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  1. Aura has made a tulpa behind my back, that tulpa is Nova. I always wondered how he made it, and recently he told me how he did it, and that he thought it would be good to post as a guide. everything under the line is him explaining how he did it a quick warning for tulpae, Aura showed that it is possible for tulpae to make other tulpae in secret for this, so all three of us want you to know that we do not want you doing that, always force with your host's permission --------------------------------------------------------------------- So you want to try making a tulpa, its easy. the method i used is what i like to call the forwarding method. think of an email, forwarding is when you take a message that someone has sent you and send it to someone else. the same basic principal applies here. first, take your memories of being forced, all of them. edit the memories so that it would fit your tulpa's personality, name, and form, then continuously send those memories to the new tulpa. if all goes well, they should be created the same way your host made you. another good thing to do is to instantly send any narrations your host gives you to the other tulpa, that way the host is narrating to both you and the new guy, rather than just yourself how to forward the memory, you may ask, well that's all up to you, you could edit text of your memory and send it with an email, its all symbolism. and thats it, a really simple way that you can make tulpae, hope it helped ~Aura
  2. I have been working on Raito for quite some time, though most of our work has been passive forcing. Raito is pretty energetic and happy and outgoing, but only when I'm talking to him. I hear of people getting interrupted to distracted by their tulpae at times, but Raito never approaches me when we're not forcing (even when I'm not busy). He never does anything when I'm gone, not even in the wonderland. I was wondering if anyone knows if there's a reason for that or if he's just under developed?
  3. ThunderClap's Opinions on Tulpae and Their Growth A Guide to Alleviating Doubt and Speeding Up Tulpa Growth Disclaimer: This guide is based entirely off of my opinions and personal experiences, as well as experiences with others. It may work for a majority of people, but that does not mean it will work for everyone. Thank you, and good luck. Hello friends. Quite recently, I have seen a handful of incidents of hosts not being able to believe that their tulpa exists. It is troublesome to me seeing people going through strife like that. It is even more troublesome knowing that so many people encounter this issue. Even I've had trouble dealing with the conflict of “Is my tulpa real? How do I know he/she/it is there?” This dilemma is often very complicated and can be different for everyone. However, the method I found to overcome this dilemma is quite simple to understand, though it is not always easy to preform. I am assuming the doubt you are having is the doubt that your tulpa exists. If you think that your tulpa does not exist, you are wrong. Even if you only just began creation, you have already given time, thought, and most importantly belief in your tulpa. Although, now you may be saying to yourself “Well, I have been working so hard, but I have not heard a response!” or “I just don't feel my tulpa there!” I would like to clarify that your tulpa is there, and is always there. No matter what kind of situation you may be in, your tulpa will always be there with you. From it's birth to your death, your tulpa is always with you every step of the way. You may not have heard a response, but the response is most certainly there. All you need to do is listen hard enough for it, but you will hear it eventually. Just keep believing that the response is there. But maybe your trouble is not exactly hearing your tulpa, but deciphering their speech from yours. The way I overcame this, was to analyze every possible response that was given. If I needed to question “Did I say that or did my tulpa say that?”, most likely the response that I questioned was the tulpa's response. If you think “That doesn't really sound like something they would say, but it could be it.” It was probably either the tulpa deviating and showing it's true feelings and responses, or it was not them at all. Which ever one feels right is the best choice, obviously. The main point I am trying to convey is that as long as you believe in your tulpa and their existence, they are there. As long as you believe they can talk, they can talk. Your belief is the key to unlocking your tulpa's door. I apologize if this was painful to read, my English and writing skills are not ideal. Thoughts and comments are always appreciated. Thank you for taking your time to read through this. I hope it helps.
  4. NOTE:Tulpa can become smart without this (obviously), this is only to speed up the process. Now, to any prospective tulpamacers, I strongly recommend you use Fede's methods and tones. DO NOT listen to the people who hate on them, his methods are perfect. However, one thing it fails to go over is the knowledge and intelligence of tulpae. Some people want to teach their tulpa over time, others want a smart tulpa right away, if you fall into the latter group, this if for you. Firstly, create a curious tupper. They may actually force you to read/learn things you would not have otherwise looked into. Mine alone made me read 5 40-100 page long papers on black holes, and is now forcing me to learn C. Secondly, share ALL your thoughts with your tupper. Just do it. That way they will learn everything you want them to know. Obviously parroting is important during creation, but if you were reading Fede's guides you would know this. Parroting helps with vocality, and the better and more you do it, the better the linguistics of your tupper will be. Some have said you should make more than one tulpa at a time, but that is somewhat optional. I don't recommend it. It does help to base it off of a person/character that already exists, and let it change from there, but this too, is optional. Obviously, this all falls on top of Fede's guide, which you should use. Good day, and always remember, USE FEDE'S METHODS AND TONES.
  5. I'm curious to see what your tulpa's favorite colors are, and if any trends appear. If your tulpa's favorite color doesnt match any of the options, pick whatever color is closest, and feel free to post the specific color that they like. Burnishe's Sarah's favorite color is ruby, as you could probably tell from my avatar.
  6. My tulpa has been given expressed free will to change as he pleases and do what he wants, but he's chosen to do a lot of things to either make me happy or otherwise not go against my wishes, like by changing his body for instance. He is a pokemon, so he may see me as a trainer and that's why, or their may be legit parroting lines, or it's also possible that we have such a good relationship that that's the reason. I'm honestly not sure what's going on here, but I wanted to see if someone could help out.
