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Mass Intro' and Returns Thread

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Hey! I'm paralel.

I heard about tulpamancy a few years back and just recentlly began to read up on it. Then I decided to try and make a tulpa after some thinking. I am not the most social person so this forum thing is totally new to me. I think I might need a little help and advice along with the guides I'm following. So here I am. :)

As far as interests go, I know for certain I like paranormal things. So, yeah. That's me!

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Hey there. I'm Natek, I'm 17 and live in Australia. :3.

I have been reading alot of guides, posts, PR's and I am very interested in making my own Tulpa.

I am interested in creating my own Tulpa for companionship and aim to find out who I actually am. The thing I am most interested in at the moment is Game Development, and I have started to learn coding in my school classes, aswell I'm learning about level design sometimes if I'm not playing CSGO/ESEA (PM if you want to play :3), and wonder if my Tulpa can help me with creating worlds that are beautiful and awesome.

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Hi everyone!


I recently learned about tulpae and was intrigued by the idea, even if I was unsure of the wisdoms trying to form one myself. But while I was thinking, daydreaming almost, for a while about what kind of Tulpa I might hypothetically make, I had a few limited mental responses via mind voice. Proto-tulpa or just answering myself, I wasn't sure, but I rolled with it.


The next day, no more mind-voice responses, so I kinda brushed it off, but later i kept getting this intense nervousness, or the physical syptoms anyway, for no apparent reason. This has never happened before, so I am a bit shaken by the experience. I made an account here hoping I could get a little help making sense of it all.

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I'm Shi, or Rob, or whatever really

New but not new, I came here in 2012-2013 without an account, left for a few months, during which I started a tulpa, due to changes in my life I couldn't force for a while, came back in October of 2013, made an account, got back to forcing, stopped coming here in december (last log in was 12/09/13 12:48AM) and once again due to changes in my life stopped forcing.


I've tried to force on and off whenever I can and whenever I remember, still my original wonderland with a few changes, and original tulpa, although I may have, or they may have half forced a second tulpa, I can 'feel' them there sometimes but sometimes not.


I haven't had MUCH progress with forcing, but I've had some, I remember early on, being in the IRC chat and going by "Eragon[Arya]" (Because at the time my forcing was reading to them) and someone complimented us, calling it cute and I felt my first and so far only emotional response. Aside from that I think they speak to me with mindvoice, it sounds ever so slightly different to me, and I dont remember thinking it, but at the same time it sounds like something I would think.


For an intro post this got well out of hand.

“Eragon looked back at him, confused. "I don't understand."

"Of course you don't," said Brom impatiently. "That's why I'm teaching you and not the other way around.”

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Hello! Alex here. I have heard about tulpas once before, i think, but didn really realised what they were. Found this site few days ago, and got hooked (as apparently i already got somethign like tulpa for awhile. And i like to give her best treatment i can.)


I guess not much else to say, except i like to read manga and watch anime.

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I am quite literally terrified at this moment. I am, I guess, a Tulpamancer, maybe, by some of the definitions and explanations I am reading and have been doing so for much longer then I've seen any mention of such activities on the internet. In fact, it took years before I even found a wiki article on Tulpa thought form, but had long since been in the practice and use of Tulpa energies and related material.


Years ago, I retired from my activities. There where..

Problems with those I regularly ventured with and some things got out of hand. I maintained my contacts and generally find myself assisting otherkin, star children, and the like in whatever their ventures are but myself have kept out of things.


As my immediate searches did not bring me to answers I wanted or felt reflected a better understanding for myself, I hoped to locate a forum expecting at least a small community to exist.


I apologize now, I have read the rules and intend to follow them. I however will likely post unorthadox questions at various points as my understanding may predate what seems to be a currently established culture and I am going to need to get caught up.


Thank You for this Opportunity to place my Inquiries.



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Hello everyone!


Lyruzlavh here joining the tulpa community for once and for all. I've been interested in tulpas since February of 2013, in fact it's been since then that I have constantly obsessed over the creation of this one female tulpa that constantly occupies my thoughts and wishes, however I haven't made any significant progress due to constant procastination and a lack of motivation and focus on my priorities.


I became interested in tulpas back in 2013 when I found tulpa.info and have been reading the articles and guides of this site since then. All that I have achieved for now is to study and learn the theory: basic concepts, guides and related phenomena (possession, switching, etc.). I've just focused so much on learning (rather than practicing and applying that knowledge) that in a sense it could be said that I'm an "armchair tulpamancer", however this has allowed me to develop some ideas that will help me structure my own creation method in the near future.


Now, two years after 2013, I finally join the community in hopes of breaking my issolation on the tulpa subject by making contact with others. Hopefully this sense of pertaining to a community will provide me some motivation and help me get the job done by bringing to life this tulpa that I've been dreaming of, one that I wish I had brought to my life time ago. I expect to start my progress report within the next month.


I expect this to be life-changing, a new opportunity to achieve my goals and the start of a deep spiritual and subjective journey.

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So, I'm Arcturus615. I've, admittedly, been lurking for quite a while and registered a couple of days ago. I've got one (amazing) tulpa who goes by Alli. I haven't heard her speak yet, though I'm inclined to believe that's more my own fault rather than hers. That said she's something else! :D So yeah. Hi. (lol)

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Hi I'm eAir59 or Dan,I just started with Lynn my tulpa about two weeks ago.


I'll be posting my progress with Lynn pretty soon.


Thanks For Reading!!

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