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How does narration work? Is it like thinking of things you would say to them or narrating something they would do?

Sorry for all the questions, but the guides don't really answer this question. Unless I missed it.


Narration is when the host speaks to or with the tulpa, and it's a common form of passive forcing. You direct your thoughts to them like you would if you were reading a book to someone. When narrating, you can talk about whatever you'd like - it's quantity over quality.

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I read here and there that there isn't a specific method for tulpa creation, and that a beginner should first look at more guides and use them as references for developing their own method of tulpaforcing. (right? I hope I'm not using the wrong terms here)

Is this referred only to the creation guides, or does it extend to all the guides that regard more specific parts of creation (visualization, personality, etc.)? Should a beginner read those too, or should they only do that in case they were having trouble?


Also, can I translate some guides in Italian, if there isn't a translation available already?

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Tulpa says:




All guides.



Go ahead.

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