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Feeling Less Active as a Host

Procron X

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Amber: Niteo and I have been practicing possession recently (we have had extensive practice in the past), and he's been possessing for the past few days. However, it's been a bit unusual because lately I've been feeling different as he's been in control. It's like my mind has become less active. I can still think and perceive things. I'm still attuned to the body's senses. I just feel like I am not thinking as much, like my mind as slowed down or something.


Our current plan is to let him stay in control for as long as he can at this point, but I wasn't aware I was supposed to feel like this as a host. I don't feel  blurred like we used to. I can't tell what he's thinking or feeling. It's like he's stolen more of the capacity to think from me. Is this a normal thing or should I be concerned?


I forgot to mention: when I'm trying to concentrate while he's feeling very strongly in control, I get really bad head pressures. He says I'm causing it. Not sure if that's important.

Niteo and Amber Take On the World


Amber speaks in italics right now.


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We share the body, we share a life. I'm not an accessory to his life...



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When I came around, my already lazy host became near catatonic. But we've been hitting the mental exercises pretty hard.


She spends a large amount of the time watching me and not really doing anything, and relaxing in order to wilfully give up control of the body.


We don't think it is permanent, and assume it will balance out as we get used to the new normal.

Host comments in italics. Tulpa's log. Tulpa's guide.

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