Do your friends/family know about your tulpa?

Who knows about your tulpa?  

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  1. 1. Who knows about your tulpa?

    • Every close friend/family member knows about it.
    • Some close friends/family members know about it.
    • Only one or two close friends/family members know about it.
    • Nobody knows about it, but I may tell some in the future.
    • Nobody knows about it, it will be my secret until the day I day.

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From what i've read, even if they accept you, it wont stop them from labeling you, regardless if it is helpful.  They will want to help you, by curing you.


I do want to add that not EVERYONE is like that. There are legitimately people out there who are very open-minded and wouldn't judge a person for having a different belief than them even if they don't agree with it. Not everyone is going to label someone as a "problem child" that needs their tulpae or other thoughtforms stripped from them. Yes there are those backstabbers and my tiny circle of friends could very well turn on me but regardless, there should at least be some level of trust with another person, especially if that person is the one thing close to you in this life. It just... doesn't feel right, even for someone like me who has a hard time forming relationships with other people... to not be able to form some sort of trust with someone you've grown close with. -shrugs-


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Personally, I wouldn't recommend it unless you're completely sure about it, yeah you can tell anyone you want, nobody is gonna stop you and it's true that there are very open-minded people out there who would accept the idea or even create one. But first you would have to make sure you know them WELL, that they aren't skeptics who can't accept different beliefs. Ask yourself the reasons you have to tell them, is it worth it? if it is and you know they are likely to accept the idea, go ahead.


Sometimes you just want to tell them because you're excited about it, while you can still tell them, I don't think that's a good reason to tell people, go to some tulpa site instead and tell everyone. Some people tell their loved ones because their tulpas are important to them and feel like they shouldn't be kept as a secret, or because they think creating a tulpa could help the person they're trying to tell, those are reasons that are worth the risk, who knows, maybe you end up with a tulpamancer friend.


And if they end up thinking tulpas are a mental disorder, prove them wrong. Tulpas can help their hosts with mental problems, they can support you, i.e, if you're depressed and your tulpa is helping you out, show them how they are improving your life, it's just stupid to think a ''mental disorder'' is making you happy.


Also, don't just go and tell them everything, start by mentioning the idea and see how they react, if they show a negative reaction, maybe you shouldn't tell them, but if they're positive, keep going till they know everything about the concept, there are terminologies that may lead them to think you either are hanging out with demons or are mentally ill (i.e possession and imposition), explain all concepts to them first to make sure they aren't gonna see you in a negative way. Once you've told them everything and they accepted it, you can tell them. Also, you need to make sure they don't tell anyone else about your tulpas, I had a friend who told the entire villa out of excitement, but that was because this friend apparently was unable to keep a secret, make sure they can.


Last September I became friends with someone who was, apparently, super open minded, she knew about tulpas (the metaphysical concept though) and thought about telling her. I made sure to wait till I knew her very well, and this March I told her, at first she seemed to accept it, but later she became extremely negative about the whole idea, calling my tulpas demons and that I should get help immediately. But reading Rachel's post in this thread, maaaybe she was jealous of my tulpas and end up hating them and the whole idea because of it. Make sure you don't make your friends feel like they're being replaced of left out, don't get me wrong, you can still prefer to be with them over your friends, just don't show it, it's highly likely they will end up hating them out of jealousy.

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It is a lot like depression, tell no one and no one cares that you spend a lot of time alone, tell someone and they start dictating to you why you are depressed. I think people you love may turn on you because they dont want their lives to deviate from accepted norms. It doesnt mean they dont love you.


That's your experience with depression? Geez, that's terrible. One time a parent had to tell me I was still depressed, and it blew my mind.



I told my close family that I was a Tulpamancer and they were fine with it. It wasn't like I decided to cut off chicken heads or anything like that. I also felt really stressed about it too and I needed that off my back.


I told one of my other friends because I was confident she would be fine with it. She suspects one of her other friends has DID, so it wouldn't be the weirdest thing she heard about it anything. I also figured she would probably tell others, but I don't care because they either wouldn't believe her or not care because they don't know me.

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I remember, I told my best friend about tulpamancy and stuff. She reacted really nicely, was wondering about my tulpa, and would ask me how he's doing every now and then. Turned out, she has a tulpa, too. I mean, she didn't confirm it, but she says it's kind of an imaginary friend or so. In general, she's very open-minded about these things, so I just slightly mentioned it. As for my family, they might have guessed that something's going on. I occasionally space out and talk to my tulpa out loud. But they're used to it. I don't think they'd take it seriously if I told them, but I don't mind. It's better for them to be in the dark about this part of my life.

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I have told three of my closest friends about it, though not before probing their opinions about the subject. They were very accepting of the concept, and even showed interest in tulpamancy. We often talk about it, and they've understood that Athena has brought me no harm and in fact has significantly improved my life.

They are also the only "outsiders" that know about her existence. I have no plans of telling my immediate family, as I have no way to reliably test their opinion. They know me far too well and would guess that I have a tulpa. I love them, but I don't think they would understand.

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