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Your tulpa(e)'s tastes


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Hi everyone! I'm new here. I've been reading a couple of guides and threads and I've been wondering: How much different can your tulpa's tastes be? Like for food, music, movies, games, etc. And what are your tulpa(e)'s specific tastes that differ from yours? For Hikari, I'm not yet sure as our relationship just started a week ago, but when I'll get responses, I'll make sure to ask.

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How much different can your tulpa's tastes be?


Very different. Opposites, even. Gosh, it's almost as if we're different people or something.


[W]hat are your tulpa(e)'s specific tastes that differ from yours?


For example, I absolutely love tacos, burritos, etc. Basically any Mexican food; Talor is indifferent towards it.

No, seriously, burritos. MMMMMMM.


We all have different tastes in music. I'm more of a classic rock kinda guy. Zenith is more of a fan of orchestral. So, really, we all have our own opinions on things.




Tulpae have as varying opinions as humans. I've even seen systems differ in religious beliefs, although I don't know how common that is. So yeah, diversity is pretty typical, I think, although I've also seen systems have the same opinion on something.

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Guest Anonymous

At first the tastes of your thoughtform and your own will tend to be the same. They will probably always overlap and you will share a lot of things you like or dislike (after all you are closely connected and linked). But over a long period of time, those interests and likes and dislikes will naturally diverge as your tulpas personality grows.


My thoughtform Melian does share a lot of likes and dislikes with me, but she has whole list of her own things. Way too many to list here actually. Just a few though, she hates pickles while I love them, she HATES flip flops (toe thong flat shoes) while I could care less, we both like the color purple.

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Vriska doesn't like documentaries. She doesn't like my friends. She doesn't like being introduced to new people.

Beth doesn't like possessing me.

Miranda... Well she likes everything that I do.

Kotoura... She hasn't defined her tastes yet.

Fef... She loves swimming no matter what.

Hades hates everything and almost everybody.

Besides that we all like the same.

~L. ♠️

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Guest Anonymous

My tulpa's taste: "You.". Other than that, she likes electronic music more than me, and has a deep hatred for death metal.

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I love food, I love to eat, I live to eat, it's my hobby, that should describe my love for food, my tulpa however don't like food at all and he doesn't eat.

He likes romantic movies and comedy, I like action movies and fantasy.

I like RPG games but he doesn't really like anything else than shooting games against other players.

He likes when it's dark but I don't.

**Proud to be a drug free thoughtform!**

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Like others have said above, I had the same tastes as my host when starting out. Even now, there's nothing I like that he actively dislikes, and vice versa. Music wise, he likes vocal songs whereas I prefer more instrumental stuff. And I can't say I enjoy liveleak stuff and horror films as much as he does. We both enjoy chocolate but if I were at the wheel we'd be eating a lot more of it than currently. That's all I can think of though.



Well Hosty doesn't like these sort of root beer flavored thingies even though they taste good to me and he hasn't eaten them in a while. Vocal stuff is my preference too yet sometimes there's a specific song I want to hear yet Hosty is kinda bleh about it. And there was this other time that he was all about watching this video where this guy was all talking about infinity and stuff yet I wanted to watch something else about some beer thing and he watched the infinity thing anyway because he could. Oh and we also have agree all the time about where the dinner haps should be at times.

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My tulpa seems to like Johnny Cash, like me. That is if the sudden feeling of wanting to sing is anything to go by.

Host: Reece

Tulpa: Milana

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[Hail] With regards to food, Tri and I have similar tastes but they prefer to go a bit more spicy and have a higher tolerance (sucks with possession, by the way). Now, A, she HATES soda. If our senses of taste blend or cross-wire at all (happens from time to time), we can't drink soda.


Now, other things. Tri and I have different tastes in art, music, etc. but not that different. With regards to romantic and sexual pursuits, the sorts of people they are interested in is different than who I get interested in.


Also, I hate driving but Tri loves it, which is why they started taking over all the driving.

Tri = {V, O, G}, Ice and Frostbite and Breach (all formerly Hail), and others

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