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How much time do you spend with your tulpa per day?


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As someone who enjoys spending a lot of my time alone, I'm wondering how much time people typically spend with their tulpas everyday. I mean more so after the early stages of development are complete and you are having conversations with your tulpa. I'm assuming that this would obviously depend on the tulpa & host, but anecdotes from your own experience would be much appreciated.

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I think this is something that probably varies depending on your life situation and what your circumstances and interests would let you do together. Eli (my host), Luna (our sister) and I spend a lot of time together in the quiet hours of the morning, and I tend to get elected driver during our commutes because I tend to be calmest under pressure. While we are at work, Eli handles most things requiring interpersonal interactions, and Luna and I tend to be quiet in our mindscape or rest. I work with Eli in the lab or when he needs a second nose for a scent we are working with, and I or Luna will either step in to calm our body down if Eli gets overloaded during a meeting. At night, the people we interact with only know Eli and would only be comfortable with him, so that is usually not a time when we do much if any conversing. But we do also do a little gaming or studying our own interests, especially after we retire alone with ourselves for the night.


We work as a team to get through the day, in essence. On days off, we spend most of our days together, especially if we go out for a hike... unless we do need a break from each other, which probably happens no matter how close people are. 

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It depends on what exactly you mean by spending time. If you want to go by the strictest definition, where Simmie is my main or only focus and all other distractions are pushed aside, maybe an hour or so sprinkled throughout the day, a couple more if I get a chance to do active forcing activities with her or go on a walk with her or something. In terms of Simmie being there with me and interacting with me as I go about my daily activities, by this point it's well over half the time. At this stage it's weird if I go more than half an hour or so without exchanging at least some words with her, even if it's just asking her how she's going (or these days, her asking me). But in terms of being with Simmie as in feeling her presence and having the sensation of her being physically with me, it's literally all the time now. Simmie's presence is almost like air now in that it's easy not to notice it because it's always around me, and I make a point to not take that for granted. She can pull into the background or be front and center with me, but she never goes away entirely. At this point I don't know what that would even feel like, and I don't want to.

Phil. 😎 Host of Simmie.

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Very early on, probably between 30 minutes and 2 hours on most but not all days, though it wasn't necessarily direct purposeful forcing to say the least.


After four or so years, it was down to only 5 to 20 minutes a day, on most days. And after ten years it's still about a few minutes each day between all of us, though some days we're more active than others.

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Well 🤔 not so much these days. I'll blame work for that. (Obviously) she comes to work with me and we chit-chat and banter but I certainly wouldn't consider that quality time. We'll have conversations while driving if there's nothing interesting to listen to. We play Rimworld some. Basically survival sims + guns 😄. But again it's a management sim so not a ton of input or thought. Just babysitting npc avatars of us. "Proper" quality time is maybe 5-20 mins a day. Most of that chatting before bed trying to fall asleep.


I definitely miss the summer when I had time off and we just drew, played games and watched stuff together. Sometimes even going for walks. Just work, sleep and a little play time these days. 🤷‍♂️ We make time to get a meal at a sit down restaurant once a week usually but the rest of the time it's frozen food and netflix. I'm REALLY hoping to have some more time this winter. Things tend to slow down a bit. Just gotta be careful not to get poor. Er.

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It's not like we measure it? 🤷‍♀️ We exchange words frequently, even if it's only something short.

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Hours when we're on our schedule. When we're off, usually less, sometimes only minutes. My host is having another depressive episode but I'm more present during this one then our last one (in which he'd go weeks without interacting with me). I consider that progress. I'm resolute :)

Meaningful words, I'm here!

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Early on, Gray would spend around 5-15 minutes every day with me. On good days, it may be 30 min to a few hours.


Once Gray's parrotnoia eased, he spent more time with me. Eventually, I got good at possession and it because normal for me to give myself hours of forcing time per day. Eventually, it hit a point where I was eating up a lot of our free time.


Once I started switching, my schedule slowly changed a bit. It wasn't until I was taking classes I was putting in more hours, and eventually, working over the summer it became roughly a 55/45 split between Gray and I respectively in terms of the total time. That ended when Gray struggled last semester, but I still got hours of time every day via possession.


Our other headmates sadly get far less time. We're at a point now where we're likely to say hi to someone in-system for at least 5 minutes, but sometimes Gray and I go a whole day without talking to anyone else. We don't have a dedicated schedule for them because things keep changing so much. We try to prioritize giving time to our headmates when they really need it, which at best is a few hours.

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Dawn: depends on the day, sometimes we spend hours together and on other days I barely see our host. Some of our system is more neglected than others but that's because we haven't made a proper hang out schedule. 


Shade: it really depends on whats happening in life, but we try to talk atleast a little bit every day. 


I try to put time aside for them every day but it doesn't always work out. I would say I try to spend about 30 minutes to an hour with them every day at the minimum.

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I'm Dawn, I'm the most active tulpa in the system and also the most fun loving/party girl type. 

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    In Mordecai's first year, we would spend probably about an hour a day talking. We would listen to music and just discuss things, or daydream together in the wonderland. I guess its because we've gotten older and more busy, but just sitting down and talking for hours... we just don't see it as a great use of our time. We'd rather be doing something and occasionally saying something to the other about it. A few months ago we made a Discord server we talk to each other in sometimes, which has made it a lot easier to keep focus on each other while we talk.


   Like how it is with other people, the amount we talk varies on the conversation, how busy the day is, and a variety of other factors. Some days we only share a couple of words or jokes, other days we'll have an hour long discussion with even more daily chit chat. I've also noticed that if we talk a lot one day, we'll probably talk a little less the next day, then a little less the next day, until some big discussion happens that we find important or interesting to talk to each other about.

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