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ITT: We draw our wonderlands


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I never ventured past them either until the other day, and I really had no idea what to expect. Maybe someday I can see what's beyond the rest of those mountains (the castle/desert/pillars are only behind one section of the mountains).


I used this to create the map: http://pyromancers.com/

my wonderland is similar but we have a japanese house.

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In the beginning this was just a big garden with multiple rivers flowing through it, now it has become this overly complex thing.

Inb4 what are these strange symbols everywhere?

It's matoran. Basically just the letters from the alphabet replaced with fancier symbols so not everyone looking at it knows what it is. Plus it looks fancy imo.

I call the thing itself "Thran Engine" (don't ask me why) .

It's a big rotating disc floating in black nothingness, held in place by the roots on its sides. The disc's color is a bright blue, the texture like flowing water, the roots are in a very dark grey. Inside the disc an unlimited amount of different islands is floating around, many of them have a big forest and often also a lake on them.


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Here's a rough draft of our wonderland that I did (we call it the Matrix). The main area is meant to look like this with a lot of portals and doorways off to the side that lead to other places. Or at least it would look like this if I could actually get it be persistent. More realistically, every time I mentally conjure it up, it looks like a vague plane of yellow-orange with another plane of light blue-purple above it that is meant to be the sky. 



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I certainly wish I could art well enough to crank out some drawings of what the paracosm ("A rich fantasy world. Usually complete with cities, cultures, and peoples. Commonly associated with habitual daydreamers, and children with a lot of time to themselves. May include multiple worlds." as defined in Tulpa's DIY Guide to Tulpamancy the Thrid!) that Rei and I hang out in. Rei's not quite to the possession point yet so maybe someday she'll be able to get something to show everyone. I just know that every time I go diving to talk with her she's someplace different, let's just say I'm going to look at it as a game of hide and seek some days.


The world itself is a mashup of locations found in many MMO style video games, literature, movies and more than a few unique locations found nowhere else. The overall tone for the world is "light" as in a brightly lit more normal landscape. Though there are places where it is normally dark and eerie. I suppose that comes from my love of horror movies and all things eerie or creepy.  Rei as of so far to my knowledge has avoided these areas of the world generally sticking to mountainous areas, open glades, and occasionally sitting by the fire in a medieval fantasy style tavern.


Anyways that's enough babbling from me, we will try to get some art together to show everyone where we play when there's time!

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Our wonderland is to big to draw and us still growing (that's why there are empty spaces) but this is a map. You may hafto tilt your screen to the side to see it properly, sorry for the bad camera quality 😅1016201935.thumb.jpg.3d46b61420d964b55adc6b238dab8aab.jpg

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