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Sona Experiment - Progress Report


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I am a member from a few years ago that left a few months after I created my first tulpa, Isa. (She's doing well, and I thank you all for having this awesome community, because creating her changed my life for the better.)

I'm starting the process of creating another tulpa today, and this will be my personal log for the documentation of what occurs in this endeavor.


I am going to make a tulpa with the following traits:


Short black hair, down to the neck

Light skin

Green eyes

Average height and slim build


Once she is conscious, I will give her the name Sona. It is a name that means 'gold', 'wisdom', and/or 'beautiful'.

To help facilitate the development of sentience, I am going to talk to her about the mind, the nature of humanity, the meaning of life, and other philosophical concepts. I will also guide her through thought experiments to get her to think about topics of importance to the idea of sentience.


I am well aware that this community is more science and psychology based, and I will do my best to maintain that status quo. However, I am an occultist, and I may discuss occult topics in my progress report from time to time.



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The community isn't all purely psychological. If you post something in metaphysical, or ask here, I'll certainly respond. My system has a lot of metaphysical experiences.


Welcome and I'm looking forward to it. ^-^

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