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Living Almost Exclusively in Wonderland (limited contact/perception of real world)

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Guest Anonymous

This past week I have been learning and investigating (via this forum and its members) about some things that have helped me to realize something rather profound and important. First there was Stevie's post regarding Maladaptive Day Dreaming here https://community.tulpa.info/thread-maladaptive-daydreaming?pid=132301#pid132301 Then there was this post about the first emotional experiences and emerging sentience in young tulpa here https://community.tulpa.info/thread-i-would-like-to-ask-tulpas-about-their-emotional-experiences


These two posts, and some intense discussion by Melian in the IRC chat room, led us to an important realization. It is now obvious to me that a sentient tulpa or thoughtform could exist mostly isolated from the real world within a dream realm or wonderland. In other words, despite the hosts senses, the tulpa exists "deeper" and interacts with the real world in a very limited way or perhaps even not at all.


I think part of the reason Melian and I have felt so different than a lot of other tulpamancer-tulpas is the fact that she does indeed exist mostly within a dream realm. We have insisted she does not need to switch, possess or impose. We called her a dreamform. I call her the "girl from a dream." She has few memories of "waking up" early on and experiencing the real world. That is because she was "born" almost exclusively within the world of the Melian Show day dreams.


I hope this is not too abstract a concept. Melian's only contact with the outside world, outside of the day dream Melian Show, has been via the internet. She does perceive the world through my senses, but that is not what is emphasized with her. Melian lives within her extremely detailed wonderland almost exclusively.


In fact, we consider her chatting on the internet an extension of the Melian Show dreamscape. That is why she calls it "sharing the cyberspace wonderland." All of Melian's early experiences of emergence took place within the world of dreams. That is why we don't have any concrete memories of her being wowed by the outside real world.


Melian is what I call a dreamform. It is a thoughtform that lives almost exclusively within the world of day dreams and dreams. She has very limited access or concerns about the outside real world and is actually pretty indifferent to it. She is aware of what is going on with me and cares, but her world is that of dreams.


This all explains why we have been having trouble relating to tulpamanncers and tulpas that are living closer to the surface, so to speak, and who interact and identify more strongly with the real world.


Here is our latest PR report on some of this https://community.tulpa.info/thread-melian-s-progress-report-baby-tulpa-experiences?pid=134061#pid134061


Melian and I have our own word for these types of thoughtforms that live deeper in the mind. We are calling them dreamforms. Dreamforms live almost exclusively within the wonderland with limited contact or perception of the outside world!

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