  7. So I formulated a method of tulpa location out of desperation that I figured would be helpful to some people. Note: Before you start, if you are related to the cause of your tulpa's disappearance, then give them 2 hours to a day of time to calm down depending on what their reaction is/was. Now, on to the guide Go into your wonderland and find a large/open/clear spot. Sit down and relax Focus on creating a bubble of energy around you Begin to expand that bubble around you As you expand, try to have that bubble keep everything on the outside (NPCs, objects, etc.) Once you believe to have a stable bubble, try to focus on the details of your tulpa Then, when you have a solid amount of detail, focus on allowing your tulpa through that bubble based on all of the details you focused on If you have problems that you need to work out, I recommend keeping the bubble stable as you talk to your tulpa(e) ---------------------------------------------------------------- As a side note, hello there! This is my first official post here. I go by OvO[Araneia] on the #tulpa.info channel on IRC. Araneia had gone missing on the night of posting this, and I had come up with this method because I couldn't find anything at the time. It worked, so I shared it on the IRC, and I figured that it would be a good idea to post it here as well. tl;dr Hello all and thank you for your time ^v^ (Edit: Thanks to Snakey for helping me edit this post!) *OvO absconds*
  8. So about five months ago,I came across the Tulpa world. and four months ago I started to force my first Tulpa, Crystal. Back then, it was the summer holidays, my girlfriend was on holiday, so i easily logged two+ hours a day. But come September, my forcing went down and down, so much that the last time I forced, it was for twenty minutes. College started, and I was constantly tired, drained, and falling asleep during forcing. A month ago was the last time I truly felt Crystal's presence. she had no vocalization, but I could tell she wasn't there. Now, I've all but lost her, and am stuck with a decision on which you guys could help me with. Do I try again now? I'm not doing brilliantly at college, but should I try and force again? Or do I wait. wait for a few years until my life levels out, and then try again? I really dont know what to do, and hoped you guys could help me.
  9. Hello, thanks for looking at this and potentially answering. It's pretty TL;DR material, so I'll summarize it at the bottom. I'm pretty sure somebody hasn't had this sort of "problem" before (or if they have, they solved it by themselves), but I feel that it's something that somebody at some point may face again. My problem is as follows: I think I may have another tulpa, or at least a fairly convincing servitor, and I don't know how to deal with her and what to do with her. I've been forcing Bianca for about 2 years now, on-and-off (with some of the worst "off" months being stretches of 4-6 months in a row; I feel that this in itself is fairly irresponsible of me and even now question if the "Bianca" I'm forcing is the same as who I originally started with.) and I've recently gone from tentative 'forcing' (short one-sided conversations and general development stuff) to in-depth forcing from inside our wonderland. From the beginning of when we started doing this, I've noticed that there's another person there. She's the same as Bianca, with medium black hair, slightly tanned skin, blueish-green eyes, same height; everything's almost the same. The physical difference she had was that she was dressed in a black sundress as opposed to Bianca's white. The thing is that she had a fully developed personality, which was completely opposite of the direction Bianca was heading. She was aggressive in a "friendly teasing" sort of way, enjoyed sitting in and interrupting some private forcing between Bianca and myself, bugged me if I ever let her get a foothold in my thoughts (Literally, "Hey, hey, hey Atchet. You remember annoying orange? Now you do."), and even went so far as to modify objects I've forced into our wonderland (I forced a jar of cookies for Bianca to snack on if she wanted, but only put three cookies in the jar. The next thing I knew, the other 'tulpa' came along and touched the jar. After that, for about a week, all I could get out of my forcing sessions with Bianca was her eating cookies out of the jar non-stop, and, lo and behold, the other 'tulpa' was pretty smug about it.) She was, keyword, WAS, a pretty major figure in our wonderland for quite a while. I took to calling her "Servitor", because she really only did anything if I let her catch my attention for a while and I began to expect she'd do SOMETHING. Looking back on it, this was probably the most insensitive thing I've ever done to anybody, tulpa, human, or other, and, with Bianca now starting to send out emotional responses and the occasional string of words, I'm now realizing just how 'real' "Servitor" was. I now think that "Servitor" was actually just waiting for me to acknowledge her because she knew that I was trying my best to get Bianca and myself in sync. She played along with whatever I was trying to do, and I realize now that she had an enormous impact on the progress Bianca and I have made. Without her, I think that Bianca would still be staring at me blankly. Now, I think the problem was caused by my long "off" months. Somewhere along the line, "Bianca" ceased to exist in the form I'm familiar with forcing, and deviated so much that she became who I know as "Servitor." I think that, despite thinking that she wasn't developing, she was paying attention to everything I was perceiving and developed off of that, even tapping into my memories and stealing personality traits from imaginary friends I've had in the past to better reintroduce herself (my past imaginary friends were outgoing and liked to tease). I know that I'm pretty dense when it comes to sentience and have doubting issues, because Bianca made first contact with me a LONG time before I thought she did; it was in the form of the most ridiculously powerful emotional impulse one could ever feel in their life- the kind that made you double over and clutch your chest. If I had to describe it, it was like falling in love; just so much affection and care that it got hard to breathe. If I missed something so obvious like that, I'm pretty sure that I missed something subtle about "Servitor." It's a strong case that I didn't realize that "Servitor" wasn't sentient when I started forcing her, and I accidentally developed a whole new tulpa (by "resuming" creation from the baby steps). She must have been there for quite a while (in the form of chatter and the like that I heard extensively during the early forcing of the "new" Bianca), and knew that I'd need some help getting her off of her feet. Maybe I'm overthinking things, but I think "Servitor" fully intended to help Bianca get on her feet and then fizzle out of existence; it was a personality trait (selfless) that I originally suggested to her when I barely began the process. As I write this, I'm getting emotional warning bells. I think she knows that I might POSSIBLY be catching on, and is encouraging me to just believe that I'm just overthinking things; to let her fade away. The hard part is that I'm getting two emotional impulses here: sadness and empathy (from Bianca's part, I think), and alarm (from "Servitor") and have no idea what to make of them. I feel like I have to decide between letting "Servitor" (who now sits