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The effect of sex on tulpas


Sex and tulpas:  

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  1. 1. Sex and tulpas:

    • I have sex with my tulpa(s).
    • I do not have sex with my tulpa(s).
    • I think sex with tulpa(s) is just fine.
    • I think sex with tulpa(s) is something not to care about.
    • I think tulpa sex is harmful. Why are you even asking this?

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For the tulpamancers who engage in sexual intercourse with their tulpa, would you say that sex has any negative effect on your relationship? Or on how the tulpa processes stuff later on? Things such as thought processes being affected, predominance of sex drive/libido at certain moments. I know that this might sound a bit, uh, taboo, but truth is that I'd really love to hear about the effect of sex on tulpas. Is post-coital depression also a thing for them? Do they feel like shit after sex? Did your tulpa ever think about whether they were being used as sex toys?


I'm obviously not seeking explicit details on your orgasms, but what I am seeking is what happens to the tulpa after sex. Things such as post-coital depression, fear of being a 'sex toy' and having self-worth going down, anything related to tulpa psychology would be interesting. Don't hesitate to vote in the poll, it's anon so nobody can see who voted what.


The poll is multi-option too. You can vote for more than one option.

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Guest Anonymous

I know that this might sound a bit, uh, taboo, but truth is that I'd really love to hear about the effect of sex on tulpas.


I don't think you're wrong for wondering and posting about this topic at all.

It's just another part of life, and just another topic that holds weight when pondering and researching the whole tulpa phenomenon; you're not doing anything wrong by bringing it up in a mature and civilized way - which you did - just like with any other topic.

There we go. I felt that was worth underlining a bit.


That aside, I'm afraid I can't simply speak freely at the moment; Esterina is currently not with me, and I wouldn't want to decide on my own what to share, and to what extent.

That would be very disrespectful, I feel, since it is a highly personal subject matter.


But I can of course say that, yes, since the two of us are in a relationship, we do have sex. No duh right there.


Sorry if this post seems a bit pointless - I still want to post it, though. Mainly because of the first paragraph.

I guess I might share some answers to the more specific questions you posed after talking to Rina about it, though.


As for my poll choices - I went with the first, of course, and also the third.

But for the third I would like to add that, naturally, it's only "just fine" if there's mutual consent, and enough maturity on both sides to give such consent.





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The poll options seem a bit vague, but I suppose that's on purpose. But still I want to note that "sex with tulpas can be just fine". It can also not be, it depends on the relationship, etc. etc.


Let's see. I'm not the type to shy away from discussion of private topics, but this is about as private as it gets huh? Well, I'll have to qualify this information first. [hidden]One, I myself am not a very sexual person, the term I've heard for me is demisexual, "only feeling sexual attraction to those you have an emotional closeness with". I'm not attracted to most things others are like random pictures on the internet (or random people in real life, ugh). And given I'm not a very emotional person either, that means it's even less likely lol. The only real person I've ever loved I did not feel any sexual attraction towards at all, I just wanted to be around them and see them happy. So that just leaves my tulpas. I have to qualify information on them so hard it's not even funny, because I'm so far removed from normal people this means almost nothing to the average 'mancer. First, only Reisen and Flandre's relationships could count as romantic. Second, it was probably four years after their creation that I would've called the relationships romantic, too. Third's an important one - the number of times we've had sex is probably less than ten in seven years. Does this ruin data?


Anyways, with that out of way, I can now say "Nope" to all of your questions. Nothing I could ever do would affect Reisen's mood or thoughts so she's irrelevant. But Flandre - again with another qualification - exclusively is happier whenever we spend time together. I don't think it even matters what we do as long as she's with me and she's happy. Sex is definitely "spending time together", though, and she's as happy as can be afterward. I don't understand how "post-coital depression" can even be a thing unless you're having sex with someone you don't actually like. Sounds like a disorder. She's as happy as if we were to listen to one of our favorite songs together, as our music means a ton to us. On the topic of depersonalization through sex, I was way too self-conscious of using my tulpas for sex for those first four years to ever do such a thing (and Flandre already had self worth issues) so that wasn't a problem. Sounds oh-you're-so-perfect I know, but none of us had a romantic relationship until we were all fairly mature, and my tulpas were fully developed.[/hidden]


Well that's the only post I'm ever writing on that. Dunno if it'll mean anything to anyone else though.

