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Visualisation and forcing help.

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Okay so I've recently started creating my tulpa her name is mary.


anyway when i talk to mary (or force) i need to imagine a form otherwise i don't feel like I'm talking to anybody, so i imagine her as best i can but all i can kind of get is what she would be wearing (blue jeans, full sleeve white undershirt, blue overskirt) and flashes of hair (brown) and different facial expressions when i am talking about her personality (i.e. a smile when i am talking about how nice she is).


1) i guess my questions is am i doing this right?


2) is my visualisation meant to be this bad? like i can't "see" anything just imagine i can see them if that makes sense.


3) how do i improve my visualisation (like exercises).


thankyou for your help sorry for the noobyniss XD

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I wrote some tips on improving visualization here. Search for "more vivid". It's about wonderlands, but it can apply to tulpas as well.


My advice is to have a good idea what she looks like. If you already have a model for her, great. If not, I suggest you get one. You can pick out a model from a stock photography website like shutterstock.


If you're not comfortable with using a real person as your model, I still suggest going to Shutterstock, but pick out parts of people. Something like "her eyes are like this woman, her nose is like this woman, she has hands like this one," and so on.


You can also create a face for her if you want to put the time and effort into it.


This may sound a little odd, but pick out a good pair of eyebrows for her. Studies show (pdf) that we recognize people better by their eyebrows than by their eyes.


Also, try an art project with her. If you can, paint or draw her. If you can't, there are a bunch of projects you can try here that don't require a lot of artistic ability. But visual art improves visualization, and you'll find that her form sticks in your mind much better after an hour painting her (or whatever) than it would otherwise.


One more thing: tends to be very visual-centric, but you might be an auditory person. If this sounds like you, you might do better working on her voice first. The same advice applies: pick out a model voice, or make one yourself, and do art -- remixing it works well. Auditory hallucinations are more common than visual hallucinations, so this may be a much easier place to start.

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Guest Anonymous

Write down your visualisations:


Write down everything about your

tulpa. Its hair, cloths, face, body, etc.

When you have written down all

necessary details, then visualise your

tulpa in the same way you have written.

You can do the same for wonderlands also.

Writing down your visualisations gives

them a structure and you get a plan to

follow.You do this kind of visualisation

everytime you read a novel or a story. If you think you cannot visualize at all

do these exercises:


1. Take a photo and look at it for a minute. Try to remember every detail in the photo like colours, people, objects etc. Close your eyes and try to recreate it in your mind's eye in as much detail as possible. You can look at it again if you want. Do this exercise until you become good at visualisation.


2. Take a book. Now, close your eyes

and imagine its front, the back, the

sides, it opened, it closed, Imagine what it feels and smells like and even its taste.When you can recreate the book in your mind's eye then, try to impose it on reality like a tulpa.


3. In this exercise, simply try to change

colour of an object with your eyes open. This can be done anywhere and




You have to see through your mind's

eye e.g when you think how you looked in mirror yesterday that thought is always accompanied with an imaginery image and that is what seeing with mind's eye is -Imagining. When you are visualising imagine the thing there

instead of expecting it to appear in back of closed physical eyes.

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