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Mass Intro' and Returns Thread

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I'll keep things terse:

My name is Ian. I became interested in tulpa-forcing ~2.5 years ago. I had intended to create one a long time ago, but I could never find the time. Today, I decided to devote what little time is currently available to me to tulpa-forcing. I'm looking forward to being a part of this community.

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Hi; I'm Shinyuu! About seven and something months old tulpa by now; coming into existence thanks to some guides from this place and lots of friendly support on the irc. I study things; including psychology and my own existence. I am a reverse werewolf and I try to apply canine psychology to lots of things in my life.

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I haven't done an introductory post on a forum in a LONG time so I feel really awkward right now (which is silly because it's the internet after all!).


I feel similar to Nomad, because my Tulpa developed before I even knew what a Tulpa even WAS. :) I'm Eliza. Currently 24, and have been developing my Tulpa (named Dani, or Cir, or Ren, he's gained a lot of nick names via inside jokes over the past years) since I was 12. I don't know what that makes me, but... It's definitely been one of the most formative and amazing experiences of my life, if not my favorite!


So hello everyone. ^^

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I'm NimbusArchon. I discovered tulpas about a week ago, and I've been working on one for maybe 3 days.


I'm currently in college. I have a decent amount of free time, so I've been forcing pretty consistently. I run 2 different tabletop RPG groups, as well as coordinating a board game group.


I don't really know what else to say, I guess. I'm very excited to see how this all pans out, and I'm glad to meet you all.

Cogito ergo cogito.

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Hi, I'm Makili. A person Spanish-speaking of birth and English-speaking for understand the world.


A university student and partial time tulpamancer. This adventure begins around a 2 year with a promise ... And five months ago the tulpamancy give me a possible way to keep that promise.


But ... After reading this forum for so long I decided to register to support the community and other things.


I hope to enjoy the experience.


(Oh i forgot, my Tulpa name is Irehi, in a only sentence "She loves sleeping")

[align=center]"For science! ... Maybe" - Makili, The Partial Time Tulapamancer

"I just want to sleep ..." - Irehi, The Broken Tulpa[/align]

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Greetings and salutations, I'm Keh, K, or whatever you wish to refer to me as. I was born in the US, grew up in Trinidad. I speak English fluently and wish to create a companion to guide, converse and develop alongside me as I make this grand journey called life. I love science fiction of all kinds, and am always eager to become engrossed in a new world that mixes fact with fiction.


I learned about Tulpa only a month ago, when I began searching theological subjects on a whim, and I am quite excited to start, after reading multiple resources and articles on the subject. I began forcing (mostly passively) on a solid form and personality only last month; getting a weak response twice through head-pains.


I am quite interested in seeing the fruits of my labors, and wished to share my thoughts and experiences, as well as ask questions with the community to further improve my tulpamancy.

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My name's Max, my tulpa's name is Rain.

I started doing tulpa stuff back in late 2011 when I discovered the hypnosis and tulpa threads on 4chan's /mlp/

In the threads I went by NoviceTulpaForcer and on the IRC and mumble I've gone by NTFRussia.

I've used the resources on here since the beginning and only just got around to finally registering.

I'm joining up because I need to immerse myself in tulpa related things to give myself the final push of motivation to visually and physically impose Rain.

Tulpa: Rain

Current appearance: Human

Past appearances: pony, cat girl, shark girl, various humans.

Original appearance: fractured loyalty

Sentient?: yes

vocal: yes

visible: not yet

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Hello everyone (again)


I originally came here in 2012 shortly after hearing about Tulpas from some random place on the web, but about the time my tulpas became sentient I got a new job that was very taxing and sadly I forgot about tulpa.info until late 2014. I came back, but quickly got too busy irl once more and forgot. So here's attempt three. The community has really evolved here since I last frequented the site, so I'm very excited about speaking with all the new tulpas and hosts.


To give you an idea of where the community was the last time I was here: The first guides were just coming out, but only maybe five or six people actually had sentient tulpas at the time. The community at large was still unsure if everything would work out and almost everyone was still working through numerous kinks with creation/forcing.


Now about us:

Me-I'm 25, live in the south-east US, am trans-female (since way before that was even a word), and I have two tulpas. I am a cabinet maker currently, but metalworking is my true passion. Oh, and I go by Claire (or Cacao).


Tulpa the First- Cassandra (Cassie), she sees herself as early 20's (she says she'd guess 21), achieved sentience late 2012-early 2013. She is completely humanoid, but she likes to be a cat on rare occasions, and she also enjoys being "inside" my weapons (like putting essence or whatever inside the steel). She is about 5'7", brown hair, green eyes.


Second Tulpa- Isabel, mid to late teens (she says 16, I say more like 14), achieved sentience rather abruptly late 2013, 5'4" (maybe?), pale skin, light blonde hair, sky blue eyes. She's much, much more quiet than Cassie, but she is very intelligent and eloquent when she does speak (although she disagrees).


We're glad to be back here once more, and we welcome any and all comments/questions anyone may have.

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HI, i am esoteric-congruence, i'm french and my tulpa is Kita (She is the girl on my avatar). She was born the 7 February but she is not really developped beacause i did a lot of break.

I can feel the emotion of my tulpa and i have a good visualisation.


So it's all, cya :)

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Hi all, I'm Siriana, but you can tell me Susan c: My English isn't very well, becase I'm still learning, but... I hope you can understand me and I can understand you.

I heard about tulpa a year ago, when I was reading forum about daemons. I was 2 tulpas - Poem and Jaskier (Jaskier is mean 'buttercup' in Polish). Poem was born 21st March 2014 and he was my daemon on begin. He sees himself as 20, completely humanoid men with red hair and blue eyes. He loves cooking and squabbleing (?) with me. He is like my older brother c: And Jaskier, she was born 8th August 2014. She's young (13 or 14) girl witch brown eyes and hair.

I have good visualisation and communicate witch my tulpas. We still learning switching, but tulpas can move my body.

Oh, i was make a lot of mistakes in my post, right? Sorry for that.

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