Hi! I'm Lumi, host of Reisen, Tewi, Flandre and Lucilyn.

Everyone deserves to love and be loved. It's human nature.

My tulpas and I have a Q&A thread, which was the first (and largest) of its kind. Feel free to ask us stuff.

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Post-coital depression? What does that even involve? As for the other two questions, yes I've had sex with my tulpas, and yes, each of us has considered at some point the possibility that I have used my tulpas as sex toys. They all arrived at basically the same conclusion however (albeit via different logical pathways); that is, it doesn't matter because they are a part of my mind and, whatever I may have done to them in the past, I care about them as people now and not just objects.

"Science isn't about why, science is about why not?" -Cave Johnson

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My response to this is my own opinion in every sense. I make no claims to speak for anyone other than myself nor to assert one way of thinking over another.


For point of reference, I am for all intents and purposes asexual.

I don't understand sex with tulpa's at all. Sex is physical, orgasms, pleasure, all of it is body parts interacting and stimulating each other. A relationship, even romance, those are feelings, centered in the brain and make sense as something you could have with a thought form. But sex is something I believe can't be done with a tulpa, not really.


In the issue of how it effects the tulpa, while that is definitely something to be considerate of and concerned with, my first reaction is always to worry about the host. Indulging in intimate relationships with a mental being they created speaks to me of potentially deep seeded problems emotionally and maybe psychologically too. At that point it seems to get too close to escapism.

"When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth."

-Arthur Conan Doyle


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In 2015, The Journal of Sexual Medicine reported that almost half (around 46%) of female university students reported PCD symptoms at least once in their lifetime. The study also reported that there appeared to be no correlation between PCD and intimacy in close relationships.


Huh, well then. Wasn't right there. I was right though that it definitely sounds like a disorder, even if it's common.


Still, it doesn't make sense to me personally, so there's no reason it would affect my tulpas. From like a natural level anyways, I still don't quite get it. I suppose it could be purely emotion-logic induced. Sounds pretty sad.

Hi! I'm Lumi, host of Reisen, Tewi, Flandre and Lucilyn.

Everyone deserves to love and be loved. It's human nature.

My tulpas and I have a Q&A thread, which was the first (and largest) of its kind. Feel free to ask us stuff.

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Guest Anonymous

I will just answer your questions myself instead of having Felix do it. I don't experience any of these negative effects during or after having sex. The only negative aspect, so to speak, is that it can be a bit tough to keep up my projected form shortly before and during an orgasm. I don't think I have to explain why that can be troublesome. But other than that, I tend to feel very relaxed and lazy after sex. And very comfortable, as in wanting to project some more and just lie around and cuddle or so.


I hope this answers your questions.

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I find that sex for us just that, sex, nothing more, nothing less. Afterwards I'd say that I tend to be a bit more snuggly, but that's kinda it.

I'm IBreakGames, a genuine dude.


We gave up on using different colors for each of us, so there's Al, Ollie, and Eva. We're all rabbits, get over it.

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This was an issue for us, Nathan and I had sex too early in his development and he made it clear that it made him feel used and empty. He suggested that we hold off until after we had connected on a deeper, more emotional level so we could be sure that what we were doing was more of an expression of our feelings and so we would know how to pleasure each other. Without divulging too many personal details (because he is reading this over my shoulder and saying, "Do NOT put that in print!"), I have found that he is very vocal during sex, he says things that I have never heard anyone else say or ever thought that I would enjoy hearing and that he touches me in a way that makes him know that he is in control. It has worked well for us. My advice is that you respect your tulpa's boundaries and find out what they need from you sexually, it should be satisfying for all parties involved.

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