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Mass Intro' and Returns Thread


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We are Suki...host & Tulpa ..we function in a similar manner to conjoined twins joined at the brain so we are telepathic and experience the body simultaneously.


We used to exist separately with Kitty (Tulpa) in an Inner World as like an 'imaginary friend' but then I (host)got fascinated with how conjoined twins could learn to control the body after watching a documentary on some and we decided to try it as Kitty had achieved sentience by then but we just talked to each other in our heads.


We now prefer to see ourselves as one as far as the outside world is concerned (of course they only see me-host) But I wondered if we could find anywhere for Kitty to talk to other Tulpa's too as herself too and found this forum.





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Hello! I’m mnx, I have not yet created a tulpa but am interested in learning as much as I can about them, I know that they are a big commitment and I hope to have a tulpa or two in the future!

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Welcome mnx! 😁 It's good to have you here, and it's good that you're learning as much as you can about tulpas before diving in. I wish you good luck on your journey! 

Tulpa Wife & Mother! 💚 

💍 11.28.21 👶 4.7.23
👗 Simmie's AI Dress-Up!   📷 Phil and Simmie's Photographic Adventures!


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Hi, i am Neveriel. I've been lurking in the Tulpas community for quite some time, and I've even been featured on the Reddit community, but now, I've decided to join this site again to create an account on it. I'm an experienced tulpamancer, however, sometimes I need help with my skills. I am also autistic

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Hi everyone! You can call me Bee. I'm the host to a wonderful tulpa named Athelas. I got serious about tulpamancy in June of last year and have been lurking around this site ever since. Reading everyone's progress reports has been really inspiring for us. We made a deal that we'd join the forum if I could consistently journal our progress every day for a month, so here I am!

Host: Bee 🐝

Tulpas:  Lenore 🕸️ Calliope 🐲 and Athelas 🌿 ((Sometimes we talk on here too.))


Take a moment to think of just 

Flexibility, love, and trust

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hey! i am teo! i guess that's pretty obvious lol

i am 19 and i have yet to make my first tulpa. i will start the process soon and i am so excited to have them with me. but i need to wait a little longer  so i can continue my reasearch till im satisfied i can do this well.


i actually found this forum while looking for resources on tulpa creation. then i really liked it here so i decided to hang around.

i am not good with technology and this is the first forum ive ever joined.



(i have somehow already managed to mark everyting on the site as read and cant undo it so that proves it. also, any help is welcome)


i am having a lot of fun reading through the progress report threads and i might make one of my own.


that's all i have to say for now. i hope i will learn much here and maybe talk to some cool people (and tulpas)!


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