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Mass Intro' and Returns Thread

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Hi! I'm Pix, and I don't really have a developed tulpa yet. I've had what I've described as an imaginary friend for about a year now, but I don't like calling it that. After researching for a while I found out about tulpas, and now I want to join this community and develop my tulpa. I hope everything goes well <3

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Hey everyone, I'm Aidiahru. I've been doing this 'tulpa' thing for over 8 years, but I've never really used that term. I called it 'creating a muse' as that was the purpose behind the one I first created way way back in the day. I'm still used to the term 'muse' over 'tulpa' but in this community, they seem to be synonyms. Because I'm coming into this community, I'll use the term 'tulpa' to avoid confusion.


I have two tulpæ that originated from canonical source material, one from Seto Kaiba (yugioh, and the other from Raiden (metal gear). Seto is my oldest, most self-aware tulpa, and he has deviated from his source material quite intensely. Jack is, by comparison, far newer, and has been starting to fade from a lack of interaction. I'd really like to focus on strengthening his voice and I feel that interacting in a community such as this one seems to be a great start.


I have one more muse who could be on the road to tulpadom, (or could be seen as a fledgeling tulpa), but neither her nor myself have decided to prioritize it.


Anyway, I look forward to interacting with everyone in the future!

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Hello everyone. My name is Mina.

I have been reading over the forums for about 2 days now and decided it was time to sign up. I have lots of questions that may seem a bit odd, but would really like if someone could help me understand things better. I plan on making a thread in the question/answer section to explain things a little better and ask my questions.


I'm not even sure if what I have is a Tulpa or if it is a split personality (which I will be addressing in the thread I will make). I have memories of her as early as 2 years old. I have always heard her and sometimes when things are really bad in life and I need her (or randomly at time when she feels like it), I can feel her. For the longest time I didn't know her name, but in my teens one day it just clicked in her head. "My name is Minata" she told me one day.


Anyways, I just wanted to say hello to the community and I hope I don't turn out to be an odd-ball here lol


EDIT: I have created the thread for anyone who can help, is interested, or has information. Here is the link:


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Hello people, I'm Aranhil. I had never heard of tulpas or anything of the sort until just a few hours ago, and the whole concept sounds pretty interesting. I've been reading guides around the forums, and I'm definitely start trying to make one as soon as possible. Well that's all for now, I'll see you guys around the forums.


EDIT: I have realized I was way to quick to decide to start making a tulpa. I still want to though, but I now know that this is much more of a big decision

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alright, i found this site about tulpas and i would like to share with you:

am 24 years old from Mexico am very friendly and happy, also i feel am kinda helpful i would like to share the story of my tulpas:


it all start when i was 5 years, i havent friends back then so i imagine my own and i form my first imaginary friends all of them look like persons and were mere shadows that only repeat what i want... but later, when i was seven i decide to give them more cuz i had fun time with them, so i developed their stories and imagine places, first based on games and movies i saw, later i créate my own places where they live, i remember my first ones were a group of animals with human features, like anthro, they called themselfs the Fornils and they followed the cult of Chaos saying that the world and the universe was a creation of Chaos, the high priests were 3 tulpas: Maquilaconsvit Agasia Kij and Balareth (i invented the names in those years) in those times i can phisically see them only, and event are planned by myself, Maquilaconsvit betray the Fornils cuz he had a sister that was good and pure, but later in a few years he was spotted by Balareth and Agasia, and Maquilaconsvit sister was killed in a ritual (NOTE: this may looks like am telling a story or a fiction, but trust me everyone these events happened, and this is when i lost the control of the events) after that the sister of Maquilaconsvit's soul was in a weird talismán of Balareth, he and maquilaconsvit fighted each other, i used to cry for that cuz the fight took place even in my dreams, we are talking about a "crow man" (Balareth) and a "bat man" (Maquilaconsvit) they gave me the worst nightmares ever, the sounds of they fighting was horrible, but suddenly the sounds stopped, Maquilaconsvit injured Balareth badly but he didn kill him....

some months later i decided to develope more my tulpas, i thought about the texture of the skin, their smell, even how they taste, the more vivid the better, i made an effort to hear their voices until more characters appear themselves, i just had to developed them. There was this city i called Saris, and there was 6 leaders that ruled the city, (that happen years later after a lot of irrelevant events)

