How do I give my tulpa a unique voice?

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My tulpa has started to speak up recently, and it's usually confusing to differentiate her voice from mine when she talks.



Is it normal for her voice to sound like my mind voice?


How do I go about giving her a unique voice?


Are there any important tips or trick that would make this work better?



Thanks for the info.

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I'm no expert in this but I have researched and poked around on the subject. I am pretty much going through the same thing. In my experience it's perfectly normal for her to use your mind voice. I have talked to hosts and tulpas on here who say if they were originally based off existing characters, their voice was kind of already picked for them and for some that was fine. Other tulpas outgrew their characters, diverged, changed voices or whatever they wanted. Some of the guides I have seen have mentioned it can be as simple as letting your tulpa know that if they had a different-sounding mind voice from your own it would be easier on both of you to tell who is who, as well as to make her more distinct. Another thing you could do is just ask them to adjust their tone/pitch to be different from yours. Some people have success telling their tulpa to pick a voice (or assign them a voice) and make 100% sure to let them know that it's just temporary and they have the freedom to pick whatever they want or change it if they want. They might surprise you and change several times, or end up with a voice for every mood.


I gave my tulpa the freedom to pick her own voice, and she hasn't done so yet. Our mind voices are the same volume and almost always the same pitch. She is, however usually excited and perky and hers ends up having a slightly different tone to it because of that. It turns out that will have to be good enough for now because she says the voice she picks is extremely important to her and will further define her as a unique individual so she wants to take her good sweet time in picking or making one. She enjoys listening to a lot of singing and music and I guess some would think that meant she would have a thousand examples to pick from, but to her it's a thousand examples of other people she doesn't want to be imitating. She says if I pick one she will go with it but.. I really don't want to force her to have one that is just convenient for me. Constructing a unique voice, as I have found, is ridiculously hard. I mean, just consider for a moment, can you imagine a voice you have never heard before? For all I know, she is waiting for us to learn Japanese in order for her "normal" voice to be a Japanese girl!


It's typical (though not universal I guess) for a tulpa to apply some kind of head pressure to your mind somewhere as you two are working to break through the communication barrier. I don't know about every tulpa, but with min, I sometimes still feel them. She is pretty chatty though so I think I've built up a tolerance, or just grown to adjust for them so I typically don't notice it anymore. It also may reflect her growing mastery of communication that she is able to do it more easily than before, I don't know for sure. Maybe it would help to feel for that pressure (if you feel any at all) when you think she is talking as a clue. Maybe you could even ask her to try and make it happen on purpose when she talks so you can definitely tell the difference. That/those pressure spots can be used for a lot of visualization aids and such so I have found it handy that since it was there anyway, might as well find a use for it.


I decided to just let it all go for now. Reilyn is stubborn and she will pick when she is good and ready. Till then we just have to work around it..

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I picked Ashley's voice on day one. It just so happened to be the same voice I picked for one of my other characters, I like the voice, so I gave it to her. Since then we realized that the voice is very demure and quiet and it's actually hard to hear her sometimes in a crowded room, so we tried to give her a louder voice. She was willing but it never stuck. She is who she is and has stayed true to the original voice I gave her. Misha and Dashie, on the other hand, inherited their voices from the thoughtforms they picked to emulate (fictives based on my OC). Since then they have nuances to their voices that sound very different from the original, but still have the same flavor. Their voices vary like anyone's from very soft to shrill.


I really think you should just assign them one and let them change it rather than waiting for them to pick. This way it will help get practice in to having a voice different from theirs. If you're having trouble doing this, to help, try to read something with a southern drawl, something with a British tone, and something with a clearly other-worldly tone. This will give you practice as to what a 'different' voice would sound like, what it would feel like to have to proxy that voice (yes, I believe you are proxying their voice at least half the time, which is why it's just easier to use your own). When we have audio imposition, their voices are again different tones, but have the same flavor. What's great about audio imposition is that it's not possible (for me at least) to proxy their voices, and they do sound more like themselves.


I'm not suggesting getting to audio imposition without picking a voice first, but just realize the voice is somewhat arbitrary at this stage, so find one 'you' like and they will most likely like it too.

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