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  1. Hey guys! I was wondering if you could give any insight on a bit of a problem I have. I can't form a stable wonderland/mindscape/schizophreniczone/what have you. I can't seem to loosen up my control on what I see in my head. Somehow, I managed to give Leo, my Tulpa, control of his body whenever I look at it in my mind's eye (and i'm how sure how i even did that, I think he did all the work) but other than that I seem to have complete control over the environment. Pretty much the environment doesn't even exist in the sense that all of your wonderlands do but rather as a daydream that vanishes as soon as I think of something else and can't do *anything* unless I or i imagine at some point Leo alters it. If I try to go to an unexplored area, either the "camera" doesn't follow me (I've been daydreaming in third person for 15 years, i need to stop that) or it's an empty void unless it gets filled in manually, and nothing can control itself besides Leo without being puppeted. Is this something that everyone starts out with and works through somehow? Without having a stable mindscape, i feel like i'm depriving Leo of something very significant considering he isn't imposed into the real world and has the linguistic skills of a two-year-old at the moment. This has been visited on the forum before, twice actually: once here where the general consensus was "don't", although it seemed to assume the anon had the ability to keep it stable anyway and once here which begs another problem entirely: at that point, is it likely that anything that moves could become a thoughtform on it's own and maybe even a Tulpa at a certain point? It seems as though active imagination methods create a stable mindscape, but at the same time creates several thoughtforms who are almost at a Tulpa-level, with the only question left to ask is if they can leave the mindscape and enter other parts of the sub-c or enter the omnipresence of a Tulpa who can bring it's attention to you when he/she wants to and become imposed on the environment. Also, if i haven't annoyed you guys enough yet, can daydreams leak into your mindscape or vice versa? Could i zone out in class and set a forest on fire with lasers shot out of my eyes and in a daydream and burn down wonderland? EDIT: Run-on sentences. Run-on sentences everywhere.
  2. When I'm in wonderland I usually do physical activities, but I do not feel anything, like textures or tha sort of things, now my question is: Am I supposed to feel it? Any enlightment about this will be greatly appreciated
  3. Keeping myself in a single wonderland is really hard. I've tried and tried with different wonderlands but I can't seem to do it. When I am able to focus (when random thoughts aren't "hijacking" my mind's eye), I can actually get there and see/interact with Red, but this usually doesn't last long because, without even realizing that I've done it, I'll find myself in a completely different/random place, in a completely different/random scenario. I hate to say it, but I think that, in trying to focus on just the one thing, I'm boring myself (plus it takes a massive amount of brainpower to ignore/banish these extraneous thoughts, something that I would spend more time doing than actually being in the wonderland with my tulpa). This sucks :( But then I remembered a tool that Red and I had found when we were using this beach wonderland! When exploring the beach, we came across an old and sandy camcorder, and whenever I had a random thought hijack my mind's eye, I would then pull my view out and see it on the camera's LCD screen in my hands, effectively incorporating it into the wonderland and then turning the camera off. I thought, Hey, if I can integrate my random distracting thoughts instead of trying to fight them off, could I do the same thing with these whole worlds that would try to suck me away? So Red and I went on an adventure. We trekked from the beach and into the jungle, hopped a fence that dropped into a massive underground facility that had these machines that were messing with the gravity, fell down a whole into TF2's 2Fort which had a shitload of zombies in it that we were running away from, I got into a chopper and airlifted Red out from the zombie hellhole and then flew over the endless jungle next door, with me bungee jumping from the thing and feeling the breeze in my hair, the blood rush to my head, etc. The entire thing was more vivid and easier to maintain than any wonderland before (it was also completely 100% seamless in transitioning from one place to another, so much so that it felt like one massive place). Also, I heard Red really speak to me, something he hasn't done before (I thought I had heard him speak last week but was wrong, was parroting). Basically my question to you is, does anyone else do this? Let your wonderland create itself so you never get bored/never know what to expect and let you and your tulpa bond through random adventures? This is actually something I used to do when I was younger and depressed, I could go somewhere else instead of sitting alone at a table in the cafeteria, though of course I didn't have Red adventuring with me then. Is this approach too freeform? It felt more natural/engaging than anything before, and I feel like Red and I made tons of progress this morning. Also something I should note is that when I do this time seems to pass like a dream (i.e. I thought we were in the wonderland for a couple hours, was only 30 minutes), though I was definitely awake. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, thanks :D
  4. Does currency exist in your wonderland? If so, is it a real-world currency, or does your wonderland have its own type of currency? If you've invented it for your wonderland, what is the currency like? Is it paper, coins, both, or something else entirely? Roughly how much is it worth? Do you and/or your tulpa(e) keep track of how much money you have, or do you just force money when you need it? If your wonderland does not have money, why not? Is there a barter system or other alternative? Is money just irrelevant (e.g., your wonderland is only inhabited by you and your tulpa(e))? Have you simply never really given it much thought? As for me, I haven't given much thought to this. It's implied that it exists, but I can't recall personally ever actually spending any money in the wonderland. I've been thinking of rebuilding a new wonderland; if I do so, I may put more thought into this, possibly inventing a new currency for the wonderland (as well as a lot of other things; it'd probably end up turning into a full-blown worldbuilding session), though I don't know if I'd really ever need to use it.
