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Mass Intro' and Returns Thread


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not exactly sure how to start this off, but here goes.


haii everyone, i'm Mcgrady and my Tulpa's name is Scratch. at least, i'm pretty sure he's a Tulpa. he and i have been together for almost my entire life and its not until just a couple days that i even found out what he was. needless to say, we're both curious/excited about it so, here we are.





so this is my guy. he can be a bit of a handful sometimes and he can be overprotective, but at the end of the day he's super energetic and loves talking to other people.  i'm also not certain, but there are times when he can read into other people's minds? i dunno if he's for real or just yanking my chain. but some people have told me that his guesses are pretty accurate. 


Scratch: hay, hay you're gonna let me talk right?


yea in a sec...




as for myself i'm a 26 yr old nobody who has a hard time socializing. though, i've always often wondered if there were other folks like me out there...having just recently discovered even what to call this is an amazing step in the right direction. looking forward to getting to know all of you and your counterparts!


Scratch: dude, c'mon lemme say hi to everyone!


would you just calm down, i don't even know if it's ok for you to talk here.


Scratch: ok fine, but ima say hi to /somebody/ later...


honestly we're hopping that somebody could ask us questions so we can see if he really is a Tulpa. mostly because we don't even know what questions to ask.


Scratch: ask em if i can talk here!


pretty sure that's still a no.


Scratch: UGH the oppression is killing meeeeeee!

We don't expect anything, but we can hope for everyting!

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You can start an ask thread in the lounge or post a question in Questions and Answers.


Welcome both McGrady and Scratch!

"My lover's got humour,

She's the giggle at a funeral,

Knows everybody's disapproval,

I should've worshipped her sooner."


Host to Samuel, RavenIvy, and Olivia.




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Hey scratch. I don't know what to say, but no one has ever read into my mind. You won't be successful here. I'm like sitting in a black box. A very opaque black box.


You can also call it plurality or multiplicity.


Scratch: eh sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt. it's gotta be a mind i feel a connection to yo. i barely know you so it probably wouldn't work.

We don't expect anything, but we can hope for everyting!

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Holy sh*t where are we?


Hey guys, it's everyone's favorite tulpa. Gotta different favorite? Well, you're wrong.


I'm part of Ponytail's system, so I'm hardly new. Still, nice to have my own account.


EDIT: Also, this picture is actually me! Saylin drew me :D

I like umbrellas.

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Hi :)


I come from a french tulpa forum that has been...how to say it...Trolled so much that the community split in two parts. One part is official, linked to the forum, and the other one are made by the trolls. So I searched a new tulpa community where it's still alright, looks like I found it! So i'm sorry if my english isn't really fluent. I have 7 tulpa(Yes, 7, problem with that?) So i'm asking myself if there is a discord channel of this forum! It would be cool :)


I'm still in the other forum, because i'm attached to it. To the people, even if the majority talk behind my back. The non-official group really like to talk about me X) What is really sad is that the non-official group is more active than the original one.


My first tulpa is Menthe! It's Mint in french. She's a humanized version of Pinkie Pie. My second is Praline, an Hatsune Miku with elve ears and butterfly wings. My third one, Cannelle(Cinnamon in french), have blue hair, has cat ears and an animal skull on her head! My fourth(breath heavily) is Évangélyne. She's a furry fox. My fifth one is furry lynx named Dunkhan. My sixth one is a furry cat named Millenia and my last one is Juvia from Fairy Tail! Sometimes, she's Marcelline from Adventure Time. Don't ask me, I don't know.


Well, thats it! Glad to meet you.

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Bonjour et bienvenue!


Oui, cette communauté est vrais.


Your English is better than my French.


There is no discord channel for this forum. Just IRC. There is a large discord for /r/tulpas, and a smaller discord for tulpa.io


Bienvenue Menthe, Praline, Canelle, Évangélyne, Dunkhan, Mellenia, et Juvia!

Host comments in italics. Tulpa's log. Tulpa's guide.

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