ITT: We draw our wonderlands

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No, they look natural enough for an MC world

"Humans are flawed, war is in our blood and when we fight there cannot be justice for all."-Unknown


Currently working on first tulpa, Makai

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Guest damirikal

It is either just black or very dark hazy portal 1 rooms


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My wonderland seems to consist of 4 main areas it seems a jungle, Hilly plains, a mountainous valley and a glass dome underneath the ocean.


The Jungle where I usually find myself consists of a open area with stands of light peircing through and a few flowers, a few large trees laying across each other covererd in vines. A small river flows gently through with a wooden bridge to cross to a path leading away from the jungle into the Hilly Plains


The plains are nothing special Just a few hills, lots of flowers and a steady warm breeze and clouds blowing above. The pathway here breaks off into two, One way leading towards a cliffside veiw of the mountain valley and the other goes straight towards the ocean


The mountains, often when i come here I am on a large barren cliff that drops down into a valley. The valley has a large glacial Lake with spruce, pine surronding it. The mountains peirce the clouds and are covered in the snow at the tips of them they seem to be in a U shape from the cliff side, I havent ventured into the Valley yet though.


The Ocean Dome this is one Janet led me to, taking a left on the path (pathway was oneway orginally) and she led me towards the great open sea with beautiful white sand beach. From the beach you can see gigantic creatures jumping from the sea and gliding in the air to smash down back into the ocean. Off to the left of the path in the ocean you can see large jutting sharp rocks poking out the ocean (kind of like in Surfs up the one with penguins). To get to the dome on the right you can see a bit of a cave like entrance, you walk in and there is a small hole in the cave that is brightly lit but filled with water. You swim down for until it opens up into the ocean then you continue along until you see a pipe. You enter the pipe and swim upwards into the large dimmly lit glass dome that is fully furnished. You can look. Through the glass and see the large creatures swimming around, oblivous to your existance.


These are the main Areas of my wonderland, im no artist so i thought i'd try and paint with words. If i could draw/paint id show you how i See it.

Come with me to Wonderland :D well fight goons and goblins and stuff like that HAHA!

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Did a really rough sketch of Sam's part of the wonderland, it's inspired by the "Edo" period of Japan, very zen, usually a constant night but sometimes is evening or sunrise. Got the waterfalls and cherry blossoms and buildings and all that jazz.

The original edgelord gone soft.

I have a guide, check it out here if you want:



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