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[SATIRE] The illustrious Sock's most perfect guide to mind doll creation


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The illustrious Sock's most perfect guide to mind doll creation guideline



This document is written for the purposes of helping those interested in creating a "mind doll" a phenomenon of the human mind that allows one to create a separate consciousness: able to communicate, move in the mind's eyes, and think autonomously. It was used as a mental exercise in Tibetan Buddhism, but it can also be used for more down to earth, practical purposes; like bringing floridly chromatic infant equines to life inside one's mind, as well as Nihon-born epitomes of feminine beauty. The mind doll is a perfect replacement for the pig headed female dogs of the modern world, and as a kind and benevolent spiritual master millionaire that is also skilled at the art of Tae Kwan Ninjitsu, I will depart my vast amount of knowledge on mind dolls, so that you too can make your perfect mate, and shun the worthless bile that calls itself humanity forever.


I must forewarn you, this process will take upward of 808 hours of strict meditation, always three hours per day, at 2:50pm, no exceptions. If you miss even one day, your budding mind doll will immediately regress into a SERVITOR, a small feces shaped mind creature that does not and will not move ever. This will ALWAYS happen, except the times when it doesn't happen at all. As such, you must make sure to put aside all previous engagements to work on your mind doll. Also of note, going more than three hours exactly will cause your head to inflate then explode in glorious glowing splash of viscous liquid. Except on the occasions where this doesn't happen at all, then you'll just get a headache.


Now for the meat of this article: the secret and precious technique that will allow you, the reader, to create your very own mind doll, This is very sensitive and dangerous information, for those with a completed mind doll will gain the abilities of absolute focus, the mental fortitude to shun the wiles of all females, and better dance moves than Micheal Jackson in the 80s. I share this information with the trust that you will only use this technique in the name of Justice, and will punish all evil doers using your mastery of the mind doll.





[align=center]Step 1. Imagine a thing

Step 2. Talk to thing like it's a person

Step 3. ??????

Step 4. MIND DOLL ACQUIRED![/align]



During creation of your mind doll you must listen to this ancient, specialized beat:






This special binaural beat will infuse your mind doll with the "Go go swing". If your mind doll does not have the "Go go swing", it will soon regress into a SERVITOR, for a wise spiritual master once said: "It don't mean a thing, if it don't have that go go swing."


Now that you have this knowledge, you can now leap into the world of the mind doll, experience it, and soon gain enlightenment so you can earn millions of dollars, and buy at least 20 Rolls Royce vehicles. Once your mind doll is completed, you'll be able to hear, feel, smell, and psychically communicate with your mind doll. You can do activities such as: Arm wrestling, Football, Astral Projection, and Rider Kicks. As well, your mind doll is very encouraging and wise, and will guide you into the honorable skill of investing in Wall St. Now go forth, and create your sugary equines! For great JUSTICE!

Sock Cottonwell's

Sketchbook, Journal, and Ask thread.


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Guest CaptFlushing

When the new people go into the forums and ask 'how do i get started?' without having read the guides first, we link them to this.

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I performed this method and QB became a Russian astronaut and AIDS was wiped out worldwide.

The above post does not contain facts.

q2's the host, QB's the tulpa.


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This thread is in my jurisdiction. I hereby forbade other moderators from removing it without my signature. Moderators who disobey this will be swiftly punished. This will always happen, except on the occasions where it doesn't happen at all.

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This is an accurate guide and I approve of it's methods.

Name: Philip

Age: (7 June, 2012)

Form: Male teenage human, light brown hair, green eyes, jeans & hoodie


Name: Amalia

Age: (15 Dec, 2012)

Form: Female teenage fairy, black hair, blue eyes, white dress

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I actually came from the future and used this method, that's why Roswell is not a dirty SERVITOR! It took me exactly 808 hours and then he was completely finished in every way, before that he showed no signs of anything. Thank you Sock!

The THE SUBCONCIOUS ochinchin occultists frt.sys (except Roswell because he doesn't want to be a part of it)

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I lost it at

This special binaural beat will infuse your mind doll with the "Go go swing".

Thanks for spraying my keyboard with orange juice.

De bedste og smukkeste ting i verden kan hverken ses eller røres, de må opleves med hjertet.

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