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Mass Intro' and Returns Thread

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We are back.


The last time so many things happened that I didn't have time to write on this forum.


But nobody cares.


I'm going back to browse this forum.

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Hi folks,


Im forcing activley for several weeks now, made some progress with my tulpa and found some of the advice here very helpful.

My relation is rather messy though, thats why Im here to seek more help.

My first experiences with my thoughtform where at a time where I didnt know about the practize at all, then I read about the tibetian dubtab rites and later found a Tulpa board on fullchan that directed me here (even if I got warned that some tumblerism breeds here, but I think Ill get along).

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Hello, all! My name is Courtney. I'm a highly advanced tulpamancer but only in the last few months have I come to know myself as such. I figured they were just really well-developed imaginary friends, but they always seemed so real to me. So I was really excited to find out about tulpae and understand what I've been creating over the years.


I just created a new tulpa after a long hiatus. His name is Edwin, and he's an adorkable nerdy guy with rabbit ears and a cottontail. I'm working now on a drawing of him. I've been loathe to share him with anyone because I have the issue of feeling like when I post anything online it becomes everyone else's and is no longer mine. But I'm going to give this forum a try because it would be nice to speak to others about tulpae and their development, and it might make Edwin that much more real. Maybe over time he'll want to get on and chat too, but he's quite shy. X3

[align=center]"Jesus Pickles!"

~ Edwin reacting to pretty much every jump scare in a horror movie[/align]


Avatar was made by me using a base.

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Progress Report

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Hey, all!

I'm Teiji. I like sci-fi and paranormal stuff. Mostly read about tulpas on /x/ and stuff, always been curious about them. The concept of creating a mental construct seems fascinating to me, so I'm eager to try it out. I'll let y'all know how it goes.

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Hello everyone!

I'm Kenny and I first found these forums when I was around fourteen? I lost interest after a month or so, however, and completely forgot all about it until just recently. Anyway, after lurking around these forums for a couple of weeks, I'm finding myself interested again, so I've decided to start working on a tulpa of my own. I look forward to meeting others and their tulpae!

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Sup everyone. My name's Sonny or Darwyn, whichever floats your boat. So before I start detailing how I found out about tulpae I'll admit I had no idea we had this thread for new members to post in and already started a thread but, you know, whatever.


So a little about me: I'm an engineering major who likes science, math and video games. I knew about tulpae for, idk a week today (I think), which I found out while reading a tread on /r/ luciddreaming. Like most people who first heard of what tulpae are, I thought the person who was postin about tulpae was either bullshitting, or had given herself (I think the person was a girl anyway, not sure) MPD. After learning that tulpae are different from any mental disorder, I started to become fascinated by tulpae, and had learned a considerable amount about tulpae in about a single day, almost getting nothing done that I needed to that day. The next day followed more research and after a bit of thinking I decided to give myself about a month to consider whether or not it would be wise of me to make a tulpa, and in that month I will be working on my visualization skills and explore my wonderland, in order to both help boost my vizualization skills, prolong the amount of time I can stay in my wonderland so I can have good forcing sessions (if I choose to make a tulpa, which I'm confident I am), and to explore it and find out things about it. On a blistering hot Friday morning I had a question that I couldn't find an answer to so I decided to join these forums to ask it. This community seems really nice and knowledgable about tulpamancy and I look forward to participating in future discussions.


So uh ya that about all I think I need to say. I also like the anime Bleach if that has any significance. See you all on the forums!

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Hey! I'm parallel.

I heard about tulpamancy a few months back and just recently began to read up on it. Then I decided to try and make a tulpa after much thinking. I'm not the most social person so this whole forum thing is totally new to me, but I think I might need a little help and advice along with the guides I'm following. So here I am. :3

As far as interests go, I know for certain I like paranormal things. So, yeah. That's me!

"life's not a paragraph

And death i think is no parenthesis"

- E.E. Cummings

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I just recently (a few hours) learned about tulpas (it was just an old comic book word for me). I'll give it a shot. My username is my mindscape's name.


So, see you around!


PS: English isn't my first language, feel free to correct me at any time.

But are there not many Fascists in your country?

There are many who do not know they are Fascists, but will find it out when the time comes - Hemingway, For Whom The Bells Tolls

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