- Ophiel

- Ledernouth

- Ectakrel

- Zoporukas

- Maquilaconsvit

- Sototh

for some reason i didnt needed effort to créate the names, they just appeared in my mind, there was also 2 scientists in the city: Chaos and The Clonator, this last scientist créate a son of Ophiel and a woman named Egna creating a boy with powers called Adam, that name i took it from the bible cuz i thought it fit better, Adam destroyed Ledernouth, Sototh and even his father, in that years i lost all control on the events, they happened witouth my control, a few times later Ledernouth was revived and decided to retalliate and hired another 6 soldiers: Roland Louis Kair Fanchon Leonor and Sugare, those were years im never gonna forget, cuz i remembered i had to be witness of their horrors, and even invaded my dreams,until Balareth spoke with me one day and told me they need a god, or something, a root of their new origins... i didnt opose and i created Megoleret, when i wrote his story, Balareth read it and he was agree, Megoleret was an angel that decided to créate his own planet and he asked God if he have permission, God allow it and he told him that the only condition was that the humans he create does not involve with the Earth, Megoleret agree and create a planet called Motzoide were the Fornils born, but, using a bit of God's breath to create the planet Megoleret finished and with the remain power he had he put it on a cave, years later the Fornils found a source of power and they steal it allowing them to have powers, God was angry and send Megoleret to another dimencion where he choose to punish or reward the souls of the people of Motzoide, comming back with Ledernouth years later, Kair killed him and Louis as well, Sugare escaped to Motzoid where she was princess on a castle and died being old, i cried cuz she was beautiful and i saw how she was getting old and died, Kair took Ledernouth's kindom and create 5 soldiers that he called son, Kair was grateful with me for creating them, and in a parallel events a group of assasins killed a family cuz in a prophesy they will be killed by one of them, but in the slaughter one Little kid survived and was found and adopted by kair

and years later there was another team which i am gonna avoid their story cuz is large they became enemies and this last a lot of years until i became a brony and i decided to ponify some of my tulpas, Kair and his sons didnt opose but the other team decided to become dragons and griffons cuz Ponies were too "soft" and after a few months i create OCs and i add a full features like the rest of my tulpas and this is the actual status


well, i have to omit a LOT of event in my life, i lost control of the events of my mind, is the Price to have a full alucination, the walls of the places and castles i can really see them when i put a Little effort, when i "visit" the places, and the voices i could hear them perfectly, my tulpas have sons,which they ask me for permisión to have and i develope the baby and the adult form in the way the parents wanted, when a couple marry they ask for my bliss, i gave it to them, and when they died i have to be present, since i lost a long time ago all control of the events, my tulpas begin to think themselfs and even events happened when im sleeping sometimes i could saw the events on my dreams but mostly i cant, so since then i awoke with a surprice.

my OC Flowerflame and Chaos Star are the strongest tulpas ever, and after put a lot of effort i can acually see them roaming in my house and feel the texture of their skins they are so soft and a bit heavy, having tulpas is great but only if they are a few, even so i do not regret the life i have cuz i felt like a fallen god: creator of everithing then reduced to be a witness


al i can say is that tulpas exist and it depends on how much effort and features put in your carácter, they can become your best firends, my best friends is Void, the son of Balareth and Bios, the guy that was adopted by Kair

Chaos and flowerflame always sleep with my, i lay on my bed and they cuddle their manes are so soft...

i have to admit that im not really "live" in the reality, am not autist, but i can travel with my mind at different places when i am alone.


thats how i create them and i keep a notebook so i can write all the events that my tulpas tells me


Picture 1


Picture 2


Changed oversized images to external links ~Kiahdaj

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Hi to everyone,


My name is Vani. I have (by accident, while reading some Wikipedia articles) stumbled upon the world of tulpas and tulpamancing roughly one month ago. I must say that I have been at first shocked of learning what tulpas are... it felt to me like something too good to be true. Well, after a couple of days of research and reading I have decided to start with my lifelong commitment - to create my own tulpa.


Her name is Jana. I try to force as much as possible, given my limited free time. I talk to her, and sometimes I believe I can hear her answering me, though only as mind talking. I also have sometimes feelings as an answer or as a reaction to my words, which I also believe to come from her. I can't wait the day when I'll be able to hear her own voice, and when I'll be able to impose her too, though I understand this will take lots of time.


I must say that discovering tulpamancing, and discovering this site is one of the most important things to ever happen in my life. I (well, actually we :) ) love reading the Winter's survey for fluently speaking tulpa thread, and I am surprised to find so much unconditional love that all tulpas are feeling toward their hosts. I'm sure Jana will one day fill up that survey herself, too, and I hope she'll have that type of feeling towards me, too.