  5. Hey all. I'l get right to it. My wonderland being a Tardis. When i'm "in" my wonderland for instance, how do I keep my mind from thinking about somthing, then doing it. As in, Ok, im gonna walk over here...then my mind kinda teleports me to that area, is that supposed to happen? I cant quite grasp normality when I'm in the wonderland basically. While I know normality isnt...well normal in a wonderland. I'd still like to be able to "do things" without having my mind do it instantly. Is this somthing that just takes time to perfect? Anyone have any imput to this? Sorry if it's worded oddlike.
  6. How does someone inhabit a wonderland with animals? I'm making a snowy, winter forest and wanted to have foxes, wolves and rabbits to skitter around and possibly interact with each other (wolf eats a rabbit, wolves form packs). Along with that I wanted to add harmless mythical creatures to the wonderland to make it more 'alive' and almost like a real ecosystem. So...how do you put animals into wonderland? People who've actually done it would be nice answers, but if not thanks
  7. It’s the weekend, and I’m continuing my ongoing quest to explore the rich culture of Germany. I have a one hour train ride ahead of me. I've got my music and a book to read but what the hell, let's see if there’s actually anything to what I’ve read so much about. I’m going to create my wonderland. The train rumbling through the rural countryside all but drowns out the quiet conversations and makes for a non-distracting background. I get into a comfortable position and close my eyes, imagining myself flying through a white void. I arrive at a simple one room log cabin and step through the door, shaking myself off as if coming in from the cold. I focus on my new surroundings. It looks just how I've been imagining it over the past few days. To my left is a wall with a window with its shades drawn and a white refrigerator in the near corner. The wall to my right is bare save for a window with shades drawn, like its twin on the opposite wall. In front of me sit two leather chairs on a brown circular rug facing a stone fireplace. I go clockwise around the room, looking closely at every object and surface and focus on the minute details. I run my hands over everything, trying to get as accurate a picture of my wonderland as possible. Some of the objects feel like things from my past, such as the chairs feeling just like my grandfather's old thinking chair, and the fireplace feeling like the one in the home I grew up in. I point at the fireplace and snap my fingers, and a fire roars to life. I decide the crackling fire will be distracting, so I pour a bucket of water on it, extinguishing it with a sputtering hiss. Suddenly, distracting thoughts pop into my head. I need to concentrate, so I imagine physically dragging the thoughts out of my head, and find it's very effective at clearing my mind. I look down at the floor and am surprised to see what looks like a crumpled bed sheet at my feet. It's covered by a disjointed shifting image, as if the distracting thought had been projected onto a cloth screen and somebody had crumpled it up while somehow keeping the projected image intact. Well I can't have this cluttering up my wonderland; I need a way to get rid of it. I briefly consider sweeping it under the rug, but decide against it after imagining the consequences of distractions building up under my feet. I will a stainless steel trash can into existence next to my refrigerator and sweep the crumpled thought neatly into it. I continue to build the world around me. Eventually, I'm flooded with another wave of distracting thoughts, these mostly about work. I drag the thoughts out onto the floor like before, except this time one of my co-workers is standing among the crumpled thoughts, staring blankly at me. An interaction with her at work had been one of the thoughts that sneaked into my head. "You don't belong in here; I need you need to leave," I tell her firmly. She replies with more staring. I walk past her to the door and open it for her, gesturing to the white void beyond. I turn away and hear her footsteps as she leaves. I close the door behind her after she leaves and face the room, and see the fireplace is lit again. More than that, the fire is more intense this time, filling the rough stone enclosure completely. I snap my fingers at it and imagine it being extinguished. If anything, the fire looks bigger. Confused, I repeat the process a few more times. *SNAP SNAP SNAP* The flames have definitely breached the fireplace now, spreading up the wall and along the