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ITT: We draw our wonderlands


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dammit fede take a screenshot during the day I can't see anything.

Scarlet - anime, 8/15/2012

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Here you are (click for larger version):



The cabin is where we used to stay; surrounding the cabin is a single tree, followed by these huge rolling hills/grasslands; there are some trails going into the surrounding forest, but I didn't feel like plotting them.


Forest is really big, and sometimes there are monsters and stuff... Mountains are pretty high and snowcapped.


The area beyond the mountains with the castle, we kinda discovered it, it was just this huge desert/mountain thing, with these pillars all over. Chess kinda started building the castle, and I helped finish building it.



The castle is actually to the left of the cabin, not the right, I think.


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That's rather interesting Pleeb, my wonderland is encompassed by large snow capped mountains aswell, but I've never ventured past them.


Also, what program did you use to draw that?

"Your parents will never be magic talking horses"


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