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Mass Intro' and Returns Thread

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Hello fair friends, I am Nylon. I came across this site in late september and I was very intrigued of the tulpa phenomenon. I read the idea of tulpas on the forums and decided to give it a go myself. I had achieved some results throughout the experimentation.I would be happy for any help or advice that you can spare as it would be appreciated. Hopefully in the future, ill try to contribute to the community if possible; By the mean time, ill try my best to learn from what this site has to offer.

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I'm told that some/lots of the older members here have left. Is it a recurring theme in the forums I go to that only a few handfuls of people are active or something?


Well. I'm back, After some few years of endless tulpaforcing and trying not to be immature. I are mature now, I know forumspeak like civil.

Nice to know that people are still interested in the forums, even after so long.

brb college

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I am Akai.

After lurking for a (year) while, I have decided to make an account and a tulpa named Cameron.



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I'm Conflicted, and I accidentally made a tulpa in high school out of an rp character (Howl there up in my avatar). :U

And now (after lots of refining and character development on both parts) I'm joining because my boyfriend showed me this site. I guess I'm joining because neither of us really know what to do at this point and there's still a lot we can work on.

If I could, begin to be,

Half of what you think of me, I could do about anything,

I could even learn how to love

directed at Howl

directed from Howl

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Hey, I'm Mewsly. I'm a mod over on TDF (the daemian forum). A couple of members here have joined TDF recently, and we've had a few more in the past, so I figured I'd join. More specifically, I decided to join because one of those members said TDF was an old lady's tea room compared to here and I found it amusing. Hope that means you're all less shy of fact assertion than TDF is.


I'm bringing with my my daemon, Tomaka. So far she doesn't not fit the basic requirements for a tulpa, and quite a few community ideas seem to mesh well with my own. Don't know if I'll stick around but I'm curious enough to stay for a while at least.

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Hi Mewsly. Nice to see you again. We personally think there is nothing wrong with an old lady's tearoom. Good tea in a nice place with some nice old ladies. We will take that any day of the week.


See you over on the recent Daemon thread. Looks like we had a few misconceptions we need to learn about.

Tri = {V, O, G}, Ice and Frostbite and Breach (all formerly Hail), and others

System Name: Fall Family

Former Username: hail_fall

Contributor and administrator on a supplementary tulpamancy resource and associated forum, Tulpa.io and Tulpa.io/discuss/.

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I found out about tulpas last summer and tried to create one but I failed because of my lack of motivation and my limited attention span. I thought it might be a good idea to start again, so here I am.

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Hello everybody. I've just recently found out about Tulpas and I want to learn to make one, my visualization skills are quite good and during my childhood I had a few imaginary friends that I would like to evolve. I need to study all the guides first. I hope it won't be impossible to create an actual Tulpa. So far I never managed to actually communicate with one of my mind "creations", so if anyone would like to offer me tips on how to begin I would really appreciate it.

“Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?”

[progress report]



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