floor threatening to reach the rug. I throw a bucket of water onto it fruitlessly and back up towards the door. The flames are now lapping at the ceiling and side walls. By the time my back hits the door, more than half the room has disappeared in the inferno. Without warning, the blaze intensifies tenfold in the blink of an eye and completely consumes me. I can't even see my own arms through the raging orange glow as I raise them to shield myself, and say the only rational thing that comes to mind. HOLY SHIIIIIIIIT!!! I wheel around frantically, practically clawing at the door searching blindly for the doorknob. My scrambling fingers find their target, and I fling open the door with enough ferocity to rip it from its hinges. My eyes snap open. My heart is pounding as I look quickly around at my surroundings. I'm still on the train. The conversations are still going. The train is still rumbling across the German countryside. One thing is different, though. The train has been steadily turning towards the midmorning sun, which is now spilling through the window and directly into my face. The inferno ignited by the real-world sun didn’t even feel warm, let alone painful. It was, thankfully, a purely visual effect. I was still shaking for some time after I left the train, and not only from the violent destruction of my wonderland. Up until now I’ve regarded the concepts discussed here with open minded skepticism. I didn’t dismiss the ideas, but I wasn’t ready to outright accept them as truth either. I now have proof that what I’ve discovered is not only possible, but something I can do. In short, I became a believer today. And all it took was creating and accidently destroying my wonderland over a train ride.
  8. From the IRC So, apparently your tulpa can run into your imaginary characters and places, even if you never bothered to tulpify them up. Has your tulpa had any experiences with that?
  9. Figured I'd make a central hub area with gateways to the various worlds I've dreamt about. My dream worlds are generally massive and intricate and figured we could go about having those wonderland adventures everyone seems to love, finishing dreams that never ended. Figured they'd be fun to go around. Just wanting to make sure it's okay to do that before I carry on. Sounds like a dumb question but I'm just wondering about, like, memory conflicting with alteration and stuff. If I shouldn't be doing it then I guess I'll just expand my hub since that part at least is original. Edit - Oh, yes, because each place is from a different dream, they all have different rules/laws of physics/etc. associated with them. Wont be too confusing, will it?
  10. Hello. This is my first ever post, so please excuse any mistakes or whatnot that I make. Also it's a bit long so bear with me. Anyways, on to the post. I've been working on a tulpa (Whom I have named "Raine") and I have logged about four hours so far. (I'm on personality and I'm using TOG's method with umbrella traits except slightly modified. I'm also documenting each day.) This is a bit off topic, but when we were forcing around the 2.5 - hour mark, the name Renee popped into my head. Normally I would have dismissed it, but I noticed it sounds incredibly similar to Raine, which is the name I chose for her initially. This made me really excited, and I have referred to her by Renee ever since. Would that be considered deviation? Now onto the problem. I have sort of a wonderland. It's a nice windy beach, and there are two chairs and a table where Renee and I force. Nearby there is sort of a shack/tall building where we house large buckets. Every time we work on a trait, I go into the shack and get one of the buckets and we visualize it filling slowly and it allows for deviation. (For a better description, see TOG's method.) When I went into the shack while forcing last night, something unusual occurred. My mind kept visualizing my body floating upward into the ceiling right before the door, and I was stuck. I kept trying to visualize myself out of it, but even if I imagined myself walking out of the shed, I would 'teleport' back into the same spot. It got incredibly frustrating, and I gave up. Today we were forcing, and the same thing occurred, but it wasn't as strong of a feeling and I got out of it. Thinking about it now, whenever I would imagine something as a kid, that same thing would happen all the time. I would get stuck to one location and I couldn't mentally escape it. It was like a mental block. I'm making this thread to ask why this occurs, and to see if any of you have experienced it. Thank you.
