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Gender of Maker vs Gender of Tulpa


Your Gender, Your Tulpa's Gender  

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  1. 1. Your Gender, Your Tulpa's Gender

    • Male, Male
    • Male, Female
    • Male, Nonsex
    • Female, Male
    • Female, Female
    • Female, Nonsex
    • Nonsex, Male
    • Nonsex, Female
    • Nonsex, Nonsex

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I am going to conduct a survey to try and determine if there is a correlation between the sex of the person making a tulpa and the tulpa itself. I know that this is not something that arises on its own, but is rather a conscious choice by the maker. It is still "research" and related to tulpas though, so I will post it here.


For sex, you should input whatever sex you identify with most, even if it isn't your physical sex.

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I wanted to make this thread a few days ago...


creator: male

tulpa: agender


EDIT: nonsex might not be the best term. there are a lot of genders, some of them fitting into the expected "third gender" somewhere between male and female(or completely rejecting male and female), and others being fluid and going back and forth between the two (or three?) sides of the gender spectrum.


There are way too many of those to list so maybe "other" would be better and the poster could elaborate on that as much as they want in the thread.

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Male me, female tulpa, yet again.


Chosen for multiple reasons:

  • Anima -- a way to express my repressed feminine side. I've always felt like I have somewhat more of it than most. As a kid, I was usually more interested in toys, activities and games about building or pretending rather than fighting and destroying. For the longest time, my favorite video game was the SimCity series, 2000 in particular. Since then I've mostly liked games that put me in an interesting fantasy world; Pokémon, Final Fantasy (9 in particular), and Zelda (always liked OoT) have been favorites, all for this reason.
  • To compliment myself.
  • Her personality is in large part emotion-driven, and this feels like a better fit for a female.
  • One of the things I want is someone I can feel comfortable talking to about anything, often touchy-feely kinds of things. And I'd feel more comfortable talking to a female than a male in those cases. (Much less so around real girls, since I feel like I need to try to impress. But not so with my tulpa, since she'll already know everything about me.)

Lyra: human female, ~17

Evan: boy, ~14, was an Eevee

Anera: anime-style girl, ~12; Lyra made her

My blog :: Time expectations are bad (forcing time targets are good though)

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