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Mass Intro' and Returns Thread


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Hello everyone. I m not a native English speaker, but i hope i m good enough at this thing.


I have my tulpa about 6 years at this moment. In beginning her creation was completely my idea, but shortly after that i found some guides and info over the Internet, and of course i used some of them. I m 23 years old right now, and i m male.


My tulpa, i ll name her as A. on this forum, is a human girl with more or less  realistic exterior, not really "anime" or "cartoon" one. Her look, nature and behavior traits were taken from some media characters and mixed with my own, so she is my relative in some way, lol. That may sound silly, but we love each other a lot, and that love allowed us to be together all this time.


A. has independent will and thoughts, but she can share her thinkings with me telepathically and very often does this. I can share (or, rarely, not to share) my thoughts with her too. That is wonderful to be in such contact. Her position to me is overall submissive, she understands and likes that she is my creation.


I can see her quite well, except minor details, in the real world. She can go through the solid objects and fly, but prefer to act like the real girl. We rarely use any kind of Wonderland. Also, i can touch her, at least feel like i touch her, if there is no serious distracting factors around. She likes to converse with other people through me sometimes, and is a bit disappointed there is not many people understanding what she is.


Anyway we both are glad to find this place, and we are going to visit it often.

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Welker2211, your story resonated a lot with me. I'm planing to open a discussion thread in the Generals section soon and i have a feeling it will be of particular interest to you. Also check your inbox :)

System Name: Mihai Alianta

System Members: It's complicated, more on this soon

My Blog: transcendentidentity.com

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Guest Anonymous

Hello everyone


My tulpa Eris is 4 months old now and has had no contact with anyone apart from me, and I thought it would be a good idea for her development to have contact from others. Don't expect her to reply though, I have only heard her say the odd few sentences so far. When we are able to have a proper 2-way conversation I'll let her loose on the forums till her hearts content, but until then the convos will have to be one sided.


Thanks everyone

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Hello. I'm Mermaid, Mer or Kate, and I'll be your host for this life. I've seen (while lurking) that lurkers are frowned upon, so this site can blame itself when I start inserting my voices everywhere.


I'm in the process of creating a Tulpa. His name is Felix and he currently looks like a middle eastern man gussied up in Gryff's armor from Red vs Blue. Which is funny, since he's supposed to be an orange Church. But hey, each to his own.


I've got one little room of Wonderland mostly down, and usually have Felix mentally imaged out properly. (Mentally GIF-ed? Since he breathes?) Sometimes Wonderland decides ro not use that first-person POV and my view is skewed sideways, but we'll work through that.


Parting note, if I seem to, through a series of remarkable coincidences, match up with someone you kmow from another site or forum, those coincidenced are not an invitation to link up the two identities. Thanks.


To everyone else, nice to be here, we'll make great memories, I can't wait to embark on this new journey of my life with you all, etc.




Mer- Host. Salty, angsty teenage mermaid.

Felix- Tulpa. In progress. An optimistic, spontaneous suit of Spartan armor.

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It's probably because lurkers are scary. No one knows if they have tulpas or not... Scary.




*looks dramatically at lurkers* We may never know. lol But thanks. I've enjoyed adding my own thoughts.


Mer- Host. Salty, angsty teenage mermaid.

Felix- Tulpa. In progress. An optimistic, spontaneous suit of Spartan armor.

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