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What is a tulpa?

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  • Or simply wanting to feel there's someone higher than themselves that can surpass their own competence to make them feel warm and fuzzy in a twisted and sadomasochistic manner



This. Ahahahah. I love this.

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I still have yet to find the time to contribute anything of value to this thread.


In the meantime, I wanted to bump it back to the top for those who might've missed it, and link JD1215's excellent discussion on the topic of tulpa ontology. I hope to encourage more open discourse and conjecture about tulpa mechanics, even if it means entertaining occult ideologies.


Anyone else?

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My belief is that tulpae are basically a mind trick. Back in high school drivers education, they showed an image of an intersection for roughly 10 seconds, then turned off the prompter for 10 seconds and asked where the stop sign was. Everyone (myself included) said the same thing, but when they showed the image again, the"stop sign" was a yield sign. We had mentally tricked ourselves to fit what we percieved through a trick question.


When one tulpaforces, they are doing similar, forcing the mind to accept a reality not actually present. Over time, the brain simply comes to accept it.


Does that mean tulpae are lessened because of this? No, if anything it makes them more real because the trick has taken residence within the mind and has become its own entity, and no longer a "trick" on the senses.


This is exactly how I always explain the phenomenon to people who don't know what it is. A "mind trick"


It's the brain thinking that what we're communicating with is real, but it's really not there so it makes it real by communicating back in tulpa form



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Way I see it, its like taking a apple seed, planting it, nourishing it and then getting an apple tree.


Youre just taking brain power, sectioning off, nuturing it, building sentience/sapience whichever, and getting a conscious being.


You get apples from apple trees (Which come from apples), so i dont see why the same couldnt be said of making a consious being from your own conscious.


Then again, im an uneducated and unscientific pleb so this is the best reasoning i've got. And if that doesnt work then there's always option C:


Brain Demons.

We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness in this world.


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Guest LambsAreLovely

First of all, I do not have a vast amount of skepticism about anything when it comes to what truly exists within the world, universe, realm etc. Sometimes I am unsure if I am real, but that is entirely unrelated, I think.


What is a Tulpa? I have gathered limited information about Tulpas, though I am not sure if the information is accurate, so please correct me if I am wrong. Tulpas were mentioned by Buddhists, and according to the Wikipedia (and I am aware of how unreliable it is at times, with due respect) the Buddhists presented the Tulpas as a kind of test. Tulpas are created by almost dividing the brain, as if to create another being. The students of the Buddhists (I am very ignorant when it comes to Buddhism) were apparently told that the Tulpas were deities, which was false, and he who believed that the Tulpa was a deity would have failed the test and would be stuck with an uncomfortable hallucination.


So this brings me back to my question. Until today I had never heard of Tulpas, and I am truly fascinated by them. I think I may even have one, to be honest. His name is something like Joseph, but when I ask him to clarify he laughs at Me. We have been companions for a very long time, I cannot imagine a life lacking him. Almost everyone has dismissed him as an imaginary friend brought on by an overly active imagination, but I just feel as though there is too much there.


I can see him, touch, feel and even smell him. He is my best friend, mainly because he knows me so well and because I can talk to him about anything. Sometimes I become angry with him because he is very reserved and does not always enjoy to speak of himself, and definitely not of others. I admire him for his love and gentleness towards humanity, which at times is quite contrary to my own way of living.


There is much more I could say about him, but I am afraid it would be off topic. What is a Tulpa? I am anxious to obtain a greater understanding, because I think it will help me to understand a little more what I am going through.

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Well you see, it's quite simple.


You click this link and read it.

That should answer the question of "What is a tulpa?"


Also, it would be nice if you could type your posts in more than one single long extended paragraph - it's difficult to read raw walls of text with no division between ideas.

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[since they deleted themselves, I took the liberty of editing the block paragraph of the second to last poster's entry for legibility. And because their topic had the same name and basic concept as this one, I merged the two.]

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Honestly I think tulpas are our way to tap into our subconscious in a conscious way. I don't think it's actually possible to just think real hard and have access to you subconscious thought. through hypnosis or deep introspection you can realize things that you do and that you are doing them because of your subconscious, but I don't really think you can just peer into with cognitive understanding when ever you want.


Because we can't do that, I think tulpas are the bridge to the gap. We create a separate mind within ourselves and some of have been able to get their tulpas to interact with their own subconscious in ways they can't themselves.


Tuppers are our friends, lovers to some, our emotional support, someone who will understand us better than anyone else we will ever meet in our entire lives. But they really are a part of ourselves. They can go deeper in our minds than we can and I believe that's because they are a conscious part of our subconscious mind presented by our mind in a way we can process, interact with and understand.

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Honestly, I feel that a tulpa is basically a healthy and self-induced form of Dissociative Identity Disorder (formerly known as Multiple Personality Disorder). The thing is that in DID, a second personality is usually created through mental trauma, and is essentially used by the sufferer to absorb mental pain and anguish. I feel that "forcing" is simply a different way to get the same results (not absorbing pain, but creating a second personality). In DID, a new personality is usually designed specifically to stand up to a certain form of mental anguish. My conclusion is that there is some kind of subconscious "forcing" process similar to what we use, perhaps even starting out as "I wish there was someone else to bear my pain." Obviously, tulpas tend not to be created in such a violent manner, but the fact is that a tulpa is almost exactly like a secondary personality experienced by a DID sufferer (except that we consciously want our tulpas here, rather than creating them out of a desire to protect ourselves). While typically associated with some form of body or visualization, it is apparently not strictly necessary for a tulpa to have a hallucinatory body, or even a visualized form, so I do not think that the actual form of the tulpa is part of the core of what a tulpa is, and I will thus not include it in my theory.

My tulpa

Name: Tammy

Sex: female

Species: Anthro (red fox)

Working on: imposition

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These theories are all interesting, and probably more than a few of them plausible, but the thing that has been nagging me when I see these theories, from what I have seen, there isn't really any definite research/studies that confirm or deny any of these hypotheses.


So here is my question: Is there any research, or reasonably solid evidence at all of what a tupper is? I know that if there actually WAS an end-all, be-all answer, that this thread would not exist.

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