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How do you remember your tulpa?

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I kind of found it hard to FORGET them... But there were a few methods I saw to remember like a string like Chupi mentioned. Another was a broken watch with a symbol, which was also interesting.

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I have no difficulties remembering mine since I imagine him always with me, even among other people or during work. I’ve been doing this since I was a kid so it feels pretty natural now.


I however wear a ring that functions as a tangible reminder that he’s here with me as well as being in my imagination. I bought this silver ring with a dark stone when I entered high school years ago and I’m quite fond of it. In the past though I didn’t use it because I found that wearing jewelry is slightly uncomfortable. Now I do because in Wonderland he wears a ring similar to mine: it’s part of his background story, so he is attached to it because it defines his character.


It helps keeping something of our Tulpas, I always wear my ring now because it enhances his presence.

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Guest Anonymous



Rina is just there (when she's not buggered off to wonderland at the time).

I don't need to remember her; sooner or later, I'll notice her walking behind / beside me anyway, or she'll just say something.


And even when she decides to be quiet for a while, then I'll still sort of "feel" that she's there.

My back of... "head-space", if that makes any sense at all, feels sorta "empty" when she's not there.

So I always know exactly if she's there or not.





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