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Mass Intro' and Returns Thread


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I picked it because Josh plays a lot of League of Legends and I really like the Cho'gath character from it. So when scrolling through to find me a picture, we saw this and I thought it was, well, sexy! The character drawn just oozes class and confidence too and is spooky.

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Hi there! We just joined this forum, and will go by the pseudonym "Crimson". I started my tulpa in February and am still working hard!


We won't be on here much, but we'll be sure to drop by once in a while...


(Did I do it right?)

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Hello, everyone. I am The Mask Maker, or MM for short. In an odd way, I've always had an interest in Tulpas without ever really having a name for it. I started lucid dreaming my sophomore year of high school, before I had a good grasp on mental focus and internal clarity, and that lead to mass amounts of hours spent in meditation as I got older. I eventually stopped lucid dreaming, but I have never stopped meditating, and often times I would picture a guide, or a friend, or some sentient thing behind my shoulder, guiding me, or just keeping me company.

It was a way to bounce my thoughts off of myself, but never anything truly constructive or focused. I recently came into the discovery of Tulpas, and I'm now a week into the process. So far it's just been narration and visualization, their name didn't even come to me until today. I've been browsing through here since the process began, reading guides and taking notes, and I just got the feeling that I needed to join if I was going to continue to do this right.

Well, regardless of why or how I got here, I look forward to getting to know the community. Me and my blooming Tulpa, Patchi, will be spending a great deal of time here in what is likely to be a long but fruitful journey.


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Hello, I am Starberry. I joined this site because I recently developed an interest in Tulpas, and would like to reconnect with an individual who used to show up in my dreams every so often. I have vivid dreams, and I enjoy deriving meaning from them. I also want to practice meditation. Because of my severe anxiety, I do not foresee myself venturing outside of Progress Reports or Tulpa Art (I am an artist). I hope I can get along with everyone here. Thank you for having me--or I should say 'us'.

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