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Gender of Maker vs Gender of Tulpa

Your Gender, Your Tulpa's Gender  

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  1. 1. Your Gender, Your Tulpa's Gender

    • Male, Male
    • Male, Female
    • Male, Nonsex
    • Female, Male
    • Female, Female
    • Female, Nonsex
    • Nonsex, Male
    • Nonsex, Female
    • Nonsex, Nonsex

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For some reason, I want it to be a guy. If it counts for anything, though, I'm making his personality more creative/right-brained, contrasting my generally logical thought process.

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I'm female and it looks like my tulpa will probably be male. At first I planned to make him female, and later I wanted him to be neutral because it seemed like the best of both worlds, but the body turned out sort of male-shaped. Oh well, a tulpa that's either male or female is probably kind of easier to work with, in a way. Having to call the tulpa "it" all the time was annoying.

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Im making a female tulpa because I want to sex up a pony wanted somebody opposite of me, me being a rugged alpha male and she a cute fuzzy wuzzy wubby tummy little pon ponei.


Also, somebody I could open up to, somebody I could tell my feelings and what not.


And since I belive that all woman are blood sucking creatures made by the devil him self to make all men suffer have trust issues with woman, I belive I have the best reason for a male/female pairing on the thread... With it being totally all non sexual and all that.

Is actually Leo.

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