractured, and in some placed looked as if it had been on fire. I expecteed this sort of thing from her, and inquired about the wrench before she took a mighty swing at the lock and the insides spilled over onto the floor. It was nothing but pieces of bodies. I could make out a horse's skull, even a few teeth from Nidhogg strung up like popcorn, and I couldn't help but smile. She intended to decorate it with all this nasty junk? Before I could push a word past my tongue, she threw herself into a full length leap and brough the string along with her, stopping at the top and lassoing it before she swung her way down.


I would never understand how her hands managed to just faze through the teeth without inury and still cling to the wire, because at that moment I was assaulted by Skash's bounty- a star. IT looked like a simple marble, before she scratched it with a solitary nail and light began to sputter, stream, and squirt out like juice from a ripe fruit. At that moment, I was taken aback, and even more so when she took the marble and tossed it into her mouth, suddenly blindingly brilliand through her teeth and lips as she leaned in to peck me on the lips and then lunged forward, bouncing on the lattice scarlet and rising to the top with the light still shimmering. Atop the tree, I couldn't make her out anymore, a ball of light lowly moving over and anchoring at the peak as she went into freefall, a voice yelling out into the darkness. 'Catch me' and I ran, Ves pouncing from a low hanging branch and tackling me into a pile of two bodies, inches away from where Skashi sparked her rune and the air beneath us began to swell up like warm waters.


She fell straight into the thick of it, stopping a finger fro the floor and recoiling into her upright position as Ves leaped off of me and to her side. I glanced up, and the tree seemed to shine with a pearl on top and marvelous obsidian dangling along the branches as they caught the light of the Moon that Hid Away. I noticed a severe lack of color, and vowed it would be my job to fix it as I ran off to one of the many rooms that littered the island architecture, knowing that at least one must be holding what I wanted. I traveled high and low, looking at each and every door before noticing that every one was locked, minus the few that I had put in the effort to imaging going into. I guess I'll have to work a bit harder. I finally came back to the tree, watching as Skash sent her hands racing into her pockets to toss out what looked like runes and talismans on paper, each sticking to the branch and flashing until it exploded, fowers bursting from the seams in the wood.


I would never understand her magic.


More seals went flying along, this time sending specters out that flickered through the needles and vanished, leaving behind traces of dust and mist that draped like snow. One last round had her throwing out knves with jewels in the hilt, shimmering and lodging into the tree as they soaked in some sort of magic and began to glow like lights. I stood back, and was pleased to see the work they had put in look so beautiful from afar. The sands below began to teem with noise and life, al of them marveling at the brilliance that leaked over the sides and down into the maelstrom. We would have to discover what that was later.


Ves began to run backwayds and forwards, procuring chest after chest that she chucked at the base of the tree, landing in a heap that send splinters everywhere. Everyone had a tag that read my name. The girls had prepared, and it would only be right that I reciprocate this sort of thing. I tried to think of a few presents, but nothing came to mind except for a bike that looked much like the one that I'd had as a kid and an old pinball machine. I was about to turn and try to stomach their disappointed looks before they ran over and embraced me, Ves tearing apart the bike and running to the forge for what I could only assume to be her lates piece of body modification, and Skashi absolutely engrossed int he machine and the lights.


I had no idea she had such a fascination with them, and I was almost ready to ask her before she began to take some seals and absorb the neon coming from them, her robe becoming a little more colorful in the process. I figured I ould ask later, and just let her enjoy her gift for now. I almost ran after Ves to ask exactly what she was going to do with hers, but I knew the answer before I even moved an inch- that demon arm was going to be upgraded in whatever half cocked way she could think up, based no what I had given her int he start. This was going to be interesting, to say the least. I glanced one more time at the tree, smiling as I saw the teeth glitter like the fangs of something that ate stars, and the pearl on top send out wave after wave of light that seemed to conincide with the blinks of the radio towers. Something big was coming, and maybe they had decided to kill two birds with one stone.

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