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Gender of Maker vs Gender of Tulpa

Your Gender, Your Tulpa's Gender  

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  1. 1. Your Gender, Your Tulpa's Gender

    • Male, Male
    • Male, Female
    • Male, Nonsex
    • Female, Male
    • Female, Female
    • Female, Nonsex
    • Nonsex, Male
    • Nonsex, Female
    • Nonsex, Nonsex

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Male female for pretty much all reasons stated above.


I will try to salvage my dignity by stating that having an opposite gender tulpa I think would add that extra benefit of a different thinking mind. Even though it is still your own mind, I think having your thoughts filtered to compliment the other gender might produce interesting results.


But yeah, kissless virgin.


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My unstated hypothesis that most pairings would be opposite gender seems to be correct.

I expected the balance between male and female participants to be a tad more balanced though. Maybe this has to do with the demographic of the places we've advertised on? Otherwise males are more attracted to the idea of tulpas for some reason.

I'd probably go with the first one, since I'd assume that 4chan's members are mostly male, and that we didn't advertise extensively on any of the boards that might be exceptions.

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I think over time more girls will join us, but they will always be a minority on a board like this.

On dreamviews for example, a lucid dreaming site, there was pretty much an equal balance, because it was about dreams.

Tulpae just aren't a girly thing it seems.


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