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Can tulpas be hypnotized?

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That's an interesting question - I don't see why not. I'd say a definite yes, though I'm not sure what exactly it would accomplish

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@ghost kid Why would hypnotizing a tulpa be meta? Without that information, I worry I'll give an inaccurate answer

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Of course. Now, shall we break down hypnosis, because that's a loaded word. There is clinical hypnosis, there is stage hypnosis, and there is brainwave/conscious state that is identified as hypnosis like. As you're drifting to sleep, you pass through that hypnotic state. Hypnogogic imagery is connected to that state. If you have ever been to the theatre and found yourself so absorbed in the movie that you forgot you were in a chair with others sharing the theatre, you were hypnotized. If you ever drove from point a to point b and didn't remember the journey, you were on autopilot- or, hypnosis. If you were ever stopped at a red light and someone had to beep their horn to get you aware that light was now green... That's hypnosis. The language we use to tell our stories, scaffold our emotions, hypnosis. The absence of words, meditative calm... hypnosis.


In short, consciousness is a continuum of degrees of awareness. If Tulpas are sentient, aware, they are capable of being hypnotized. I am in the tulpas are sentient group. 

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