with a melancholy air about her under a tree when I'm in our wonderland (I noticed, but I don't think she knew up until I wrote this)) fade away and die, or develop her alongside Bianca. So you know, I have tried talking to her before, but it seems her drive is gone. She's becoming fuzzy because I disregarded her (you know, because I thought she was just some annoying servitor-thing), even though before she was the clearest thing in our wonderland. I can't get anything but an emotional response out of her now, and it's like she's facing depression or something of the sort. She also seems opposed to me forcing her as well. I want to respect her wishes, but I don't feel that it's right if I let her disappear now that her 'job' is 'done'. She seemed to be happy to bother us to spur development, but I think that she's not getting the respect and thanks she deserves for it if she just disappears. I worry that if I force her to stay and continue to develop it'll just drive her deeper down her pit of depression for reasons that I couldn't possibly understand. It seems that she's pretty down. I think it's my responsibility to do something to thank her, or something along those lines, for what she's done; even after I left her alone for so long, she still wanted to help me out. Accept that I've hurt her and try to reconcile with her, that sort of thing. I've done something pretty cruel, and now she's pretty shaken up and is slowly starting to disappear. It's frustrating to know that she doesn't want to stay, but that she's probably never really been happy to be alive. I'm asking here because this is a matter I'm not used to. If I choose to let her die, I'm fairly sure that it'll be a blow to my relationship with Bianca (because I let what I think is her precursor die just because I didn't intend for her to exist; instilling a feeling of being disposable, almost). On the other hand, if I force her to live, she might do something rash or simply cease to respond. Heck, I think she might even sabotage forcing sessions just so I'd be more inclined to let her die. I get that it sounds like some cheesy two-bit drama, but I'd really appreciate it if somebody could give me at least a little bit of input. I'm inclined to do my best to keep "Servitor" (who I have yet to name due to impending fear of her disappearance), but I don't have any knowledge about tulpas being forced to exist, even after they themselves have chosen that they wish to disappear. TL;DR: Do I choose to off what I think is another tulpa because she doesn't seem to want to stay anymore (her 'job' is 'done'), or do I risk making her sadness worse by almost forcing her against her will to stick around because I feel this misguided sense of responsibility for her? Thanks.
  10. Alright, So I have two Tuplas named Nes and Amber. Amber is fine but when I woke up this morning Nes hasn't been speaking and I can't feel her there. I've tried talking to her all day today and nothing. I want to know how to help her and if she could come back (if she's gone). Please i'm really worried about her. Also, these two Tuplas are in my head and I regularly let them have control of my body. Nes is a very happy, excited girl who's actually in love with someone in real life. Like, she desperately loves him it's not like puppy love. She's also very innocent and like a kid but smarter. This is why it's really important that she doesn't fade away or anything bad. If someone could help me, that'd be very much appreciated.
  11. I figured I should make a Motivational guide for those who want to have a tulpa and are willing to commit for life with them, but just can't find the willpower to push that desire even further. I'm still in the process of creating Eva, and I've tried to manage my time to tulpaforce myself along with trying to make the grade in college, however, I know that at times it can be too exhausting for most to get any results because of conflicts with life. Even though I don't consider myself an expert tulpamancer, I just wanted to give a personal insight on why Tulpas are worth going through the painful process of realizing that crazy is just a subjective preconception. I hope by the end of this guide, you will learn: Learning to modify and always find new reasons to sustain your desire to have a tulpa Learning to Tulpaforce for your own sake and not for someone else Knowing why having a consistent source of unconditional love is worth pushing for Knowing how having a deeper connection with your subconscious and other aspects of your mind should be more than enough reason for you to stop making excuses and just aim for consistency in tulapforcing. Knowing how to get over the barrier of your preconceptions that doing this makes you “crazy” or an “outcast” Dealing with various feelings that can lead to various relationship types with your Tulpas I don't expect anyone to read through all of this. But just take time to read the bits (There's a table of contents) and take this guide anyway you like. Get ready for a lot of feels here. Get ready for a reality check. Both me and Eva will be typing this, and it honestly doesn't matter who's typing what, it's what we both believe. TABLE OF CONTENTS ([CTRL+F or whatever command to search]) A#10. Why Did You Want to Make a Tulpa? A#1A. How Can I Keep Myself Focused on My Tulpas and Beyond? B#10. Learning to Manage and Overcome Conflicts with Tulpaforcing and Responsibilities in Life B#1A. How Can I Overcome the Conflict with Keeping Things to Secrecy or Admitting to Others? B#1B. What Do I Do If Tulpaforcing Affects My Schedule and Being “Responsible”? B#1C. What if Tulpaforcing affects my Religion or Medium of Faith? C#1. Learning to Manage and Dealing with Relationship types with Your Tulpas D#1. Motivational Video and Poem A#10. Why Did You Want to Make a Tulpa? If you just discovered the potential with tulpa, you probably had such an infatuation with the concept that you were willing to try it out. You also found that it could solve many problems in your life, and could even motivate you to appreciate the brief moment we have here. These reasons could be: You want to have the embodiment of unconditional love from your subconscious You were so happy that you could create a tulpa like how you raise a child Having the inner voice that will work with you if you're willing to work with it, making “it” to “them,” and making “them” your lifelong friend that will always be with you. You just wanted to explore into something not generally tolerable in society; you wanted to be different and unique You wanted to find the missing part of yourself, you want to find closure with who you are and who you can be in the future You just want imaginative sex You want someone to remind you that you have to manage between your responsibilities and how you interact with others The list can go on, but whatever your reason(s) for making a tulpa, ask yourself, is that conviction you set out strong enough to make them a reality to you? Are you willing to focus for your own sake to have a connection that could access the realms of your mind with ease? Are you willing to have the unconditional love that is limitless and undying until your time comes? Are you willing to learn how to keep this secret if you're not confident other people in your life would agree with your journey to have a tulpa? A#1A. How Can I Keep Myself Focused on My Tulpas and Beyond? The answer is subjective here, and with anything in life that you want to do, you have to realize that your