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Location, Location, Location!

Redback Spino

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Ellicott City, Howard County, Maryland.


Too specific? Hmm, nah, I don't think so.

"Don't listen to friends when the friend inside you says 'Do this.'" -Gandhi


Tulpa Name: Ellie

Created: 11/13/13

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Cheyenne, Wyoming, USA.I plan on moving to either Washington state or Arizona when I turn 18 though.

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Crystal Lake, Illinois. Es ist sehr kalt heir...

Reality is a story the mind tells itself. An artificial structure conjured into being by the calcium ion exchange of a million synaptic firings. A truth so strange it can only be lied into existence. And our mind can lie. Never doubt it...

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Seattle, Washington


In good 'ol Murica

Name: Dusk Rune

Species: Bat Pony

Gender/Sex: Female/Female

Appearance: Tan coat, Light brown mane & tail with a silver streak. Blue eyes and wings.

Current Stage: Imposition


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