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Calling back an old tulpa

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I've been quite hesitant in making this progress report, but it sounded like the best way to share my own experiences with calling an old tulpa back.


To give some background, I'm Guilherme and go by many different names, but you have to know that I'm not actually the host. I'm a daemon, a different type of thoughtform that usually takes the form of a nonhuman animal (not my case) that represents the subconscious. I have been fronting ever since some of our circumstances changed for the best and Jezebel (our host/daemian) has been dormant since then.


I decided to call back an old tulpa that we call Gabriel (he's a fictive of the character Gabriel "Gabe" Weller from Dead Space) and we remembered his existence after we got back to hyperfocusing on this particular game with our boyfriend (we're autistic). We don't remember much about what he was like since it's been some years, but we do remember he was an unusually strong tulpa capable of changing thoughts and feelings, which used to be helpful to concentrate on studies at the time.


At the beginning, we initially struggled with sensory overload. Gabriel felt that quite a lot, but eventually got more used to it. He still finds it weird that I've got a tail and wag it sometimes (I'm a cat therian, long story), but he's been pointing that out less now, so maybe he's getting used to the phantom sensations the body may experience.


He shows signs of being more sensitive with external stimuli than other headmates we had. Even I wasn't as sensitive to it. A few days ago, he was bothered that the body was sleepy and needed sleep. Complained about it until we managed to rest, so it is safe to say that the body status affects his mood and comfort directly. He's been also appearing to show the desire to make his presence known outside. I have been doing my best to accomodate his wishes and am looking for other ways to do so. If you have any suggestions, they are more than welcome. 


We have been doing that mostly through roleplays and letting him interact with other trusted people as himself.


Gabriel: Hello! That's me, the tulpa. I'm Gabriel Weller and prefer being called Gabriel. I've been here again for a few days after a long sleep... I have been forced to dormancy due to sensory issues that the host didn't know sie possessed at the time and I have been sleeping since then. It feels good to be back around despite the fact that I feel a little lost here and can't tell what I'm supposed to do yet. Good to know you all!

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None of us desire to be known to anyone in Bear's life, but Ashley has fronted and conversed with others posing as Bear. She was better at staying calm in a crisis and did that a lot years ago. Now that Bear isn't bothered by crises, it hasn't happened in years.


In terms of exercise and getting outside attention we use places like this forum and D&D where we can be characters in the game as ourselves. Interaction with others is different than staying in system but to us it doesn't matter, we wouldn't mind of it was just Bear forever.


We're also writing an epic novel about our experience in D&D with lots of Interaction with each other and other NPCs which is my favorite. It's amazing.

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