Sleep Deprivation and Hallucinations (Dangerous)

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This is very risky and can kill if you have Heath problems


Some years ago i stay awake for 3,5 days without rest or closing my eyes for more than 10 seconds and i started to see hallucinations. it was soooo cool, and i began to explore and somehow i found tulpa-related stuff in the way but that is another story , the point is if those hallucinations can help you to impose or visualize better your tulpa


i know, i knoow, this has disadvantages like:


-Hungry (even if you eat)

-you will feel weak

-lose concentration (focus)

-Danger to become insane

-in some cases pain

-if you stay +5-7 days awake you may die (you feel drunk, and some organs doesnt work properly)


PD: Im still learning english. be fair

Still learning english guys :c

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I guess I may as well add my experience as a data point. I tried this a few times hoping to get hallucinations so I could at least examine them and memorize how they feel mentally. My Heath is overall excellent and I very rarely get sick -- if you're in poor health or get sick easily, avoid this like the plague and get sufficient sleep every night.


The most I got was a minor static fuzz overlaid on what I was seeing, kind of like an old TV, especially on flat-colored areas. There was also the occasional (about every few minutes) red or white spark in my far periphery, which I took to be a retinal cell misfiring. It did make me look to see if there was activity there, but when I looked there was nothing out of the ordinary apart from the faint static.


After 2-3 days I felt anywhere from mildly drunk to like a zombie throughout the day. Doing things and drinking tea helped reduce the feeling. Some minor visual fuzzing at this point, but only at the more tired points. From this point on, mental audio was somewhat more vivid. Listening to music would often result in stronger mental 'echoes' of it for hours after listening. It wasn't like a full-on hallucination like actually hearing it. It was pretty clear but at the same time not actually there. Sound is sometimes like this as I fall asleep when tired but not sleep deprived.


After around 3 to 4 days I started having involuntary few-minutes-long microsleeps if I sat still for more than a couple minutes, despite having a fair amount of caffeine in me. This is also when the visual effects were the strongest, but still just a faint fuzzing and not seeing stuff that isn't there or objects warping or anything like that. Auditory stuff was about the same as the day before. At this point I felt unable to go any further without conking out in the next chair I sat in. If I tried to converse with someone while sitting down, I would space out without being able to help it, nod off and awake a couple minutes later. I got through the rest of the day and then slept really soundly almost immediately upon laying down.


My oldest tulpa, Lyra, stayed up through most of it, quiet but by my side. The others, Evan and Anera, mostly slept after about 1-1.5 days.



Definitely. I felt really cold periodically from about the second or third day onward.


Oddly if I stay up all night I feel *less* hungry. It's like it screws up my digestion and I get near-endless burps for a while before I feel like eating anything.


Yes. Strangely though, if I had to do some physical task, I didn't feel extraordinarily weak or unable to do it. It was more a lack of mental energy than physical. But ask me to do more than really basic math or other mental task and I'd be like "wha........"

>Lose concentration

This is one of the first things to go for me. This makes it harder to examine whatever other effects come, though I did manage to at least some.

>Drunk feel

Yeah, anywhere from mildly drunk to about to pass out. Walking around gets to be a chore and I get clumsier, but I don't stumble. It never mimics the pleasantly-buzzed phase of getting drunk though.

>Insanity, pain, death

Did not experience these.


Also you might add that it wreaks havoc on your immune system, so take vitamins and don't do it if you're likely to come in contact with sick people.

Lyra: human female, ~17

Evan: boy, ~14, was an Eevee

Anera: anime-style girl, ~12; Lyra made her

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I'll add that you definitely shouldn't drive in this state. Driving while sleep-deprived is worse than driving drunk.


This is a potential way to experience hallucinations, but I don't think that the hallucinations will be at all controlled -- i.e. you won't see your tulpa. But I'm not speaking from experience, so I could be wrong.

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Although I didn't have a tulpa back then, I think it matters not. About a year ago I have stayed up for four nights in order to experience those hallucinations and they definitelly cannot be controlled, nor can you induce your own desired hallucinations when deprived of sleep.

All of those I have experienced were rather subtle, like a black silhouette of a person walking past my rooms door or something black sitting in the corner of my room. All of them were scary, which would reassemble those you see in the state of sleep paralysis.


Also, I have experienced all of the symptoms you have mentioned (except for insanity and death, luckily, though I did have some Heath problems).

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Cinemaphobe was going to do this once, he was convinced if he starved and sleep deprived himself he would better be able to visualize his tulpa or some such. Overwhelmingly, the community's response was: "If you do that, not only will you be harming your body, but the hallucinations won't be controllable and you'll have a very hard time actually focusing on your tulpa."


Feel free, if you've got appropriate circumstances, to experiment with this, but if you're just asking a question, unfortunately that's generally the answer. What Ghastey said sounds about right.

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Guest amber5885

If you have to put a disclaimer such as: very risky and can kill you in the heading you Probobly shouldn't be engaging in such behavior and it's not really condoned by the tulpa community.


Tulpas are a Tibetan practice, we know this as where the started but it wasn't meant to deprive you or hurt you it was a lesson in meditation and in strengthening the mind.


Sure you can hallucinate while tired but you can't control said hallucinations and it does nothing to help your tulpa.


The process of creating a tulpa is a growth exercise, learning. To meditate, to quiet and still the mind an to allow an organic delevopement of another consciousness grow an interact with you. Damaging your body does nothing to aid in that process.


You will hallucinate, it won't help your tulpa to grow and you may not even contact your tulpa during this process.

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Sleep deprivation can make it easier to have lucid dreams, which are controllable. You only need to skip one night for this, but there are other, safer ways to lucid dream.

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No, no, no, no, no, no, no, and frankly I'm surprised you thought it was an idea good enough to be posted here.


Tulpaforcing already is regarded as weird enough as it is, we don't need to be known as the crazy people who encourage each other to starve and risk very serious health problems in hopes of hallucinating their anime furry pony waifu for a few seconds.

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You might be able to hallucinate temporarily and maybe learn something, at best. I'd say it's probably the same as using drugs to help you. It works for the moment, and you might learn something that will help in the long run, overall just that alone won't do much.

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I think this is one of those things where you ought to take advantage of it if you're ever incidentally sleep deprived, but probably shouldn't actually purposely deprive yourself of sleep past a certain point. Purposely staying awake for five days is nuts and it can really break a person. There's a reason that sleep deprivation is an established form of torture.


With all that said, I agree with the suggestion that the hallucinations of sleep deprivation are not under your control, but I'd say they could possibly be influenced. If you ever happen to find yourself severely sleep-deprived (and most of us do at some point, if we're bad at planning or if we're suffering from some sort of circumstance that keeps us up), pay close attention to the way your senses work differently than normal. They'll work differently from normal even if outright hallucinations don't occur. Then explore those differences. Feel around for their edges.


On another note, closing your eyes in this state will lead you very quickly to hypnagogia -- perhaps even instantly. It's a state of closed eye hallucination in the time before falling asleep, and it can sometimes last quite a while. It's perfectly normal, though people experience it to wildly differing extents. Hypnapompia, the corresponding state when one is waking up, is also interesting and worth exploring.


Obviously these states aren't constant and therefore can't be used all the time in relation to one's tulpa (I mean, I don't know much about tulpas yet, but I do know you can't be half asleep all the time :), but I think learning to manipulate -- or at least fully experience -- them can teach you a lot and give you better control over the sensory hallucination "brain muscles" you've got, so to speak.

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