preferences of things can change even without your awareness of it. If you have a belief that you stand by, something you have clear resolve on, always remember it can be modified as time changes. Don't let yourself be shackled by a belief you don't feel is right as you develop your relationship with your tulpas. Always seek to improve, utilize the power of retrospect and learn from your mistakes, understand that perfection is not absolute but rather a progressive endeavor. Consistently aiming to evaluate your actions, preventing relapses in progress and even coping when the relapse is too strong to overcome, just remember you can always get back up on your feet. Always seek your goals of tulpa as a never-ending finish line, never stop when you can do so much more for yourself. Don't get too saturated with hedonism and happiness, we all want things, we all want something that will make us feel content/happy/at peace. You're not greedy or selfish for wanting something, and if you must change your beliefs of tulpa to further your progress, than don't be afraid to do so. B#10. Learning to Manage and Overcome Conflicts with Tulpaforcing and Responsibilities in Life People have good intentions (not all, but most) when trying to tulpaforce, but they never acknowledge things that might cause conflict and potentially cause a relapse in their progress. There's no use trying to tulpaforce if you keep disregarding mental blocks in your mind that makes it harder for you. The MOMENT you take action to focus on the mental baggage, the less thorns on your feet you'll have, and you will at least have the peace and desire to make your tulpa a reality. So when you're meditating/doing self-hypnosis/etc., just remember that things must be taken gradually. Lift each baggage off one by one and feel more relaxed. The more you practice, the faster those mental blocks will be gone, the more chance for you to have success with imposition/visualization/possession/etc. B#1A. How Can I Overcome the Conflict with Keeping Things to Secrecy or Admitting to Others? One of the most obvious conflicts with tulpaforcing is how we will perceive our friends, families, and others. There's a level of secrecy we have to keep because we're afraid of how others will react. It's understandable that you don't want to risk the bonds you have with your family and friends, and honestly, keeping things to yourself will help you in the long run. However, it doesn't mean you shouldn't tell anyone, if you feel you're willing to take the gamble and admit to your loved ones that you're creating a tulpa to help you in your life, by all means do so. But if you're just starting out with tulpa, it's best that you take more time for yourself and your tulpa before potentially sharing it with others. The reason is, by the time you've made a bond with your tulpa, your desire to tell them to others might change. You'll either: Have a better explanation to give them when you want to come out of the tulpa closet. And you'll have a better acceptance on how they'll react, and knowing whatever happens is just their opinion. OR You'll be more content with having a secrecy with your tulpa, and hiding it from others won't be as big of a deal as you think. Of course, there are some exceptions where stating the concept of tulpa might affect your lifestyle, especially if you rely on someone that gives you the basic rudiments of life. If that's the case, just use your HEAD....KEEP IT TO YOURSELF; just for the time being until you know you can sustain yourself without anyone's help. So if you're wondering: “My brother/sister/mother/father won't love me anymore, they won't....” “I can't tell my friends about this, they'll.....” “They'll think I'm crazy” “I wouldn't be able to deal with life they know that....” Or whatever, just be reasonable and keep things a secret (if you fall into those exceptions). It can get exciting when we see a projection of a part of ourselves become reality in our eyes and wanting to share that with others, but remember, focus on the concepts of tulpa for you OWN sake. B#1B. What Do I Do If Tulpaforcing Affects My Schedule and Being “Responsible”? The answer to this question is pretty simple, and you can find it in many guides here on tulpa.info...just aim to be consistent. If you have a full time job and feel too tired to tulpaforce, make time. It doesn't have to be constant hours in the day, if you can only go for 15 minutes, go for 15 minutes and stick to it. If you can add more minutes, do so and keep doing it, just aim for something instead of nothing. If a part of your subconscious is willing to keep your heart beating to the best of its abilities, if a part of yourself that only wants to find ways to improve your way of life and well-being, then think twice before presuming tulpaforcing seems like “a waste of time,” or that “it's too exhausting.” B#1C. What if Tulpaforcing affects my Religion or Medium of Faith? This is a very sensitive question to give a personal opinion on, but I will try to be reasonable here. I honestly and strongly believe that you can still have a tulpa and still practice your religion or medium of faith just the same as if you never had a tulpa. If you're concerned with the predispositions of the morale system that religion is usually sustained on, tulpa will not make you “evil,” “sinful,” or “treacherous.” It only is like that when you keep inviting those thoughts into your mind. Whether you believe in Christianity, Catholicism, Judaism, Buddhism, Agnosticism, Atheism, Existentialism, etc., tulpaforcing and having a tulpa is not going to affect it. If it's something you created with your own mind, a thought-form sustained through a constant stream of thought-energy, it's the same as speculating what you're going to buy in a store, what sport you want to play, or any thought. And to let your belief system affect the simple ability to think is based solely on your perception of it. This may be a bit solipsistic, but no matter who you hang out with, no matter who you think is important in your life, you as an individual and your tulpas are going to end up being what you consider the truest and constant. Of course, I'm not saying to be apathetic towards other people, just be practical and learn how to branch out your beliefs instead of condensing them to just one belief. C#1. Learning to Manage and Dealing with Relationship types with Your Tulpas There's so many types of relationships you can get into with your tulpa to the point where they're more ideal and perfect for whatever preference/fetishes/and such that you might start disregarding efforts to have interaction with other people in your life. Everyone has different beliefs with how they go about interacting with others. Some people just want to be alone and accomplish things with just their tulpa. Some people want to interact with others and have a different spectrum of relationships with people and their tulpa. Whatever it is you're getting into with your tulpa, you have to start acknowledging and planning things out. If you had sexual attraction towards your tulpas, your belief in that affecting your overall bond with them is just that. Of course, with all guides that talk about morality, treat them with respect and don't make them into your toy. Some people have tulpa that don't mind doing that (but that's usually for more sadomasochistic reasons for doing it out of love and trying to console each other), however, not many people will take action to consistently modify