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Redback Spino

Location, Location, Location!

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I was browsing around the forum and I'm wondering, where are all these fine folks in the world? So basically, this is a thread to just talk about where in the world you're located, both to get an idea of the distribution of the tulpamancy community, and maybe giving ideas for future IRL meetups.


Of course, you need only be as specific as you want to be, and for safety's sake, no exact-addresses of course. Save those for PMs :P.


I guess I'll start it off: I'm based in London, England, and will be based there for at least a few more years, preferably staying there (It's a nice city, I know my way around and it's got most things I need, so it makes sense.)

[align=center]Host: Mike "Redback"

Tulpa name: Deortabe

Appearance: Female deer with glittery hooves.

Begun: 04/09/14

Progress: Basic appearance starting to take shape, possible first signs of sentience.[/align]

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I'm currently residing in the wonderfully intolerant state of South Carolina in the USA. In the upstate, it's a bit nicer, but not as cold as I would like. I want to move to Denmark someday.

[align=center]Even though my username is that of my tulpa, Quilten, my name is Phaneron, the host, who does all of the actual posting.

Tulpas: Quilten, Jira


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Walter and I are from New Hampshire!

Tulpa: Walter

age: 8 years (feels that he is 19)

Likes: Vanilla ice cream, scary movies

appearance: Short black hair, tall, grey eyes. Likes to wear a black vest over a white dress shirt and pants.


host: Amanda

age: 19

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Guest amber5885

Im in the heart of good ol Kentucky in a Podunk town of less than 7000 but at least we have a wal Mart :D


I could Litteraly walk from one end of town to the other in 3 hours. That's how small it is.

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I'm from Virginia -- DC suburbs. No Walmart here. I have to drive 20 minutes or so to get to it.

"Some things have to be believed to be seen." - Ralph Hodgson

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