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I have started making my bracelet, although it's a friendship bracelet since I don't really think a big, broken watch fits me.


And if anyone's interested in the pattern, here: http://friendship-bracelets.net/pattern.php?id=73112


(Sorry about the size, does anyone know how to make it smaller?)


I did the same exact thing, only a zig-zag pattern in DMC floss. I just let her pick the colors.

“Life was a wheel, its only job was to turn, and it always came back to where it started.” - Stephen King


“No great thing is created suddenly.” -Stephen King

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I generally write a letter on my palm or somewhere else on my arm. Nothing like "Work on the imaginary friend you have", just a small reminder to make sure I remember about her. Its just her initial (V) so it doesn't arouse suspicion, and if anyone ever asks I can just say I'm a huge fan of V For Vendetta, pull out my fedora, trench coat and fake neck beard and escape in a cloud of smoke.

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I made basic friendship bracelet type things that are plenty of simple guides for online and just use different colored threads. I chose colors that reminded me of Jake and Jit respectively and made a bracelet for each of them, and now I wear them all the time.

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Already had one of these for Deortabe, my power animal I've been working with for a few years... to limited success, but I'm going in with extra pizazz now. SInce she's a deer, I took an antler I had found in Richmond Park, and cut of a piece to make into a little pendant. So far I only wear it when I'm working with her, but I might give passive-forcing a try now, so I'll start wearing it all the time.

[align=center]Host: Mike "Redback"

Tulpa name: Deortabe

Appearance: Female deer with glittery hooves.

Begun: 04/09/14

Progress: Basic appearance starting to take shape, possible first signs of sentience.[/align]

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