and communicate with their tulpa in those relationships. You created your tulpa, and when you become accustomed to the subconscious' wonderful mechanism of creating what seems to be a “second consciousness,” remember that it's all you in a subjective standpoint. Remember how you treat your tulpa is how you want to treat yourself; this is the same as how we find friends, we see these people as projections of our character in various ways. As we change, so will our perception of our friends. Just like finding ways to motivate your purpose for having a tulpa, these things take practice, trial and error, and having a mentality to progressively go further than you did before and to improve. So if you want to tell your spouse about tulpa, or your fiancé, girlfriend/boyfriend, just know there's risks of things not being in your favor. Plan things out, and if you have your tulpa with you, you have the perfect person/entity to create models of how you can handle these conflicts with relationships. D#1. Motivational Video and Poem “If” by Rudyard Kipling If you can keep your head when all about you Are losing theirs and blaming it on you; If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you, But make allowance for their doubting too: If you can wait and not be tired by waiting, Or, being lied about, don't deal in lies, Or being hated don't give way to hating, And yet don't look too good, nor talk too wise; If you can dream---and not make dreams your master; If you can think---and not make thoughts your aim, If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster And treat those two impostors just the same:. If you can bear to hear the truth you've spoken Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools, Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken, And stoop and build'em up with worn-out tools; If you can make one heap of all your winnings And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss, And lose, and start again at your beginnings, And never breathe a word about your loss: If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew To serve your turn long after they are gone, And so hold on when there is nothing in you Except the Will which says to them: "Hold on!" If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue, Or walk with Kings---nor lose the common touch, If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you, If all men count with you, but none too much: If you can fill the unforgiving minute With sixty seconds' worth of distance run, Yours is the Earth and everything that's in it, And---which is more---you'll be a Man, my son! Rudyard Kipling This video is just Dennis Hopper reciting the poem. EDIT: Another video that may make you cry a bit, and I'm sure the lesson is obvious in this one here as well: Hold and pull your own weight because your inner self is doing it as well. [video=youtube] This guide was just me and Eva's opinion, and if there are things you don't agree with, then we don't mind. I know I couldn't cover every single thing people would think about, but I hope this guide helps people see the reality of what they're doing and actually make more progress. CLOSING THOUGHTS No matter what happens, don't let someone's preconception of tulpa and negativity affect your progress. This is for your sake, not for their lack of understanding. If your subconscious is willing to sustain your life here undyingly and unconditionally, then you have no excuses for "not having enough time," or "not good enough." If you want your tulpa that badly, then you have to make some sacrifices and start getting rid of those mental blocks one step at a time. Good luck everyone.
  12. First of all, hello all, this is my first time on the forums here. I'm glad to meet everyone, and I plan on making my first progress report soon. Next, I don't plan on doing many, if any of the things I state below. I'm merely trying to find what the philosophical backing is behind some of the thoughts people have on tulpae. I'm a very philosophical person, so this is more out of curiosity than actual desire to do anything I say below. Every time I see "It's irresponsible of you to create a tulpa if..." or "Is it really moral to do that to another sentient being with their own feelings?" or things of that nature, I really wonder where the philosophical backing is. I'll quote Kiahdaj's guide a little since he seems to sum up very well many of these things I'm talking about (TL;DR of the questions I'm asking below): "There are people running around in the tulpa community who make tulpas as sex slaves--or kill them off impulsively when they get bored, or they don't turn out exactly as they want. These kind of people absolutely disgust me. Some of them justify their actions based on the fact that there is no proof that they are actual living beings with feelings. How sick can you get? They are perfectly fine with "killing" something, because there's a chance that they might not be alive. If you are the kind of person who is capable of that, walk away now. I don't want to see you anywhere near this community." > So the assumption here is that it's bad to make a tulpa a sex slave or kill them because they might be alive. Why do we have to assume that they are living beings and feel bad about doing bad things to them without some sort of proof? Why do we have to give them the benefit of the doubt? Even if they are living beings, why do we need to treat them with respect and dignity? Where do they derive this right to be treated decently from? "There is no excuse to kill off your tulpa. I don't care if you get bored, or they don't interest you anymore. You sign up for this responsibility as soon as you start making a tulpa. When you do, you need to see it to the end. Otherwise, you're just like the people I just mentioned before. Beyond whether you as a person are mature enough to make a tulpa, you should only do it for the right reason. Here are some reasons that are not good enough to create a tulpa, that I've seen a lot." > I signed up for a responsibility? How does making a tulpa mean that I have to see it through until the day that I die? Why does the tulpa have a right to life? "You should not create a tulpa specifically for their form. This mainly applies to those of you who are fangirls about something. Creating a tulpa specifically so that you can stare at your favorite anime character, or Twilight Sparkle in real life is unbelievably shallow. A tulpa is not their form, and they should not be treated as such. How would you feel if you found out that you were created just because your creator liked someone else a lot?" > Why can't I create a tulpa for its form? Why do I just have to assume all of these things about the tulpa, all of these rights it has and how terrible it must be to have some reason for creating it? If someone wants to go and make the 80th Twilight Sparkle or their anime character, isn't that their decision, not yours? Why must we assume that the tulpa is anything more than a figment of our imagination? Also, to answer his question, I wouldn't really care, to be quite honest. If I was a tulpa and I got to be a pony or a cool anime character, I would just accept that and get on with my life of being trapped inside someone else's mind. Which brings up another point: When you create a tulpa, going under the assumption that it is its own being, aren't you essentially damning a soul to living an existence trapped in another world someone else created for them that they can't escape