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Reason for Creating a Tulpa


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  1. 1. Your reason

    • I just feel alone and want someone (social)
    • I have a form of mental illness that might've affected my choice in the matter
    • I was curiost
    • I wanted help with a skill, trade, or training of sorts
    • Other

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This is something I'd like to see discussed. What are your reasons for wanting to make a tulpa, or for having made one?


In my case, I'm interested in stretching my mind to the limit, finding out if I really can do this. In addition, it would be nice to have someone to chat with and comment on my life. Just a very personal, different view on my issues and problems.

~Veritas et Libertas~

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Guest Anonymous

Welcome to the forums. I just wanted a friend, and was interested in the /mlp/ threads. I see Vinyl as someone that doesn't have to conform to any standard but my own, and I still give her plenty of leash on that perspective.


Some may use their tulpas for sex (see: neckbeards from 4chan) or for help with school. I'm doing it as a way to escape my room, which is the very place where I am losing my life. I want to change, and Vinyl is my way out.

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I've always wanted to have imaginary friends, but none ended up long lasting. Which was fine I guess since they were basically all just puppets.


I just want one for realsies.

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Primarily a friend for life, since I have no friends and none ever met my demanded standards, excluding the few that I talk to online; all this I define on my tulpa.


Other reasons include someone to be tender with (nothing implied, seriously), insight from a different perspective, or help if I need it. Likewise, I'd help my tulpa if she'd need it, assuming she'll ever need help for something. And, she'd be the first woman I'd ever like, since I generally hate women.

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At first It was just because I wanted to have a better memory but even before Vinyl had an emotional responce that had taken a back seat and love and companionship were the main reasons.

We are all mad here

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First of all, because I love learning and experimenting with my brain, I think the human mind has a lot of potential, and this looks like one amazing way to use this spare power and bring a new conscience to existence, which sounds fantastic beyond what I could imagine.

I also want a conversational partner, a lifelong friend to talk with and discuss stuff, to watch and discover new things together and have a deep friendship. I'm not foreveralone, but anything could happen, so ._.

http://wirelesslog.tumblr.com/ - My tulpa blog, updates regularly.
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1. Companionship/roneryness

2. Better understanding of my own inner life and self

3. Fun

4. Improved visualization and memory recall

5. Science

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