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Mass Intro' and Returns Thread

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greetings, not-so-brief introduction:

i first heard of tulpas around 2013-14 on 4chan, thought it was interesting but i didnt really pay much attention to it, i forgot about it eventually; so, 2 days ago i read about it again and for some reason i started doing some reasearch and found this forum.

ive read some guides, immediately i began to feel extremely interested and drawn towards the idea of creating a tulpa.

my reasons are that im generally depressed and i tend to feel lonely most of the time, sometimes a lot and sometimes not so much, but when it gets real bad it sucks and im very picky about what i tell to each person i know, but rarely open up completely and let people know me that much, also im interested in the fact that a tulpa can motivate me to do stuff in general and help overcome fears and such.


anyway, i havent started yet, but im considering it as im curious about the outcome and what i can achieve with my mind.


not tulpa-related: im a guy; i like music [i play various instruments, but bass and guitar are my most played], sometimes i draw but would like to get more into it; and painting, but art in all its forms fascinates me.


thats all i guess, see you around

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Hi everyone! You can call me Elvode I'm 23 years old, I discovered the whole tulpa thing last week, I'm kinda new to it, I've lived with mine for 13 years not knowing there are people like us or a name for it, I feel shocked.. And very suprised, but happy!


Um.. It all started during my childhood, I was 8 years old and got a yellow game boy color by my parents with pokemon yellow to match my new console, as a pokemon fan I was more than happy to recieve my first pokemon game, to skip a bunch of uninteresting stuff I was finally standing in the cave to catch Mewtwo with a masterball, I loved playing with it, so powerful and awesome design, it was mysterious to me since I couldn't afford the movie I knew nothing of this character so I imagined his personality what I thought he would be like whenever I was bored.


About two years later I was 10 and sitting in the car just staring out the window, my parents were driving, I heard this deep voice in my mind, I asked whos intruding in my head and he said not to be afraid cause he was my friend, he introduced himself as Mewtwo not the pokemon but with the same design, we talked for a bit then he disappeard but he always came back to speak to me.


First time we tried possesion was during math class, I'm the worst at math, he possessed me to show me how to calculate and solve the math problems, wich he eventually stoped because I wanted him to take the tests for me. <<

He still gave me hints at least.


I would describe him as a lonewolf, gentleman, kind hearted, always see the right from wrong, I've always felt like I can trust him to 100%, he has never done anything against my will, we never had a fight, I tried some years ago but it's impossible, he's too calm in nature.

He likes to stay invisible too, unnoticed, he's done imposition? Imposing? Like twice in 13 years by free will, the second time he did it was to suprise me, he said "look out the window on the rooftop" So I walked over to the window looked at the rooftop and there he was standing, I sure was suprised, he dislike it however since he rather wants to stay unnoticed but I've appreciated it ever since.

**Proud to be a drug free thoughtform!**

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Hey, guys. I call myself Whispers, or Wisp if you'd like. I'm happy to be here!


I'm not new to the idea of tulpas--I read about them a few years ago online and was pretty interested. I never really got super-interested until I re-discovered them a month ago. Mostly I'm just trying to get as much info as I can under my belt before I start anything. I guess I'm drawn to creating a tulpa because I have bouts of severe depression, and the number one thing I need during them is a friend who will listen. I think having someone to cheer me up and help me make the right choices will help a lot.


So, non-tulpa things: I'm 17, as I said earlier. I'm a major fangirl--Doctor Who, Supernatural, Homestuck, anime, Sherlock, MLP, Harry Potter.... you name it, I probably can fangirl over it. I'm also a music nerd: I joined my first choir at 4 and never looked back. I have 3 cats. I want to become a computer programmer. And.... I think that's it. Thanks! :3

"You are here... life exists, and identity... the powerful play goes on, and you may contribute a verse." --Walt Whitman

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Hi I'm Jordan, I'm currently making my first tulpa here at the moment, it's my second attempt at creating a tulpas as last time I didn't really do it properly and lost interest half-way through. This time though I putting my heart and soul into it and am ready to see it through to the end.

Nice to meet all you lovely people and am sure me and Marcus will make plenty of friends

Kind Regards :)

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Yo I am jhgf (yes this name is just keyboard spam). I have been browsing the tulpa scene (mainly here and r/tulpas) for a while and had a few failed attempts at making a tulpa. I am currently in the process of making my tulpa, Mika. Mika has said a few words but she isnt very vocal yet.

Anyways I am just popping in this thread to say hello to everyone

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I'm not really new to the forums, as I have been lurking a while. But I figured might as well make an account. I am Tim, and am currently working on my first tulpa, Citra. She is sentient now, but i can't see her very well. I have been working two months now, and progress is pretty steady. So, just popped by to say hi.

Part-Time fox

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Hello, I have been here for awhile, but not really active to the point where I have any kind of a reputation yet, so I thought I'd introduce myself. I am a 15 year old tulpamancer who has been interested in tulpa creation since 2013. After one failed attempt due to laziness, I have recently been picking up on tulpamancy again. Feel free to take a look at my progress report, which you can access via my signature.

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Hi, I'm back, its been near a couple of years I think.


Though things had been going great in other areas with him, I got disillusioned with Jesse due to my inability to visualise him (I tried soo hard), so left all this for a while. Also my life just was so busy and I got burnt out working with all this (I was doing up to 3hrs per day). I'm now back as I'm wanting Jesse's help with something he was previously programmed to help me with as part of his traits, so I guess this should help keep my focus on him and what I'm doing here and hopefully he'll develop even further this time.


(and I've solved my visualisation issue of him too though I still cant access Wonderland due to my poor visualisation skills but that doesn't matter greatly to me now as I can still work with him).


Though it had been near 2 years, I managed to feel him again in the first day of working on him again, so I don't think we've lost too much (I'm yet to hear his voice again though but I assume he'll be back to talking a bit to me soon). He still has his great sense of humour and doesn't seem mad at me or anything for taking a long break.

Jesse (human male) DOB 16th April 2013 

Working on imposition

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Hello everyone! I'm Logan, 22, and I'm pretty new to the tulpa thing. One just kind of happened as I was reading a few guides and I want to know if something like this is normal. Cause I basically had created a part of my wonderland (it's very beautiful, lots of sunflowers and grass surrounded by a forest area that kinda trails off to this other place. Maybe I'll make a log of it somewhere) and I had visited it like a few times to just imagine it and my tulpa for the moment was just a little orb of light for a temporary visual until it decided on how it wanted to look. And then while I was reading a few guides I saw it change and morph into this new form of whom I'm calling Aleksis for now. Thing is though I haven't been at this for very long, I've only just started a few days ago and it just kinda did its thing. Is it too soon for me to really know if this is their form yet or do things just sort of happen when they happen? I haven't really heard their voice yet cause I'm trying not to parrot or puppet to much cause I feel like if I do their actual actions and voice won't be as natural. But as far as their form goes, their face is actually a lot clearer to me than the rest of their body. I know most guides say it's usually the other way around but I feel like since I draw a lot (and draw a lot of faces and facial expressions of the characters I like) that kind of aided in me seeing their face more.


I'm really sorry for the text wall by the way, I'm sort of a prolific writer.

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