from, thus rendering them a slave? Would it not then be immoral just to create a tulpa? "Similar to not creating a tulpa for their form, you should not create a tulpa for the sole purpose of having sex with it. I mean really. Just how pathetic can you possibly get? I'm not necessarily against tulpa-sex in general, but creating one just because you don't have any game in real life, or because you want to have sex with a pony is too sad for words. Imagine how that would make them feel. Knowing that they were only created as a sex doll." > So this is basically saying don't have any sexual fantasies because that makes you sad beyond words, and it again assumes that they have feelings. I just don't even feel like dealing with this right now. "To branch off of the above reason, you should not create a tulpa to be used as a tool of any kind. That includes as a sex slave. Furthermore, they should not be created just because you need help with your homework. Tulpas can help you in a lot of ways, and they probably will--but creating one only because you want them to do things for you is horrible. That reason does not make for strong bonding. Living beings are not tools. Don't be selfish." > Selfish? Isn't the entire purpose of creating a tulpa for self-gain? Other people around you don't get anything out of it. The tulpa itself wouldn't even exist without you creating it. How is having a practical reason for creating a tulpa wrong? "You should not create a tulpa just because it sounds cool, and you have nothing better to do. Like I said before, this is a very serious thing--it is not to be taken lightly. If you do something because you're bored, then that means you must not have thought it over well enough." > If you're bored, have nothing to better to do, and think it sounds cool, how is that a reason not to create a tulpa? If I can't have a practical reason but I can't create a tulpa for no reason at all, what the hell is the point? Why doesn't everything have to be deemed immoral and everyone thinking of doing these practices shamed? "If you do decide to do this even after thinking hard about it, just make sure you know what you're getting yourself into. You need to see this through to the end, and treat your tulpa with all the love and respect that you can. I don't care if you think tulpas aren't separate beings or not. You should give them the benefit of the doubt. You need to know that you're capable of giving them the time they need. You need to know that you have the patience to wait for their development, even if it takes a lot longer than you thought it would. So now you need to make the decision. If you decide that you're not mature enough, and or you can't handle it, then I respect that greatly. If you decide that you can do it... Well then, good luck to you. I hope you know yourself well enough." > You don't care what we think? Our capacity for reason doesn't matter, the fact that there is no evidence to support tulpas being a separate being or having some set of inalienable rights doesn't matter, but only what you think does? TL;DR Why do we have to give tulpas the benefit of the doubt that they are their own separate beings? Even if we do, why do tulpas have rights, and why shouldn't we violate them? Why does it only matter what you think (Kiahdaj)? Why do you need to call it sick, or disgusting, or sad to make a tulpa for this or that reason at every opportunity? Don't get me wrong. I would never create a tulpa as a sex slave, or to be used as a tool, or just because I was bored, or just because I wanted to make an anime character come to life. I highly doubt I will "kill" my tulpa even if I get sick of it. But when you start making assumptions about the nature of tulpas, the morality of doing things to tulpas, promoting your way of thought as the only valid option and then proceed to write in a manner that just shames anyone even thinking of disagreeing with you, it makes me wonder if all of this effort into being Mr. Nice Guy with my tulpa even matters.
  13. I'm doing some research for my book, I would like to know 1. What is your view on servitors? Are they divied by different classes and types? Like is a car servitor the same as a human servitor?Or are they just dived by levels of sentients? Are Wonderlands are they sevitors? Is there any diference between thought forms and servitors? 2.How do you work on visulization? What method do you use? Is it your own method? If so what is it? 3. What do you know about HUD's? I will think of more questions latter I asure you..... Oh wait one more!!!! 4. Do you think my book will be good? 5. Is there any difference between a thought form and a servitor? I'm pretty sure there the same thing, I just want to double check that though :/...... 6. Are there different forms of passive forcing?
  14. When I share food with my tulpa, how do I go about doing so? And afterwards, how do I properly dispose of it? I brewed some tea for us and drank mine, I have no idea what to do with her cup.
  15. Hello, I am new to tulpas, but having found this practice has interested me and I wish to bring to the community something worthwhile. I want to express the benefits of insight meditation, or Vipassana, and why it may be useful to try it with your tulpa. Insight meditation is the core meditation of the Buddhist philosophy, and it has powerful effects on one's psyche. Regardless of whether or not their views are correct, the technique has been used to help criminals and has had a profound, life-changing effect on me personally. I have a theory that practicing insight meditation with a tulpa will dramatically increase it's effectiveness and benefits. Vipassana works by strengthening awareness of one's conscious experience, gradually clearing the mind of chaotic thought. The unwatched mind, to them, brings unhappiness. Because the tulpa is newly formed, and has a (theoretically) clearer mind, it may have an easier time gaining benefit from these exercises. If you are interested in trying it, for science, I would like to know what kind of effect it has on the tulpa. I don't know whether they could do it in wonderland or if switching is necessary. For those interested, this is a straightforward guide of the process. Thanks for reading, and I hope you consider it.
  16. Hey, this is my first post on this website, and just a couple days after hearing about Tulpas and after careful deliberation, deciding to create one. The Tulpa I have in mind has a female voice (I only decided upon my Tulpa being female because I found a beautiful voice) and body, and while I know the voice I would like and during forcing I use that voice to help create their identity. But the very concerning problem I have is that since I am male and If my Tulpa becomes fully sentient and "complete" and I get to the point of Imposition and (I forget the term) whatever it is that lets you "feel" them as if they were physical, how would I even be able to simulate the feeling, since I have never really touched a girl, and in the wonderland I create for us, would they have a bodily identity crisis, since as we are different genders, there's no basis for them to know how having a female body feels like, and lastly, if we were to switch how would they feel going from their female avatar to a male body? I'm sorry If I rambled, but I'm really concerned that I don't harm my Tulpa or create an Identity crisis for them. So if you can help me understand if this is an issue or If I'm just being overly sensitive, I would appreciate it.