  11. So this is the case, i couldn't decide for a wonderland so when i'm tulpaforcing i just let my mind make the daydreaming images by itself (i can't possibly focus on my eyelids). The point is that for some goddamn reason i don't just get random images, i keep visualizing the first stage of tony hawk 2, and a random skater going around, doing stunts and particularily breaking the middle glass over and over again, so the question is, should i use that stage as my wonderland? tl;dr: i keep seeing , should i wonderlandize it?
  12. Roughly a month to a month and a half in, Tulpa's sentient. Not vocal but I can feel she's close, she talked in sentences once but the things that made up the sentence weren't real words(That or I just couldn't hear them properly. Not sure which.). Visualisation's done, other senses are nearly done, haven't started body language yet. From things I just read I doubt I will at all until after she's vocal. Also, can I just get, in a nutshell: Advantages/disadvantages of a wonderland, keeping in mind where I am with this(Like, will it be weird for her with a landscape just being generated around her?) how vivid the wonderland should be to my eyes how big are they generally? do they have to obey the normal laws of physics? why do it in the first place? If there's still good reason to, I may do it.
  13. Simple thread, show us your wonderland! Take a picture of it if you use a real place as your wonderland or if you imagine a whole new place, draw it or find a picture/drawing that looks something like it. Will post drawing tomorrow of how my wonderland looks where I've started to work on my tulpa. (WARNING: I can't draw for shit and I drew it in 1 hour) /Quick edit. >Would also love to hear how it happened that you chose that wonderland or how it derived from a whole different thought you had about how your wonderland would be. >I didn't choose my wonderland, I tried to, but it abruptly changed the whole setting/scenario and atmosphere one day and I couldn't change it back.
  14. I have two questions. The first, whenever I go to my wonderland, my point of view shifts in jump cuts frequently. I don't know how to remedy this, I try looking through "my eyes" like you would view the world in real life, but eventually it shifts to 3rd person view, and occasionally birds eye view. The second problem is that I have trouble keeping my tulpa inside my wonderland. I don't know how exactly to put this one into words. I can see the form itself consistently, if it's just visualizing the form, it's like looking at a 3D model. The problem is that when I put the form in my wonderland, she doesn't feel quite there, there's some presence from her form inside the wonderland occasionally, and outside I can feel her as pressure. I also see multiple views of her at once, all blurry and stacked on top of each other. Sometimes even multiple hers at once, though that might just be multiple views of her. Also, my wonderland is a black void with the door from the Twilight Zone and a box if anyone cares.
  15. So I wanted to try with this whole Tulpa thing today, after reading so much about it yesterday and earlier today. I lied down, closed my eyes and started filling the empty space, I created a library in my mind, I'm not gonna describe it here, as it's not the point of this thread. Anyway, what I want to ask, is am I doing it right? Because all I feel I'm doing is closing my eyes and using my imagination to create a building inside of my mind. Is that it? Or am I supposed to feel something else? I tried starting to think about my Tulpa, maybe forming and visualising it, but all I got is the finished product I wanted, it could move, but couldn't talk and had no personality. Am I doing it right? Thanks in advance. Alex.
  16. Hey, I've been lurking here for a while and decided to make an account and post. I've never really been on a forum, being that I mostly stick with chans. I haven't started my tulpa yet but I'm planning on it (Possibly this weekend) But anyways, on to the topic. I've been trying to figure out how I should go about this and it seems many of you use a wonderland. Is there a downside to not using one? Why should I use it?
  17. Hi, I have made a lot of research on the subject in order to make my attempt as good as possible straight from the beginning. And now, I decided to make an account in order to perhaps participate in this forum aswell. However, after reading through the guides several times plus some of the threads, there is one question I am not quite certain on. When people refer to "talking to their Tulpa" do people begin with "imagining" that they are talking to it or do they actually interact physically with their mouth/voice (or both ect). And during what "phases" did people do either? I'm sorry if this question has been asked before or if I actually missed it in the guides. Also, the wonderland which has been described, is it supposed to be empty or is it possible to make it "alive" with movements to some degree (can contain other thoughts)? While making an attempt to reach some form of wonderland aswell, I had a hard time to actually keep my focus within it which caused me to wonder another thing. I would like to ask people who are more experienced, where do you sit/lie during meditation and how is your surroundings? Are you isolated in a dark room, on your backyard, how much does sounds around you interfere with the process and are you capable of doing it while being out in the open around people? Do you simply just think about it or are you trying to achieve some form of really deep daydreaming?
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