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Name for my tulpa

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Names are highly personal things; I wouldn't feel right giving names to you for your tulpa. If you are really unsure of a name, it's perfectly fine to not give them a name right away and then later on give them a name that you think suits their personality, or better yet, ask them what they want their name to be! 😊

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I'd just say like, go with the flow! whatever sounds cool to you, go with it. it doesn't really matter now, if your tulpa doesn't like it they can change it later.

Amaba's old interim name, before she changed it, was glacier, which was directly related to her form at the time (the pokémon Glaceon), so you could maybe do something similar; that is picking something that reminds you of their form. also, sidenote, one of the first things Amaba said to me was her name, lol.

system members:

Ivy [formerly Daemon] (host, any pronouns)
Amaba (tulpa, she/they)

Mythril (walk-in, he/him)

maybe more but those are the significant ones

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