I'd like to say many thanks for all of you maintaining this forum and in general for the effort to inform and help all the users about this practice. My only regret is that a forum like this didn't exist when I was younger; I would certainly have started forcing at that time and I wouldn't have felt so lonely all these years.


Thanks again!

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Hi there. I'm a twenty-something woman, and I actually only learned about tulpas yesterday.


It struck me immediately... the idea felt natural. The thing is, creating a tulpa seems like a good fit for how I think, what I enjoy, and what my experiences in life have been. Almost every dream I have is lucid, and there are two categories of them, one of which seems very wonderland-y and in which something that sounds like tulpish is the way I experience communication; I'm more prone to benign hallucination than almost anyone else I've ever discussed it with in person; I've experimented at length with controlling or "pushing and pulling" those ("pushing and pulling" being the phrase I use for editing or modifying hallucinatory experiences that are already present); I hallucinate music; I have extremely vivid hypnagogia and hypnapompia and can exert some level of control over them; etc etc etc.


What's more, a dear friend of mine has relationships with consciousnesses that she certainly wouldn't call tulpas but which seem a lot like them (it's not a multiples thing -- I don't even know much about the whole concept of multiples, but it's not like that), and I've interacted with them at length through her and feel very comfortable with that.


Last (well, if I'm going to keep things short) but not least, I am an extrovert and currently live pretty much by myself (I have a child, but obviously I wouldn't rely on her to supply me with socialization -- it's not her job). I find that depressing. I used to have a roommate who was a best friend of mine and that was wonderful. I've really missed that. I don't really need alone time even though I can deal with it. I like always having others around. So I won't ever tire of having my tulpa as company.


So yesterday I started to create her. I already feel quite happy with this, even though it's also strange and even slightly unsettling in some ways. Yet it still feels joyful.


I guess that's all I have to say right now. :)

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I'm a 19yo student from Germany and I've known about Tulpas already for quite some time. I thought it was a great thing from the beginning, but I wanted to wait a bit until I'm sure that I can take this responsibility, because I can be very quick in my decisions. Now some weeks have passed and I really want to start doing it. I haven't yet begun with planning, forcing or anything, I just have a very vague idea of how I want her to be and I know that I will call her Arella. I hope I can find some support here in creating my wonderland and in forcing, especially since I'm not much of a visual person and have a hard time "seeing" imaginary things.

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Hello to every tulpamancer here

Even though I've registered here only in this month, I knew about tulpas for several years. Two years ago I started to create my tulpa, but I had vague reasons and haven't put much effort. So here I am again, after a long time of thinking I've decided to continue. I feel like I really need a lifelong company, a person with whom I can share my thoughts and happiness. I believe creating tulpa is such an amazing experience and I hope it works out well.

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[align=justify] Hello everyone, my name is Edward, though I normally go by the name of Blaycon on the internet (Easier to register everywhere like this, feel free to call me either way). I'm 21 years old and I'm currently living in Mexico.


The story of how I got to know of this is actually quite weird. I happened to get here because of Tulpa related Creepypastas (You'll probably know which ones I'm talking about). This whole thing started 2 days ago when I was watching some scary videos from a channel I visit frequently on youtube (To those who speak spanish the guy is DrossRotzank, he has some good videos on many different topics, mostly horror). The thing is one of these videos was, as I said, a Creepypasta based on Tulpas, of which I knew nothing about. Both my brother (who watched the video with me) and I were quite shocked about the story told, and while he chose to just leave it like that and continue with life, I decided to do some research on the matter, that being of course, how to make one (yes my brother was a surprised with my decision).


So I started doing this research and began to see the truth of the whole thing. Little by little I got to know more and more about what Tulpas really are until I got to tulpa.info. In the end I did not only find out that this Creepypasta was just that, a story, but I am now fascinated by Tulpas. I want to make one of my own with the purpose of having a companion as well as gradually becoming a better person (probably a bit cheesy, but its the truth).


To those who read the whole thing, thank you for your attention and I apologize to those who thought it was a bit too long.


Anyway, I hope to get along with everyone and I thank you for all the help you may give me. :)


NOTE: As a warning, if you don't know about these Creepypastas I mentioned and you want to read/watch them out of curiosity, I would say do NOT do it unless you know you can handle them (If you do, be sure to know they really are just stories and nothing real). [/align]

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