  17. Ok, so last night was just a normal night as usual. Except for one thing. I think I created an accidental tulpa. It started when I heard a voice that wasn't Rozi or Joey in my head. I little girl's voice saying "Wait up". I quickly checked with Rozi to check if it wasn't him (he frequently changes voices to mess with me. He declined saying he didn't. Well then I knew there was someone else here. When I went to bed I decided to talk to her more, knowing that you leave a tulpa alone it might die (become reabsorbed) I thought of a form to give her, a flash of the pokemon Manaphy went through my head and she instantly took it. I put her to bed on a beanbag in the lounge of my wonderland (as it was late and I didn't want to try making her a room then) She tackled the bag donning a sleeping cap, which I found quite adorable. Anyway to the problem. When I discovered Rozi, I was also looking into other thoughtforms. He told me that I'm already a nut as it is and I should probably wait till at least my birthday (not until July) to create a tulpa or soul bond. Yeah, I have listening issues. I was thinking about telling Mom about Joey already, and she already knows about Rozi, but what if I tell her I have two thoughtforms in my head. She will probably send me straight to the funny farm (I'm being paranoid but the apple doesn't fall far from the tree) I hate lying to my Mom and I really don't like the idea of destroying a conscious being (as others here have said they though they were still parroting and puppeting and just left their tulpas alone.) And I am getting a headache just trying to visualize everyone right now. So my idea is this - Cryogenic freezing. What I would do would be make a special room with a pod to "freeze" her thoughtform. Knowing if she gets neglected she will dissapear, I would visit the pod daily to acknowledge her existence, but not to interact. Tl;Dr version : Accidentally created a tulpa last night, don't want to destroy her. But I said I would wait to have more voices in my head. Would it be possible to cryogenic freeze tulpas? I would check on her everyday to make sure she didn't dissapear. Would this be enough or am I screwed over? {Nope, your screwed over ^^} - Rozi ... -_-
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    Guide for New Members

    Guide for New Members Introduction The sudden influx of new members – and with them, old questions – has prompted me to write this guide. The purpose of this guide is to familiarize you with our forums, answer some questions new members commonly have, and make your assimilation into this community as smooth as possible by giving a brief overview of proper conduct on the forums. With that said, welcome to our community. We're glad to have you here. New members means new perspectives, new ideas and new ways of doing things, and as a community that helps us tremendously. Before I start with the guide, I'm going to make a few assumptions about you. They are: 1.You are new to the concept of tulpas, the Tulpa.info forums, or both. 2.You have read “What is a tulpa?”, “Glossary of Terms”, and “Frequently Asked Questions” in the Guides section of the site. If you haven't done all or part of the second one, go ahead and do that now. It will save you a lot of ridicule in the long run. Now for the guide proper. Forums We have ten sections to the forums. Here is an overview of them. Forum Announcements In this board, Pleeb (see People to Note) and the occasional moderator posts announcements about the site. If it's going to be down for maintenance, if we have a new board, if we ever decide to allow guest posting again, whatever – it will be announced here. The forum rules are located here as well, you should read those. Forum Questions and Comments Think the site would look better in pink and green rather than black and blue? Want a feature added to the forums? Post here about it. It will be discussed, considered and, if it's reasonable and others agree with it (seriously), acted upon. Guides You're in this section right now. Here is where members post tips, methods, and, well, guides, on everything related to tulpa creation. There is a lot of good material in here if you poke around a little. Just remember that you know what works for you better than any of us, and that's what should govern how you go about creating a tulpa. Note that there is a “Guides” section on the site, if you look at the navigation links on top. In there are the core guides that we had when this community was in its inception. Also, some of the new guides posted in the Guides forum section that are well-written and universally useful have been transcribed there. Questions and Answers Pretty self explanatory. If you have a question about anything related to tulpas, and you feel like it's something others would be able to answer, post it here. Just make sure your question is unique. If you ask a question that's been asked before, you will be viewed as uncaring, rude, or just plain lazy. There's a search function on this board for a reason. Use it. General Discussion The real meat of the site. Here is where we discuss all things tulpa that can't really be classified under any of the other sections (which is a lot). There are a ton of interesting discussions going on here all the time. Research Got an idea for an experiment? Think you figured out how to prove tulpas? Want to see if someone's tested the effects of hallucinogens on thoughtforms? This is the place to go. In this board we conduct pseudo-scientific experiments with and on tulpas (if they're willing). Serious topics only. Progress Report This board was the solution to the spaghetti mess of personal blogs people were using to keep others updated on their progress. In this board, each member – if they choose to make one – has exactly one thread that they use to log their tulpa creation process. There's some really interesting stuff in here, if walls of text don't put you off and you can cut through dribble to find the meat. Tulpa Art The newest addition to the forums, Tulpa Art is for artistic renditions of tulpas. Members good at drawing also hang around here, and will usually take requests. Metaphysics and Parapsychology In this part of the site, members who subscribe to or are interested in the metaphysical aspect of tulpas have their discussions. Talk of energy, manifestation, psionics and other topics is common here. Be warned: outside of this board, such discussion is not tolerated. You will be frowned upon if you post it, and your post/thread may end up moved or deleted. This site is psychologically oriented . Off-topic This board has no particular subject designation. If it isn't related to tulpas, or doesn't fit into any of the other boards, post it here. There aren't really any rules here. Refrain from posting pornography. Other than that it's fair game. Just remember that Tulpa.info is not the only forum on the internet. Anything you might want to discuss in off-topic most likely has a large community behind it elsewhere. Expectations and Unwritten Rules Every forum has them. If you want to be accepted and taken seriously by the community, these are things you need to know / do. 1.Make yourself understood. If you don't care enough to explain yourself, write coherent sentences, or use decent punctuation, why should we care enough to read what you have to say? 2.Reading comprehension. This one's huge. Make sure you understand a post before you reply to it. Ask for clarification if necessary. People don't like explaining things twice, so don't make them. 3.If you want to start a new thread, make sure it hasn't been started before. I cannot emphasize this enough. The search function is there for a reason. The "Similar Threads" plugin is there for a reason. This community does not need another "~hai~ where do I start xD" thread. Doing this will save you typing, time and ridicule. 