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Good vs. Evil
This game is from another forum, created by Kruemel. All credit goes to him.

Basically, you can be good or evil.

each post you can go one number up (good) or one number down (down.) example:

Me: 50
Poster 1: 49
Poster 2: 50
Poster 3: 51
Poster 2: 50
Poster 3: 51

and so on.

there is also neutrals. if you post the number that the person above did, the next person gets to go 2 up or 2 down. Example:

Poster 587: 27
Poster 978: 27
Poster 186: 29


Poster 108: 25.



(09-13-2015, 07:25 PM)jean-luc Wrote: I think we should establish some rules, since there was some confusion last time:
  1. If someone posts an invalid number, continue as if their post didn't exist.
  2. No editing your number allowed. If someone does edit their number, continue as if it was unedited.
  3. No system can post twice in a row, regardless of whether the forums auto-combine it into one post or not. This also means you can't cheat and ask your headmate with a different account to help you
  4. Being ninja'd doesn't change anything, the same rules still apply regardless of whether you posted a second after or a day after.
  5. When n posts in a row say the same number, you can increment/decrement by up to n. So, eg 5 people in a row post 42, you can do 37,57, and anywhere inbetween
  6. If someone doesn't utilize the full potential of multiple people posting the same number (regardless of whether it was on purpose or not), then we still continue from the number they said, as long as it was valid. EG:
    User1: 67
    User2: 67
    User1: 67
    User3: 66 <--- could've gone to 64, but didn't
    User1: 65 <--- continuing from 66

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Am I good now, guys?

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No good!
Hello LZ. Thank you for your narration guide.

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I always play a paladin type character even though I'm more neutral so:

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Do neutrals stack? So if three people post the same number does the next person get +3/-3?
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