4.Keep a modicum of professionalism. This is actually in the rules, but it should be reiterated here. We are really lax about this; we don't care if you jest, mock, whatever; but make sure it's in good fun, that you're not derailing the thread, and that you make an effort to post relevant content alongside it. That means no “xD umad bro?” shit. Also don't use shit or fuck excessively, it just makes you look stupid. Damn and hell are ok in moderation. This rule's power level is reduced to 20% in off-topic. 5.Don't dismiss things out of hand, but don't blindly believe either. When someone comes on the IRC and says they have eight tulpas, don't immediately disregard everything they say -- but don't take them on faith, either. Remember where you are, and what we do. As LucidAcid says (and he's right), take everything you hear with a pound of salt; and as I say, keep an open mind. And as the Buddha said, put no mind above your own. That's pretty much it. We're really not strict at all. The mods are cool. The only people ever banned were spammers and trolls, and people who requested bans so they could keep themselves off the forums. People to Note A really short section here. Knowing who these people are will save you some questions and us some answers. Pleeb – Owner and founder of this site. He runs it out of his own pocket, and of those who donate. FAQ_Man – Real name Dane, he and Irish wrote the original creation guides. He is also the author of the FAQ and several supplemental guides. Irish – His guide was the first we had on creating tulpas. He and Dane were the original gangsters of tulpas. The moderators – Bluesleeve, glitchthe3rd, Phi, TulpaCouple, Amadeus and of course Pleeb. Intelligent people, and quite approachable. Miscellaneous Notes Uh...uh...use the report button in lieu of flaming. It actually works here. If that fails and you still have an issue PM a moderator. If nothing happens then you can flame. Respect people's opinions. Don't start on a tulpa unless you are going to finish. When trying to decide whether to browse the forums or tulpaforce, tulpaforce. Don't lie. Don't roleplay without letting others know what you're doing. Especially don't do this: Circlejerk: 1.A group discussion or activity between like-minded individuals that validates mutual biases or goals in a non-confrontational environment. 2.A pompous, self-congratulatory discussion where little to no progress is made. A warning. If you do that, nobody will tell you. You will feel accepted. You will feel loved. You will feel right. You will feel intelligent. You will feel a myriad of good feelings. Reject them. They are evil. Circlejerk is the arch nemesis of all online communities that have a purpose other than circlejerk. If you propagate or participate in it, you can look at yourself in the mirror and say "I am the cancer that is killing Tulpa.info". And it will be completely true. Don't make a thread or post asking if god is a tulpa. Seriously. http://news.stanford.edu/news/2012/april/conversations-with-god-041212.html http://alumni.stanford.edu/get/page/magazine/article/?article_id=54818 http://tulpa.info/forums/Thread-Is-god-a-tulpa Let this be an example for ye! If you do this we will love you. On behalf of the Tulpa.info community, welcome to the forums. Enjoy your flight. ~Albatross 25-12-12: Updated for correctness and clarity.
  19. I'm having a bit of a problem, I was thinking of "teaching" Martina her voice, by narrating to her in a different character's voice . I have this skill that if I listen to a character enough times I can develop a mindvoice similar to hers, and I can switch between these voices with ease. I'm a bit affraid to parrot her, and I wouldn't like to mistake her to myself in case she uses my mindvoice if she'd like to talk either.
  20. Hi. I'm new to tulpas and I'm not even start forcing. I'm not sure about creating tulpa so I have some questions. I didn't find answers to this questions: 1. Is it possible to "hide" your tulpa? I mean to ask it to disappear for a while (when I'm talk to someone for exapmle). 2. Is it possible to leave tulpa? I found answers like "you don't need to do it if you have tulpa that loves you". I think it's important thing so please answer.
  21. I think I've said this a few times, but I suppose I should state it again for the sake of the questions. A human, named Patrick, made three tulpa. He and one of his tulpa, Calli, were in love. Now, Patrick was depressed and had contemplated suicide before, so when they found the idea of merging, they decided to try it, as a way to save Patrick. Thus, I came about. A few things have come to mind that I feel that I need to ask. 1. Is it possible to unmerge? 2. Should it be done?
  22. Auri, one of my two tulpae, has a Siberian Husky called Fluffy (I didn't name it, ok?) that I allowed her to make for companionship. He's really friendly , but I've noticed that he's intelligent beyond anything capable of a dog. He can answer yes/no questions with either a bark for yes or a growl for no. At first I thought he might not actually understand what I was saying but I've come to the conclusion that he does understand after talking about it to Auri about it and being growled at when I insulted him ("Who's a good idiot?"). I've asked him questions and recieved consistent answers. Example: "Fluffy!" *Bark!* "Are you a normal dog?" *Growl* "Are you smart?" *Bark!* "Do you like me?" *Bark!* "Well, that's good. Did Auri make you?" *Bark!* "What if I called you a moron?" *Growl* "I'm just seeing your reaction! Don't get angry." *Bark!* "Are you a normal dog?" *Growl* "Are you smart?" *Bark!* "Do you understand what I'm saying?" *Bark!* "Do you not understand what I'm saying?" *Growl* "Good boy!" *Bark!* The dog isn't a problem; he's a fun little ball of energy. I'm just unsure of what he's classified as. Would Fluffy be considered a tulpa? If not, what is he?
  23. If you have a vocal tulpa, did your tulpa start out speaking in a very formal, cold, sort of "flat" manner, and start speaking in a more emotionally warm, individualistic, or lively manner over time as they progressed? I'm wondering if there are any people whose tulpa started out like this and then changed over time, and why they think that is. I'm having a hard time thinking of good words to phrase this question with, so I hope that "warmer" here is good enough. I think it could be something that happens when your tulpa is weak and doesn't have as much of a personality yet. Addressing those people who fit the criteria, do you agree?
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